Mrs. Rasmuson and Mrs. Walter's Third Grade Class

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Snake Hair Alien by Abigail

My monster has a round turquoise head with 6 red snakes coming out of her head. She has 2 blue dot eyes and 1 blue dot for the nose. Her mouth is a small black oval with 2 black, vertical stripes in her mouth for teeth. She has 2 outlined in green squirmy arms that go straight down and curve up just a little bit. The arms are coming out of the bottom of the head. Then, draw a straight line connecting the 2 arms together to make the body. Color in the body with dark blue. She has 4 long legs outlined in red, colored in with hot pink. That’s my monster!
Snake Hair Alien redrawn by DR

The Death Monster by Alex

My monster has a green circle body. He has a giant black eye. He has two scars with stitches, one above his eye and one below his eye. He has two sideways squiggles, on the sides of his eye. He has two small black arms on the side of his head. He has two small black legs.
The Death Monster redrawn by HH

My Double Jointed Monster by Athena

My monster has a peanut shape head, on its side. It has two necks under its head. Add a curved line to connect the necks and crab hands on each neck. Two pointed feet and three squiggly things on its head colored green. A circle on the middle of its stomach and two horizontal stripes that are dark red. It has two eyes on each part on its head colored black. A devils tail off its left knee with a spiky hair coming down. Make a mouth with spikes and a string from its right eye to its right mouth and a spiked mark on its right knee and elbow. The body is brick red.
Double Jointed Monster redrawn by DH

My Cool Monster by Bryan

My monster has a black circle body with a green outlined square in the middle with red coloring in it. A dark blue circle head with red coloring in it with 2 green eyes and black dots. A dark blue frown with 2 green eye lashes. Two yellow ears with 3 orange lines going across. A blue, red and green cord for the legs. He has 2 black arms with 2 blue dots in each arm.
Cool Monster redrawn by RH

Cool Monster redrawn by VS

The Freaked Out Monster by Clay

My monster has a chubby black belly and green head with red eyes across the top of his head. He has a black frown and two red eyes. He has two blue legs and arms with two circle hands. My monster has two brown circle feet.
Thre Freaked Out Monster redrawn by JH

The Cool Guy by Colton

My monster has two black eyes and a black mouth on a white circle face. Draw an oval body and two rectangle arms with point on the end. There is one gray horizontal line and six gray vertical stripes on his black arms. He has six extra eyes, blue in the middle and yellow on the outside. He has eighteen horizontal and fourteen vertical lines colored gray on his black body. The two rectangle legs are black.
The Cool Guy redrawn by BF

The Scary Monster by Grace

My monster has two horns. He has two eyes, one is big and one is small. My monster has five teeth, three on the top and two on the bottom and an oval mouth. My monster has a circle head. It has two red nostrils. My monster has to really really dark eyebrows.
The Scary Monster Guy redrawn by NE

The Friendly Monster by Jessica

My monster has half an oval shape body. My monster has a penguin white spot only green with four black horizontal little stripes. My monster has a circle shape head. My monster has 2 triangle feet that are pink. My monster has a penguin black arm on the belly. My monster has a purple hat with a blue stripe and 6 vertical feathers on top of the hat. My monster is red and has an orange mouth that is a rectangle oval shape, with two black dots for eyes.
The Friendly Monster redrawn by AD

The Huh Monster by Lillie

Draw one medium circle. Outline the circle blue. Color the inside purple. Then draw 4 pointy hairs that are red. Then two squiggly ears, one small and one big. Outline the ears green and inside white. Two red eyes, one small and one big. One medium mouth, the teeth are blue. One long nose that is green in the inside and one small dot in the middle.
The Huh Monster redrawn by AC

The Huh Monster redrawn by KW

Scary Monster by Melanie

My Monster has a person body with no neck. He has a curved up tail with 4 spikes. Two arms with 2 spikes on each arm. Two cat ears that are red. Two legs with 2 spikes on each leg. The spikes are hot pink. He has a nose that is dark green with a white mouth and one red eye. He has a light green body.
Scary Monster redrawn by CB

My Scary Monster by Seth

It has an oval body and a circle head with two red eyes and a dot for a black nose. A black smile for a mouth. He has six arms that have dark green, dark blue, red, orange, light green, and gray.
Scary Monster redrawn by DB

Happy Monster by Zachary

My monster has a circle head and black spiky hair across the top of the head. Two small green yellow pointy ears and red and black eyes. He has a big grin with white teeth. A blue shirt with a yellow smiley face on the shirt, half oval shaped brown arms, 3 claws on each tip of the arms and two little brown legs and feet.
Happy Monster redrawn by KA

Silly Monster by Hope

My monster has a round light purple head with curvy pink hair. It has two black eyes, a black nose, and straight black mouth. She has an oval dark purple body. There is one red triangle and four red squares in its oval body. It has two black feet. Its black round hands are hooked to the side of the body with black arms.
Silly Monster redrawn by NM

My Wacky Monster by Zdena

Draw a small purple elephant head with a long purple elephant trunk. There is one big yellow eye on the head with a black dot in the middle of the eye. Draw a black smile at the bottom of the head. Put a pointy blue horn on top of the head that is colored in. Draw orange puffy hair that piles up on top of the head that gets smaller and smaller. Draw a long giraffe neck with red polka dots that is under the head that slants in way that is colored in. Draw a big green turtle shell with a tan part under it that is colored in. It has pointy gray spikes coming down the neck onto its shell. Draw tan big kangaroo feet and tan little kangaroo arms under and beside the body. Draw a long green crocodile tail that curves up.
Wacky Monster redrawn by RM