Mr. Teasck's Third Grade Class


Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Crazy Hair by Alex
My monster has a dark blue, rectangle body.
It has a light green head.
It has seven red hairs sticking up.
My monster has two black dots for eyes.
It has a dark green frown.
It also has four black legs.
My monster has two purple arms with orange circles on the ends of the hands.
Lime Green Army Monster by Tyler

My monster has a black, tall rectangular body.
He has four arms, and vary in colors of red and blue.
It has three legs.
The leg in the middle is red, and the others are black and blue. My monster has many holes in its black, rectangular body. His head is a rectangle with lime green outline and white inside. My monster’s eyes are royal blue. He has no nose, but his mouth is royal blue.
Robot by Riley
My monster has a round black body and twenty eyes. It has four arms.
It has a round head, and two legs.
My monster has 53 buttons and three antennas.
My monster has a white mouth and a white nose.
Fun By Alli
My monster has a big, dark, purple, square body with a red oval in the middle.
It has a short, fat, green neck.
My monster has an orange triangle head with pink outlining.
It has one dark blue dot for the eye and a yellow dot for the other eye.
It has a light, blue, upside down triangle nose.
It also has a light, green, rectangle, mouth.
My monster has two yellow, rectangle, arms one on each side.
My monster has two dark blue, oval legs and two light blue, rectangle shoes.
Blueboy By Antonio
My monster has a big body
It is blue. It is a circle.
It has a red nose.
My monster has small legs. They are black. They are shaped like Ls.
My monster has long black arms. It has three fingers.
My monster has long antennas. They are black. They have red points at the end.
My monster has white eyes. There are three on each side. They are placed diagonally.
It also has red eyebrows.
It has red ears.
My monster has a white zigzag mouth with 7 red dots inside of it.
Crazy Monster by Bryce
First make a blue filled in square for the body with seven black dots going down the middle.
Then make a red filled in square for a head with a red square on top.
Then make two green arms with a purple finger and a blue one and a red one.
Then make vampire teeth that are red.
Then make a purple eye and a yellow eye and a red one.
Then make nine green legs.
Mloppo by Ivy
First draw a black, square body.
Next draw a yellow, square head.
After that draw one black eye and one white eye with a black dot.
Then draw 2 light green circles for arms and legs.
Finally draw 2 blue antennas and a blue smile.
Red Guy by Joe
My monster has a red circle body.
It has 3 yellow arms on each side with 2 black fingers on each arm.
My monster has a blue head.
My monster has 3 white eyes.
My monster has a black mouth.
My monster has 2 black antennas.
My monster has 6 brown legs.
Baseballboy by LATHAN
First draw a big blue baseball.
Next draw two black eyes.
Then draw a black triangle nose.
Then draw 5 green hairs.
Then draw 2 strips on it.
Then draw 2 light blue arms.
Then draw 2 white teeth.
Then draw 2 light green legs.
Red Monster by Mariah
My monster has a big red circle head.
And two neon green antlers.
It has purple arms with three fingers on each side.
And two black eyes.
And a round black mouth with white pointy teeth.
And it has a pig nose.
Freaky smiling dude by Tristan

My monster has a green rectangle body.
My monster has a blue oval head.
My monster has 5 red legs.
My monster has 2 yellow arms.
My monster has 2 white eyes.
My monster has a white nose.
My monster has a white simile face.
Master by Michael
My monster has a big round circle that’s red.
My monster has legs that are orange blue green blue and blue.
My monster has yellow and pink arms.
My monster has blue on his stomach and gray antennas.
My monster has 2 green eyes.
Colorful Monster by Mariah M.
My monster has a blue rectangle body.
Then it has a round green head.
And it has six arms- three are brown and straight and three are red and straight.
Then it has two yellow legs and two blue round feet. And it has two light green eyes an orange round mouth and a red round nose.
Mittens By Jada
First draw a big circle body that is blue.
Next draw a yellow triangle head.
Then draw two red arms going straight out with blue mittens at the end.
She has two red legs going down with two red feet.
She has two pink eyes with white dot in the middle.
One eye is bigger than the other.
Last she has a black rectangle mouth.
Spike by Carolyn
My monster has 11 spikes for a body.
At the end of each spike there is a pink blob.
It has green dots all over its body.
It has a blue circle around its body.
Scary Monster by Brayden
My monster has a green triangle head.
My monster has a red circle mouth.
It has a red hook.
It has a yellow arm and a blue arm.
And two red legs.
It has two red eyes.
Weed Weed by Elijah
It has a skinny black line with a small head on top with white eyes and a white mouth.
It also has a 2nd head that is shaped like an upside down oval with white eyes and a white mouth.
It also has 2 stems in the middle of its body.
It also has a fat oval at the bottom.
Fly Monster by Ian
It has a blue square body.
It has a green square head.
It has a red circle in the body.
It has two white eyes on the head.
It has two green arms.
Carly by Kayla
My monster has a blue square body filled in.
My monster has a yellow triangle head not filled in.
My monster has three green eyes two eyes on the bottom and one eye on top.
My monster has a brown mouth with two purple sharp teeth.
My monster has two antennas- one blue with a yellow ball.
The pink antenna has a brown ball on bottom.
My monster has eight buttons in all on the body.
Four white buttons in the corners.
There is a strait row of dots.
One dot is pink, one dot red, one dot is green, one dot is yellow.
She has green arms. She has two more arms.
One arm is black on the left, one is gray on the right.
Both arms are longer than the green arms.
She has short purple legs.
The feet are flat.
One is gray one is blue.
Both feet have one purple dot.
Spike by Miranda

My monster has a green circle body. It is not filled in.
It has a blue head.
My monster has three antlers.
My monster has four arms that look like clubs.
My monster has 2 feet they are red.
It has five light blue eyes. And a light blue mouth.
Molly by Morgan
First draw a round blue filled-in body.
Next draw two red filled-in eyes and one long skinny orange mouth on the body.
Now draw five strait purple sticks in the body.
Then draw two skinny pink arms on the side of the body.
Finally draw two skinny orange legs.
Cube monster by Stacy
My monster has a blue filled in square body.
My monster has two green straight slanted arms.
My monster has two slanted light blue brows.
My monster has two pink rectangle eyelids with red rectangle eyes looking down.
My monster has a purple nose.
My monster has two circle feet that are red.
My monster has a black smile.
Spider Monster by Wade
First draw one circle red body.
Then draw one circle blue head.
Next one long black string from the top of his body.
And three red arms on both sides.
One black dot on each arm.
Two green circle eyes.
One green mouth.