Mrs. Youngblood's Second Grade Class

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture

My monster has 3 heads and no hair. It has two blue arms and is holding an apple in one hand. His body is grayish black brown, purple green and blue. Two mouths are purple and one is orange. The eyes are orange, yellow and blue.

My monster has 23 purple pieces of hair. They are sticking straight up on top of its big round green head that is outlined in black. It has two peach color ears. It has two eyes in the middle of its head and one is on top of the other one. It has a brown eyebrow. It has gray X`s (4 of them) for a nose. It has a big red mouth.

My monster has a big white circle for its head. Its has brown long hair. Its 2 eyes are on top of its hair. They are 2 blue circles with a black dot in the middle. The circles are on 2 lines that go into the brown hair. It has a green nose in the middle of the white head and an oval red mouth with 3 pointy teeth on top and 5 pointy teeth on bottom. The blue body looks like a fat T. It has 2 tan arms and each hand has 3 brown fingers on it. It has 2 tan legs and gray shoes.

The fat head

My monsters head is a big blue circle with 11 dots of purple hair sticking straight up on top of my head. It has a big round white eye in the top middle with a black round circle in the middle. Its mouth is white and outlines in yellow with 5red pointy teeth on top and 5 red pointy teeth on bottom. My monster has a black stick for the body and two little black legs. It has two long black skinny arms.

My monster has short purple hair. He has two eyes one small blue eye and one big black eye. He has one big tan ear with a little red square in side it. My monster has a green diamond for a nose. He has two tan claws with three sharp nails and it is round. He has an oval red mouth with 11 sharp teeth in it. He has a square face that is tan. He has no arms.

My monster has a round green head that has 12 long curly purple hairs that sticks up. In the head I have one big blue eye. Under the blue eye is an oval white mouth. He body is a big red circle. It has 4 green triangles in the center that go from the head to the 2 green legs with green feet. It has 2 skinny brown arms and5 brown fingers with green tips.


My monster has a light purple head shaped like a gumdrop.
It has three green eyes that are out lined in black. It has sharp black pointy teeth. He has 2 ears that are orange with pink in the middle.
He has a small yellow nose. He has six long curly hairs
that are blue. He has two small purple arms and hands.
He has two small green legs. He has a small light purple body.
He has three orange small freckles on the left and right of his face on his cheeks.

My monster named bob by Nick.
My monster has green circle outlined in black for a head.
My monster has two red round eyes and one big oval blue nose. It has a purple hat. It has a red mouth with four white teeth.

My monster has a big pink round head, with purple and light green freckles on her cheeks. It has an oval dark purple spot for its eyes and 2 blue circles with a black dot in the middle for the eyes. It has a green nose with a light blue round circle on it. It has a purple body to the right of its head, with pink and dark purple poka dots on it. My monster has yellow and orange hair with a green crown with gray, light green and blue spots on it. She has freckles on her and she has a green mouth with a white inside and 7 black teeth. She has a yellow tail with orange dots on it. It has 2 purple legs with green dots on it.

My monster is a big black round circle and is white in the middle. It haves 32 eyes all over that are yellow with black inside. Its mouth is red skinny oval that is white inside and has 4 black sharp teeth on top and 4 black sharp teeth on the bottom. It has 3 fat red noses, 2 are straight up and 1 is on its side left. The hair is 11 pieces that are straight up brown hair. It has 2 green medium right and left side ears. Too many eyes monster! Too many eyes monster!!!

My monster has a big blue round body, with a yellow dot for a belly button. It has 2 blue short arms that have 5 yellow fingers on them. It has 2 blue short thin legs with yellow feet. Its head is like a blue circle with 2 small red circle eyes. Its nose is green below the eyes. Its mouth is white with yellow teeth. It has 7 purple pieces of hair the stick straight up.

My monster has a sky blue round head with 5 green spikes. It has 2 white round eyes and one oval white mouth. Its body is round and blue with two long arms and two legs. His arms have brown spikes on the top and bottom. He has two blue toes on each foot and three blue fingers.

My monster has round black circle for the face with two green ears that have 2 round black circles in the center. Its face has one big red eye in the middle with a big black dot in the middle and a very little purple nose, below the eye. It has 3 sharp white teeth and big orange mouth. It has 2 green arms and 2 green legs. It has 3 black fingers on each are and 3 black toes on each leg.

