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The Monster Project encourages the development of reading and writing skills while integrating technology into the classroom. Using monsters as a vehicle, students exchange written descriptions via this wiki, and then recreate their partner's monster without ever looking at the "real thing". During the project, students create, discuss, describe, interpret, analyze, organize and assess their monsters as well as the monsters of their peers.

Registration for the 2018 Monster Project is Open. Register HERE.

Original Monster:

Written Description:

The Funny Monster by Troy

My monster has a dark blue oval circle for a body with four light blue horizontal stripes. It has yellow ears shaped like rectangles with two orange fingers. He is wearing a pink, red, orange, yellow, yellow green, green, blue and purple clown wig. He has a yellow green mustache on his head. He has a dark green mouth. He has two white and black eyes, one big eye and one small eye. He has little dark blue feet.
Recreated Monster:

Project Timeline


  • Sign up for the project. Registration will be open to the first 50 classes that sign up before January 20, 2017.
  • Instruction for getting started will be sent out January 22nd.
  • Final list of matched schools will be posted by February 6, 2017.


  • Adjective Warm-Up Activities: There are several adjective-related activities under Lesson Plans that will help your students begin thinking about adjectives. You will want to complete at least one of the suggested activities or another adjective-related lesson of your own. (Please share any additional lesson idea you have with the group under Suggestions.)
  • Introduce Monster Project: Introduce the project to your class. A good book to use is Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberely. Then, have each student use a drawing program to create a monster.


  • Partner Introduction: Choose a method of introducing your class to your partner class. This can be as simple as class email or as complicated as a class video or Skype call. Check on the Monsters 2017 page for class contact information.
  • Description Writing: Before beginning the writing process, have students analyze their monster picture and brainstorm a list of adjectives to use. Then, have students type their descriptions into a word processing program. This may take several sessions depending on the length of sessions and ability of students. The use of a brainstorming web might be helpful. Check out the Lesson Plans page for lesson ideas and the Helpful Hints page for file naming tips.
  • Upload Student Pictures and Descriptions: Find your page(s) on the Monsters 2015 wiki page and upload your pictures and descriptions. Be sure to update the status of your project for your partner during each phase of the project. Be sure to resize the pictures before uploading them. Check out the Helpful Hints page for sizing tips.


  • Recreating Partner Monsters: Locate and download the monster descriptions of your partner class(es). Have your student recreate the monsters in a drawing program. Check out the Helpful Hints page for file naming tips.
  • Upload Recreated Pictures: Upload the recreated pictures on your partner's wiki page. Be sure to resize the pictures before uploading them.
  • Be sure to know when your partner school ends for the year.

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