Diane Enoka's First Grade Class

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Lily Monster
My monster has a pink circle head.
She has two purple triangle eyes
She has one orange triangle nose.
She has one oval red mouth.
She has six yellow whiskers- three on each side of his head.
She has brown wavy hair
She has a small green oval body
She has two blue feet with two toes.
By: Angie

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Big Scary Monster
My monster has a tiny black round head.
My monster has spiky orange teeth.
My monster has red arms coming from his head.
He has spiky red arms.
My monster has a jagged green mouth.
He has orange round eyes.
By: Denis

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Funny Monster
My monster head looks like a pink rabbit.
He has two triangle red eyes.
He has one triangle green nose.
He has a pink rabbit body.
He has a pink left hand.
He has a pink right hand.
He has an oval gray right foot.
He has an oval gray left foot.
By: Hannah

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Spider Monkey monster
My Monster is like a monkey.
The face is a blue oval with spiky parts on the side.
It has 4 white eyes with a green dot in the middle.
He has 8 long legs.
He has a blue and black body.
My Monster has no knees.
My Monster can play tennis ball.
My Monster has a green and gay button on the head .
My Monster is cool.
By: Jason

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Bomb monster
My monster has a big black circle head.
It has a white rectangle hat with antenna.
On the hat there are numbers 3,2,1,0 and a star.
He has two blue arms on each side of his head.
He has blue diamond nose.
He has yellow triangle on each cheek.
He has three white mouths.
He has fire coming out under his chin.
By: John

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Funny Monster
My monster has a circle head the color is green.
He has a big blue body with gray stripes.
He has 2 eyes are with a black dot in the middle
He has 4 hands
He has 4 red teeth in his mouth
He has 6 purple long hairs on his head
He has a Yellow triangle nose
By: Jonathan

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Voltragon Monster
My monster has a round head that is black.
My monster has five spiky hairs that are red.
My monster has a line from the side of his head that is green.
My monster has three circle eyes that are on the middle top
of his head that are grey.
My monster has two regular spiky hands that are
yellow connected on the line in the middle of his head
My monster is holding a regular lollipop in his hands.
He has two lines from the bottom of his head that are purple.
He has two feet connected to the line on the bottom of his
head with three spiky toes that are blue.
By: Longze

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Scoobie Monster
My monster has one big blue circle head.
She has two big red circle eyes.
She has a green triangle nose.
She has one big half circle purple mouth.
She has a big oval orange body.
She has curly yellow hair.
She has two purple hands.
She has two orange feet.
By: Lucy

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Frank Monster
My monster has a green oval head.
Two yellow circle eye on the middle of his head.
On his head it has a zipper.
He has four teeth on his gum.
He has ten red hairs like a worm.
His body is a skeleton.
His shoes are purple.
He has two arms.
He has two legs.
By: Marie

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Matt Monster
My monster has two eyes the eyes color is blue.
And the eyes are connected to the neck.
The neck is like a s and the neck is connected to the body.
The body is a blue circle
In the middle there is a big red mouth.
The fingers are hairy and purple.
By: Matthew

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Color Monster
My Monster has a green oval head.
He has two white big eyes and a black line in the middle of his eye.
The eyes are on the top of his face
He has an oval black body connected to the bottom of his head.
He has two long fat yellow arms connected on the top of his body.
He has short skinny orange legs connected to the bottom of his body.
He has two big purple hands connected to the bottom of his legs.
He has two red small feet connected to his arms.
He has one brown sharp tooth in the middle of his face.
By: Michael

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Happy Monster
My monster has a red circle hairy head.
The ears are like white wings.
She has a little body. The body’s color is green.
She has a cat tail the tails cooler is blue. She has three feet and
the feet’s color is pink
She has a wiggle moth.
She has two horns. The horns are black. She has two small
oval black eyes.
By: Vicky

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Emma Monster
My monster has small circle pink head.
The eyes are gold circles.
She has a red apple on the cheeks.
She has ponytail with a pink bow.
She wears a light yellow dress.
She has a red triangle mouth.
She is cool and beautiful.
By: Vivika

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Flat Chop Monster
My monster body is red oval.
His head is a red circle.
He has one blue circle eye.
He has six red arms with hands. Four arms are from his body
and two are on his head. The hands have three fingers.
He has two red feet.
He has five sharp teeth in a round oval mouth
By: Walter

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