Ms. K's Third Grade Class (Brown)

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Third graders from Virginia, Minnesota

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Crazy Monster by Aylin
My monster's head is a circle. It is outlined in red-violet inside the head it is white. It has a purple swirly ears in both sides. Red hair and red bushy hair on the top of the head. It has 3 red-violet eyes in a row but the eyes are squares they are color in red-violet. Pink square it is red violet in a happy mouth. It has 5 swirly red mouth. It has no body. The nose is a pink square in the middle of the face.
Evil Monster by Elizabeth
My monster's head is an oval head. It is outlined in purple and white inside. It has two oval ears that are pink on each side. It has two orange stars in each side in each ear. It has three fat hair on the left side and one on the right side. There are three brown eyes there is one flower purple in each eye. The nose is red flower in the middle. It has a purple heart in the middle for the month. No body. Good lucky!
Scary Monster by Franky
My monster head is a big oval sideways outline in red white inside. Yellow rectangular ear on the left and right. Red sideways line hair on the bottom and top tree on the top but one is short and the rest long. Fire on the bottom but three are short and two are long. The face have four eyes, 2 black and 2 red. A nose shape of a star, a bug in the forehead but the bug is yellow. It have stitches but the both stitches are blue one is short and the other stitch is long. Two black lines one is short it is fat and sideway is a gone but upside down. A rectangular mouth but is blue and a square.
Spiky Monster by German
My monster head is like a circle its purple. My monster hair is spiky it has 7 lines its red it is in the top of his head. My monster do not have ear. My monster has no body. My monster has two eyes. They are on the forehead and they are orange. The eyes has 2 circles in his forehead. The nose is orange circle it is in the middle. The mouth is red it is in the bottom it is like a U.
Brian Hunt by Jocelyn

It has a circle head outlined in red and it is white inside. It does not have ears. It has two gray hairs on the top of the head on the right and the left. There are two eyes shaped like purple hearts. The mouth looks like a banana and it is outlined in purple. The nose is a purple flower in the middle of the face. It has a volcano hat outlined in blue, inside it is white.
It looks likes a blue stick body that has two arms and legs.
Clown Man by Jouan
My monster has an oval head, long way, outlined in green and white inside. 5 light green hairs with blue lines inside 2 in each hair there are 10 altogether. Triangle purple arms on each side. Green light legs inside the ears blue lines each one has five. There are two legs. Thin diamond eyes outlined in red. Two diamond eyes . One on each side. Orange triangle nose in the middle and a yellow banana mouth outlined in yellow.

