Mrs. Ten Broeck's Third Grade Class

Third graders from Virginia, Minnesota.

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture

My Monster
by Casey

My monster has a red circle head with two ears that are pink.
She has one big eye and one small eye that are black.
She has two blue earrings that look like a hoop. She has lips
with pink highlights. She has two orange arms and a dress
that is an orange triangle with yellow highlights on it.
She has four blue straight legs. She has five blue curly hairs
on the top of her head. My monster has pink freckles on her cheeks.

My Monster
by Anna

My monster has a little circle head that is green. She has two little army green ears outlined with dark green.
She has a big red think mouth, two horizontal oval eyes that are light blue in the middle, outlined with dark blue.
She has seven blue curly hairs on the top of her head, pointing up. She has five pink x shaped bows in her hair.
Each bow is at the bottom of a hair. She has two little, skinny, green legs that are outlined in dark green.

My Monster
by Ashley

My monster has one big blue circle head. She has red circular hair on the
sides and top of her head. She has a red nose with two red nostrils in the middle
of her nose and has green snot coming out of her nose. She has a big yellow
mouth smiling at the bottom of her face. She has one horizontal oval eye that
s red outlined with green.
She has a green dot in the middle of her eye.
My Monster
by Bree

My monster has a big red square body with curly hair going down the sides and buttons and bows for legs. She has buttons for a mouth and a bow nose. She has two button earrings on each side of her body. Her eyes are made of buttons too!

My Cute Monster
by Carrington

My monster has one light green circle head. She has two oval shaped earrings. She has orange curly hairs on the top of her head. She has bows and buttons in her hair. She has two tiny orange square eyes. Her teeth are extra white outlined with orange lips! She has red rings on her fingers and a bright blue dress. Her dress has red flowers on it and it is rhombus shaped.

Sub Zero
by Chris

My monster has a blue circle body, one red oval eye outlined in black and one jagged black line mouth. He has two gray arms and one gray horn on the top of his head. He has two swords, one straight sword and one jagged sword. He also has two light blue legs with feet with pointy toes.

My Monster
by Dakota

My monster has a big red square head and two blue eyes that are circles. He has yellow hair on the top of his head. his neck is blue outlined in green and his shirt is blue, too. He has two black arms that are outlined in blue. He has yellow smiling lips with blue inside.

Ploop the Monster
by Darius

My monster has a green blob body shape. He has two small circle eyes that are white outlined in black with a black dot in the middle of each. My monster has lots of little yellow chunks all over him. His mouth is a black circle.

My Monster
by Davion

My monster has two oval eyes that are black with flaming eyebrows. His nose is oval and black. He is not smiling. His mouth is black. He has 53 ants on his head! He has a circle head that is red. He has a tiny brown hat. He has red ears that are pointy. He has a black t-shirt. He has black and white hair that grows down the sides of his head. His pants are black and red. He has two black feet that are horizontal lines.

Nick the Monster
by Isaiah

My monster has a light blue circle body. Nick has red lips and one banana shaped black eye in the center of the body with a curved eyebrow. Nick has two light blue rhombus shaped wings, one on each side. Nick has two huge orange arms on each side. He has two dark blue feet on each side outlined in light blue with three toes on each foot. Nick has two straight black antennae on each side of the top of the head with gold "Elvis-like" hair.

My Monster
by Joshua

My monster has one blue circle head with two suare eyes with two green eyebrows. He has a green smile, too! His nose is a red x covered by a blue o and it is in the middle of his head. He has red hair on top of his head in a mohawk with three curly blue hairs on top. His body is a triangle that is outlined in blue with red on top and blue on bottom. He has a skinny black belt and two red arms outlined in blue. He has black hands outlined in blue.

My Hairy Monster
by Kimari

My monster has red, yellow, and gray curly hairs on the top of her head. She has black hair that is made of straight medium lines all over around her face. She has two oval eyes that are brown with little white dots. She has black and white eyelashes, too. Her head is shaped like a circle and is purple. She has two big white bumps on her cheeks that are oval shaped. Her lips are big and red, but in the middle of them is a blue wiggly line. She has little black lines all over her face. She has one circle nose that is the same pattern as her eyes. She has one little green curly spot at the top of her hair. She has eight eyelashes, too.

My Monster
by MacKenzee

My monster has a purple circle head with one eyebrow on her forehead. She has one big, blue oval eye and one black small nose with two red cheeks. She has two earrings on her ears. She has a red mouth with 27 black teeth and black lips. She has curly purple hair with eight barettes. She has two purple hands and feet with two red birthmarks - one on each cheek. She has two short purple arms with black fingers. Each finger has a red fingernail.

