Mrs. Ferguson's First Grade Class

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Mushybushykin by Justin
1. My monster has red round eyes.
2. My monster has blue rectangle face
3. My monster has a violet ear.
4. My monster has super long brown hair.
5. My monster has a red nose.
6. My monster has a rectangle mouth.
7. My monster has a square body.
8. My monster has 3 pink fingers.

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Goobimooshi By Ken
1. My monster has 2 red heads and the shape of the heads is triangle
2. My monster has 10 white eyes and the shape of the eyes is round.
3.My monster has 2 blue round noses.
4. My monster has two small blue oval bodies.
5. My monster has 5 green arms shaped like rectangles.
6. My monster has 5 black hands shaped like triangles.
6. My monster has 4 blue feet.

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General Grievious by Luukas
1. He has a round head.
2. He has a red face.
3. He has orange round eyes.
4. My monster has 10 white horns on his head.
5. He has a red oval body.
6. He has a red light saber.
7. He has a black coat.
8. He has black shoes.

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Curly Girl by Lydia
1. My monster’s face is triangle shaped and red.
2. My monster’s eye is round and green.
3. My monster’s mouth is purple.
4. My monster’s hair is curly and green and has a green bow.
5. My monster has a red hair band.
6. My monster has 10 legs that are black and has an orange skirt.
7. My monster has a purple top.
8. My monster’s arms are pink.

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Skywalker by Nathan
My monster’s body is green and oval.
His arm is green and big.
His fingers are blue, 5 on each side.
His eye is black and white and round and in the middle.
He has 5 blue horns.
His nose is round and blue.
His mouth is red.
His ears are blue.

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Rose by Tiffany
My monster has 2 round white and black eyes.
My monster has a round pink body.
My monster has a pink mouth.
She has black hair and a hair band.
She has sparkly eyelashes.
She has 2 feet and 2 arms.
My monster has a dress and yellow shoes.

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Bloodie Monster by Alex
He has a blue scquare head.
He has a triangoll nose.
My monster has 3 orange triangle eyes.
His mouth has vampiyer teeth .
He has a round skin colur body.
He has 6 green arms.
He has red hair that sticks up.
He has 5 legs.

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Dirty Monster by Cynthia
My monster has a round green head.
He has red short hair.
Ten black round eyes.
A purple mouth.
Five blue arms on the head.
A brown square body.
He has three pink feet.
Yellow square legs.

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Heartie Monster by Charissa
It has a white heart shaped face.
It has red heart eyes with round eyeballs.
It has a heart shaped hair band.
It has a thin pink neck.
Its body is oval shaped. It is red.
It has six heart legs and feet.
It is cold on her feet. The ice is red.
My monster has a heart shaped hands
It has a red-orange bag.
It has a necklace that shines in the dark.
It has pink high heel shoes.
It likes to dance and sing.
It likes to read.

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Angry Monster by Edgar
He has a round red body
He has a green oval head
He has blue short hair
He has 2 red triangle eyes
He has a red oval nose
He has blue round ears
He has a triangle red mouth
His feet are blue
He has a blue triangle arm

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Stripey by Gion
My monster has a round orange head.
My monster has 5 round blue eyes.
My monster has yellow stripes.
My monster has a violet nose.
My monster has red lips.
My monster has blue horns and long red straight hair.
My monster has round red body.
My monster is yellow.
My monster is long.
My monster is big.
My monster has brown triangle hands.

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Dandelion by Emma
1.My monster has long black hair with 2 red bows.
2. My monster has a red mouth with a smile.
3. My monster has 2 round blue eyes with black in them.
4. My monster has 1 nose.
5. My monster has 2 arms and 2 legs.
6. My monster is a girl.
7. My monster has red and green clothes.
8. My monster has pink flip flops with black flowers.
9. My monster has a shiny necklace that glows

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Reddy by Grace
My monster has a red triangle body.
She has two blue rectangle ears on her head.
She has three round pink eyes.
She has one blue nose.
My monster has a pink bow on her head.
She has a pink and purple triangle dress with yellow hearts and stars.
She has four turquoise rectangle legs.
She has a pink and purple hat.

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Super Monster by Heon
My monster has six eyes.
The eyes are blue and round.
The head is round and has black long hair.
The monster has two red horns.
It has a big body.
The body is oval and white.
The body has 5 yellow stripes.
The monster has six white arms.
There are two green toes.
There are 8 black dots.

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Lokoroko by Eric
My monster is a big green rectangle.
My monster has wings.
My monster has 6 black hands and 6 blue arms.
It has 5 fingers on each hand.
It has 10 square eyes.
It has red striped spots.

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