Rock Bobble Man - Julian
My monster has one head shaped like a black rock. It has yellow hair that is 12 upside down V’s that are connected to each other. It has two eyes in the middle of the face. The eyes are black circles with one white stars inside each eye. There are arrows on top of each eye. There is a yellow one on the right side and one on top of the left eye that is red. In the middle of the eyes there is a green splat. There are black sprinkles on the forehead. It has a diamond shaped nose that is black. It is on the bottom of the green splat. It has a black happy mouth but no teeth. The body is purple and looks like an upside down letter T.
Caterpillar Monster by Julianna
My monster has one oval head. It is outlined in green. White inside. Red caterpillar hair. No eyes in the caterpillar. One green antenna on each side. With black dot on the top of antenna. No ears. Purple oval stomach. Two purple straight hands on each side. A purple dot in the middle of its stomach. Eyebrow in the middle shaped like a V. One pink daisy flower for nose purple straight mouth. One eye at the left and right. Purple eye. Good luck!
Madison H.
My Monster by Marco
My monster has a red circle head. His hair is red with circle stars. His eyes are colored in red. The left eye is a red circle with a red eyebrow. The right eye is a red circle and it has a red small circle in the middle of the eye. My monster doesn’t have a nose. His mouth has red teeth inside the mouth. My monster’s mouth is shaped like a square.
Colorful Devil by Mario
The head is a circle it is purple outside inside it is white.
My monster has no body. It has two green eyebrows one on each side in the middle of the forehead together they look like a V, 4 letter V upside down baby blue hair outside and inside on top of the head, 2 purple eyes circle outside it has a white star inside the yes, 2 green ears that look like elf ears on each side of the head, one purple nose in the middle of the eyes shaped like a "d", It has 2 green tears in the bottom of each eye, the mouth looks like a V with a sideways line on top blue outside inside orange.
Monkey Monster by Melissa
My monster has a oval head sideways outlined in red-violet white inside. One thin green mouth with a happy smile. 7 purple hairs on the top shaped like an upside down letter U. Red outlined ears a line in the inside and like a letter A. The left eyes is a violet circle a white star in the middle 5 point star. Not the easy star. The right eye is a red circle a white star and 5 point star. Not the easy star. A red triangle nose facing the right. No body.
Shape Monster by Nancy
My monster head is a circle outlined fat in black with inside And two yellow legs in the right and left in the bottom. And two yellow arms one in the right and one in the left. Seven brown triangles on top and 5 blue in left and 4 blue in the right. No ears Red eyebrows like yours and two star one red and one green in the bottom for the mouth And triangle blue upside down in the front of the head outlined nose in yellow in the middle of the face.
Green Head Evil Monster by Omar
Triangle hair is going big to little outline blue circle eyes outline green one side like oval. Shape lie a letter o. Outline blue in the middle. shape like a banana outline black. Crying out line brown circle. a head like a circle in the side. Two eyes one nose one mouth banana no ears. no body no hands no feet and white in the inside.
Madison L.
Billy Ray by Patrick
My monster's head is square, white on the inside and outlined in brown.
His eyes are two green dots. His nose is black and it's a triangle without
the line on the side. He has a sideways oval belly body outlined in brown.
He has no hands. His arms are like bricks but peach colored. His 2 legs
are like sticks but one is taped and on the other side is a straight one. The legs are outlined in brown.
Clown Man by Sergio
The head of my monster is a circle. It is outlined in yellow and white inside. It has 2 star eyes. It has 1 pink star nose. It is pink all over the front. It has no ears. It has no body. Its mouth is a green banana. Good luck!
The Wild Monster by Valerie
His head is outlined in blue and shaped in a circle. Inside the head it is colored peach. He has one eye with a pink circle on the outside of the eye. On the inside of the eye it is burgundy then orange colored in. It has
five light green eyelashes. It does not have a nose. The mouth is
outlined in blue and shaped like a potato. It has 4 teeth on the top that
are purple and three on the bottom that are purple. They are shaped
like pointy rocks. My monster does not have a body. My monster
has 2 outlined burgundy feet that are colored in purple on the inside. The
feet are shaped like a smile.
Vacuum Girl by Andrea
My monster has a square head and outlined in orange and white inside. It has 6 squiggly purple hairs thick ones. It has no ears. It has two eyes of blue in the outside. It has one mouth shaped like a boat near the chin that is blue. One nose in the middle of the face with red and upside down V. It has a gray body and has a red circle belly button in the middle of the body.
Black Horned Monster by William
My monster has a circle head with a bite out of his head on the right side. It is red inside the head. It has no hair. The ears have thick black outlines there are horns with white inside and there are two on both sides. The eyes are two white circles with octagons inside.
Volcano Girl by Yacqueline
My monster has one triangle head outlined in pink and white inside. Diamond eyes outlined in pink white inside on each side. One purple hair in the head shaped like a rose. One brown mouth shaped like a boat at the bottom. Blue ears on each side shaped like a thick letter Z. No eyelashes. No body. No nose. No eyebrows.
The Terminator by Romelo
My monster’s head is a circle. It is outlined with blue and it is white on the inside. My monster’s hair is blue and looks like tiny squiggly lines. He has two blue eyes that are small circles. The eyes are in the middle of its face. Its forehead has two green squiggly lines that are wrinkles. His nose is brown. It is a dot that is in the middle of the eyes. The mouth has 5 sharp teeth. It has a straight green line for its lip at the bottom of the teeth.