My monster has a purple circle for the head. It has six pieces of yellow hair that stick straight up. He has two round dark purple eyes and an orange square for the nose. It has a red circle for a mouth with 3 green teeth on the top and 3 green teeth on the bottom. It has a black stick for the body and black rectangle for arms. It also has 2 black sticks for feet. He has only one ear on the right side.

My monster has a big round dark green head with two ears.
My monster has 6 purple pieces of hair sticking up.
He has a big smile with 12 big red sharp teeth.
He has one big eye that is light green, in the middle of my head, with a black dot for the eye.
My monster has dark red head with six sides. It has six pieces of yellow hair on top of its head sticking straight up. It has two brown eyes and two brown ears. Its mouth is like an M. My monster has two brown legs and brown shoes.

My monster has a big green round head outlined in black. It has two round yellow eyes and orange big smile with two big white teeth. It has 7 pieces of purple hair that stick straight up on top of its head.

The monster by Devin

My monster has a big green head that is the shape of a square. It has spiky red hair on top of its head. It has 2 blue round eyes and red in the middle. It has a red v shape between the eyes and a small round red circle of a nose. Its mouth is outlined in black and has sharp pointy teeth that are brown. Its body is a black square with 13 small round brown dots. It has 2 black skinny arms and 2 skinny black legs. It has 3 blue fingers on each had and 3 brown toes. It has a blue bottom in the middle of its body.

My monster head is round and his face is purple. He has one eye in the middle and it is black and white in the middle with a red dot. He has a black squid weird nose and that is purple also. He has a black out lining of his mouth. His teeth are sharp and white. There are 11 sharp white teeth. His ears are outlined in black and filled in with red and pink. His hair is blue and it has 15 small straight lines.

My monster has a blue dress on it. It has as green circle for the head and blue long hair with blue crooked bangs. It has one round white eye with a tiny yellow circle in the middle. It has one black eyebrow in the shape of a v. It has a red oval mouth. My monster has 2 green legs. It has two green hands that are white inside.

My monster has a big blue round head. It has 3 fat purple squiggly pieces of hair. Next it has 5 purple skinny small hairs sticking straight up. It has two round yellow eyes with a small red dot in the middle. It has a green triangle nose with two black dots at the bottom of the triangle. The mouth is red and has 5 big pointed white teeth on top and 4 big white teeth on the bottom. It has two light purple ears and 2 small black squares in the center.

My monster has a black round head. It has two red eyes and 3 white sharp teeth. It has 30 arms, that 5 are black long wild lines, that go all over. There are 4 blue arms that are long and gall around the body. It has a red round body outlined in black. It has three red legs that have 2 legs off of them and at the end of that is 4 grey toes on each one.

My monster has a medium purple circle for a body. Its mouth is a small red oval. It has a green nose that looks like a rectangle. Its 2 eyes have brown rings
with a black dot in the middle. The bottom of its white body had one green stripe and below that it has an orange stripe. The hair is two orange spikes. My monster has two long purple arms with round fists. It has 3 pointed green fingers on each fist. It has 2 purple legs and feet.

My green monster has green oval for its body and white teeth that are sharp. The inside of my monsters mouth is red. It has light green ears with pink inside the ears and a pink crown. The hair color is yellow and brown that is under the ears. It has a medium white circle for the nose with a small black dot in the middle. It has two round eyes with 2 small black dots in the middle.

My monster has a green round head with 2 little black square ears. It has like a purple spiky hair. It has 8 black circles all over its head. It has a red mouth with little white teeth. It has a blue round body. It has 2 yellow arms and 2 yellow feet. It has two yellow hands with fingers.

Fire Flame

My monster is tall, red and has a bold round blue head. It is also breathing out fire of its round white mouth. On its round blue head it has a red rectangle with 2 white small round eyes and a small round white nose. It has long red arms and short red legs. It has 4 black fingers on each had that has 3 blue nails on each finger. It has gray shoes.

My monster has a brown circle for a head. He has no hair, he has four black arms. He has huge brown feet, five huge orange dots on his body, yellow pants and 19 fingers. He has four blue rectangles for a body. He has no mouth, a pink dot for a nose and two small brown dots for eyes.