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Hi! We just found a new iPad app for Go Away, Big Green Monster! It's compatible with iPad 1's and is $4.99. Enjoy!


Read Ann Oro's blog post about her 2nd year of doing this project and learn from her experience.

This is the template I used in Kidspiration 3 to help the students brainstorm their monster adjectives. Edit it to suit your needs. I think I will add a legs box next year.

This is a PowerPoint template for brainstorming monster adjectives. You could add a small version of each student's monster to this before printing. The template uploaded just has a question mark in the middle and could be paired with a print out of the monster or used by the student while viewing their monster on the screen.

For writing in Word, to make sure that students don't leave out important description information, my students are opening a Word document with prompts for the information they should enter. Here is the document in case you can use it.

School House Rock - Unpack Your Adjectives

Post-Project Activities

I had my students go to when they were done their monster work - this allowed me to focus on the other students while the early birds had fun making a second 'monster' online. The color printouts were stellar - a worthy site (especially if you have a little one at home like I do)

I will sometimes let my students play related games after finishing a project. Here are some adjective and/or monster related games that I have found. Most of these are just for fun but the Adjective Game and Whomp are also educational.