Ms. K's Third Grade Class (Texas)

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Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
The Cracker Bite by Alejandro B.
My monster has a big green circle head with three bites on the right side. He has two blue eyes shaped like a heart on the forehead. His hair is on the top of his head and has four triangles outlined in blue; the inside is white. His nose is a black triangle. It is sideways facing left and in the middle of his head. His mouth is near his chin and it is light red. It is a little oval. He does not have a body.
Lilly by GiselleC
My monster's head is a solid horizontal rectangle. My
monster's hair is 8 dark blue small triangles above his head.
The eyes are two rhombus outlined in light green and purple
in the middle. The eyes are on the forehead. My monster's
nose is a circle outlined in yellow. My monster's mouth is
a curved pink line like a happy face smile.
Blue Boy by Javier
My monster's head is a big blue circle. My monster has
2 eyes that are black. They are big black circle in the
middle of the forehead. My monster has no ears.
My monster's nose is a dot in the middle of the eyes
and mouth. My monster's
mouth is a happy face curved line on the bottom of
the face that is black. My monster's body is a blue straight line in
the middle. My monster is little and skinny. My
monster's legs and feet are two blue lines on the left and right.
My monster's hair has five thick lines that are blue
on the top of the head.
Fuzzy by Alex
My monster has only a head that is outlined in black
that is a circle. His hair is straight and there are 17
spikes that are black. He has two black eyes that are
black and are dots. His mouth is straight and black. It
has no nose, no arms, no body, no legs or feet, no ears,
and no nose. He has a blue circle around him. On the
left side of the circle there are two blue straight lines
and on the right two gray straight lines.
Dr. Purple Head by Alexa
My monster has an outlined light purple circle head and
in the middle of the head it is white. My monster has six V's that are
upside down on the top of the head. The hair is yellow.The eyes of my
monster are purple and kind of circleish and the eyes
have a red spot in the middle it is squared. The eyes
are on the forehead and there are two.
His arms are green straight lines. There are two arms. He does not
have hands. His legs are light green and are on the bottom.
His arms are almost in the
middle of the head but they are not inside; there's one on
each side. The ears are red like a U sideways and they
stick to the head. They have a pink dot inside the ears. My
monster has a pink straight line for a mouth.
My monster has an outlined square red nose in the middle
inside of the head. Only 1 nose. My monster does not have
a body.
Naritza by Ana
She has a circle shaped head outlined in yellow. Her
hair is soft brown shaped in triangle. She has a blue diamond for
the nose. She has a thick spiky pink happy face. She has a yellow
outlined neck shaped like a shirt with no decorations.
2 Green eyes with six petals like a flower. A five petal colored in blue
also in the center and has two eyes.
Bella by Andrea

My monster has a green outline circle head and
white on the inside. My monster has two pink star
shapes in the forehead.
My monster has a circle gray nose on the bottom
of the eyes. My monster has brown hair
like curls on both sides on the top of the head.
My monster has a happy face line colored pink.
My monster does not have a body.
Weird Dude by Arturo
My monster's head is an oval outlined black.
He has blue scribble hair on top. He has two blue
straight eyes on the forehead and one on each side.
2 blue outlined ears shaped like 1/2 of an oval
on each side and a straight red line in the middle.
One blue rectangle happy face but without his top.
Outlined blue shirt and red colored on the middle.
Blue legs and pants that are colored in blue and no
feet. Two straight arms on each side and three
fingers on each arm.
Bad Boy by Bryan
My monster has a circle head outlined in blue and white inside.
Spiky red hair on top of the head. One nose of a blue flower
in the middle between the eyes. One red mad flower mouth.
My monster has 2 blue heart shaped eyes on the forehead.
One red unibrow shaped like the letter V and it is between the eyes.
Dr. Yellow Mouth by Cristian

My monster has a red circle colored in with red as a
head. He has circle shaped eyes on his forehead that
are blue; a big eye on the left and a small one on the
right. He has a green square in the middle of his face
as a nose. He has a yellow one curve line an inch
and a half on the bottom of his nose. He has
straight thick lines for his hair; the pattern of the colors
goes: orange, green, brown, gray, green, and red on
his head on the top.
My monster has no body.
I hope you can draw my monster.
Mr. Spiky Man by Daniel
Spiky's head is a square outlined in blue and white
on the inside. Six red spikes on the left and
green 6 spikes of lines on the right on the sides of
left and right sides of the square. My monster's
nose is a up and down oval that is green.
His eyes are triangles
blue. Inside two fingers top of the nose. His
mouth is a rectangle that is side to side almost
in the middle of the body. It is a turquoise color. He
has two orange ovals that are up and down on the
bottom line of the head two fingers apart as legs.
Sonic Unleashed by David

