Here is a list of books and lesson ideas to introduce the project as well as for follow-up:


Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What is an Adjective?

by Brian P. Cleary

Follow up Lesson:
Students will use Kidspiration or other mapping software to create an adjective web about their favorite food.
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Students will:
1. Locate a picture of their favorite food for the main idea.
2. Create a web with five branches from their favorite food, one for each of the five senses.
3. Record 2/3 adjectives in each of the senses categories.
4. Not use ordinary, everyday words such as good or great.
5. Will not use an adjective more than once.


Additional lesson idea on describing characters from a book using adjectives:
Lesson Idea from Read•WriteThink


Many Luscious Lollipops: A book About Adjectives?

by Ruth Heller

Follow up Lesson:
Students will use sort adjectives into different categories.
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The teacher will:
1. Create an adjective word wall using categories such as size, shape, color, etc.
2. Give each student five adjective word cards.

The student will:
1. Place their cards in the right category.
2. Continue to add words to the wall throughout the year.


Additional lesson idea writing a descriptive paragraph about an object.
Lesson Plan from Learn NC

Additional lesson idea writing diamante poetry.
Lesson Idea from Read•WriteThink


Go Away Big Green Monster

by Ed Emberely

Story Props in Color
Story Props in Black and White
Follow up Lesson:
Students will create their own monsters and write monster descriptions.
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The student will:
1. Use a drawing program such as Early Learning Toolkit or TuxPaint to draw a monster.
2. Use a brainstorm web to record adjectives about the different parts of their drawn monsters.
2. Use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word to write a descriptive paragraph about their monster.

Lesson ideas for art, cooking, math, writing, and science activities.

Lesson Idea from Learn NC


Glad Monster, Sad Monster
by Ed Emberely
(Book about feelings)

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Jack and the Monster
by Richard Graham

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There's a Monster Under my Bed
by James Howe

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Where the Wild Things Are
by Maurice Sendak

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One Hungry Monster
by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe

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No Such Thing
by Jackie French Koller

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Monster Musical Chairs
by Stuart J. Murphy

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Monster Math
by Anne Miranda

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The Monster Book
Online Book
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