My monster is a circle. It is outlined in blue and white
on the inside. My monster's hair is shaped like a circle outlined
in red and blue hair on the inside.
There are two fat eyes colored in red
on his forehead. My monster has no ears. My monster's
nose is red. It's in the middle and its shaped as a small bird.
There are 6 red teeth. They are skinny. It has a blue
mouth at the bottom. It has no body. It has 2 green
antenna at the bottom it is skinny. It has 2 fat
green legs at the bottom on two sides. It has
2 arms at the outside at the two side. It has 1 on each
Magen by GiselleM
My monster has two purple eyes on the head, one
is up and one is down. It is shaped like a circle.
1 green nose shaped like a
flower and a circle at the center of the flower.
The nose is in the middle of the head.
1 furry red mouth with lines at the bottom of the nose
shaped like a thick line.
6 pink body places little curved lines on the feet.
2 red curved lines on the antennas. The antennas are
shaped like a snail's shell. 2 black pointy sharp
teeth shaped like triangles. They have black lines
curved pink lines with pink fur. 2 pink arms with pink fur.
Rainbow star hair that is brown, beige, green, orange,
red, green, plum, gray, black, red, light blue, orange,
gray, light green, brown, light pink, and red but outlined on
the pink head that is shaped like an oval.
Mr. Red Head by Ingry

My monster's head is a red outlined circle with
white in the middle. It has two green diamond
eyes on the forehead. It has one purple star nose
in the middle. It has an orange sad mouth on the
bottom of the face. It has one brown leg on the right
side and there is one leg on the left side. It has one
small arm on the right side and the medium arm
on the left side. Finally, the hair has six black lines
at the top of the head.
Mr. Monster Nobody by Jesus
My monster has a big circle head outlined in green.
The head is white on the inside. His hair is 8 short
straight lines that are black, blue, green, purple, tan,
peach, gray, and white. He has two yellow heart
shaped eyes on his forehead. His nose is a blue dot in
the middle of his head. His mouth is a red happy
mouth that is curved. He has no body.
Luigi by Leonel
My monster has a head outlined in red and it is like a horizontal oval. My monster’s hair is outlined in black. It looks like 5 mountains on top of the head. He has two ears and one ear on each side. One ear is fatter than the other. One is is longer than the other. He has starry ears that are blue and black. He has earrings going down that are blue stars. His eyes are red colored in. One eye is bigger, one eye is smaller. He has blue eyebrows that are stars. His mouth is red. It has a line on the left and the right side. My monster has a black beard shaped like popcorn.
Squeri by Letzi
My monster is a square outlined in purple. My
monster has heart for the eyes on the forehead and they
are violet. My monster has two ears one on each side
of the head. There are orange circles on the forehead
outside the head. My monster has a brown heart in the
middle of it for the nose. It is in the middle of the eyes.
The mouth is yellow. It's like a happy face above his chin.
The arms are purple. They are above his ears and they
are ovals one on each side. His legs are circles. They are
above his whole body 4 on each leg. The last one is
a big circle, bigger than the others and it is green.
His square is medium and its purple. The arms are
below his orange ears. They are outlined in purple.
His hair is green straight lines in green and there
are six. And they are above his head.
Makala by Diana
My monster has one round pink face like a ball. Makala has green straight hair on top of the head. My monster has two round eyes, brown, small and on the forehead. Makala has one light blue nose on the middle of the head. my monster has one blue smiley face and on the bottom of the nose. My monster's smiley face is shaped like a banana. My monster has no body. Makala has not hands or arms. My monster has no legs or feet. My monster has 4 freckles on both side s of the cheeks. Two are small and on the top of both cheeks. my monster has one big freckle on the middle of the two freckles on the both sides. My monster has one small freckle on the bottom of the big one. The small freckle is on both sides.
Mr. Yellow Head by Whisper
My monster is a yellow outlined oval that is white on the inside.
My monster's eyes are on his forehead with
three eyelashes on each eye. The eyes are
brown circles. The nose of my monster is in
the middle of his head. The nose is just a small
orange thick line going down. Under his nose is
a small blue line going across. My monster has no body.
For his legs are two small purple lines going down under his
head. My monster's arms are two pink lines going
across and each hand has three brown fingers.
On the top of my monster's head is three spikes.
The spikes are outlined in black with white on the inside.
Sally Nuñez by Emily
My monster has a circle head outlined in red. And 4 purple
eyelashes on top of the eyes. A green pickle for a mouth. Two orange
baby teeth. Fire red straight lines for a body a circle
shape. It has mountain ears and flower earrings, one
blue on the left and a purple one on the right.
No body. No feet. No nose. No arms. No hands.