My Monster
by Molly

Let me tell you about my monster. My monster has a purple body like a circle. It has a basket weave pattern that is purple and white. She has green legs and feet on the bottom of her body. She has one yellow eye. She has two blue curly hairs sticking straight up out of the top of her head. She has a red smiling mouth and a blue circle nose.

My Monster
by Olivia

My monster has a square shaped body that is red-violet. My monster has two rectangle shaped arms that are dark blue. My monster has two little red scribble eyes. My monster has a dark pink circle nose with a red square in the middle. My monster also has a red skinny rectangle for a mouth. My monster has yellow hair that is a little bit big and a little bit flat. My monster has two fat rectangle shapes for legs pointing down that are light blue. Finally, my monster has two dark blue scribble bows in its hair.

My Monster
by Rachea

My monster has one big eye right in the middle of her light blue circle head. She has two green legs with black outlines at the bottom of her body. She has six fabulous eyelashes on her eye. On the top of her head, she has 23 curly hairs that are purple, blue, and yellow. She has a pink top lip and a green bottom lip that are both outlined in black. Her lips are in the middle of her head below her eye.

Miss Pink Bean
by Rosaura

My monster has a pink circle body. She has a little brown hat on the top of her head and five curly blue hairs on the top of her head. She has two feet that are colored dark pink. She has two black circle eyes with a blue dot in the middle of each one. Each eye has three black eyelashes. She has a big smile that's pink with two cheeks with a little dot on each one. That is awesome!

My Best Monster
by Rylan

My monster has a triangle body outlined in dark green and colored with black. He has six arms, three on each side that are blue and orange. He has a circle head outlined in blue. He has red lips and some red across the cheek. he has two yellow triangle eyes that touch his yellow nose. There's two blue lines over the eyes and nose. He has black hair. He has eight ears on the side and top of his head. He also has two light blue legs.

by Sabrina

My monster has a dark blue circle body. It has a yellow zit on its forehead. It has two black square eyes. It has two dark blue circle ears on both sides of its body. It has a black smiley face. It has two purple antennae on either side of the yellow zit. Its legs are dark blue that go down and then bend like an "L". It has one orange beak just like a penguin's!

My Monster
by Shawn

My monster has one green oval head with gray rosy cheeks. She has red curly hair with gray bangs. She has one skinny purple rectangle body. She has pink wavy arms with five on each side of her body. She has a pair of gold feet. She has a pair of red rosy lips. She has four eyes - two like rectangles and two are squares.

My Monster
by Turiahna

My monster has one big red circle head. She has three little eyes in the middle of her head with one giant eye over them. Each eye is a red circle outlined in purple with light blue around it outlined in pink. She has 20 bugs crawling on her head. My monster has one big green mouth with a little bit of light blue and a red moustache. She has two black feet. My monster has six curly hairs that are yellow, black, purple, green, blue and red. On the top of her head some of the pieces are gone.

My Monster!
by Victor

My monster has one big gold circle head with two big orange feet with no gaps in between. He has one big red eye that is frowning. He has two red and blackdiagonal striped wings with black curly armpit hair. He has one black mouth with red teeth on the top and brown teeth on the bottom. There is red and orange fire coming out of the mouth.

My Monster
by William

My monster has a big orange circle body with two green eyes. My monster has polka dotted cheeks with a blue square nose. My monster has fuzzy curly scribble orange hair with two purple ears outlined in blue. My monster has one blue mouth and two orange curly arms. My monster has an x and an o on his forehead adn a green unibrow.

24Jasmine 2567plcjasmine3.jpg
My Monster
by Carli

My monster has a big yellow circle body with two big arms and legs that are made of yellow lines. My monster has short black hair only down to her shoulders. My monster has yellow arms and legs with one toe on each foot and red nail polish on each toe nail. She has three fingers on each hand with one black finger nail on each one. She has one big orange circle eye with one small eyebrow over the middle of her eye. The pupil is black and oval shaped. She is almost doing the splits!

My Best Monster Ever
by Taylor

My monster has a purple circle body and curly hair that is black. She has two big pink circle eyes with four black eyelashes each that are on her face that match her pink smiling lips and pink circle nose. She has two skinny pink legs with oval feet and two blue arms that are short and holding red rectangle poles.

My Monster
by Daniel

My monster is green and is an oval shape. It has two legs an the shape of its legs are rectangles. Its eye is an oval shape and its pupil is black. Its shape is a circle and the outside of its eye is white and it has black outlined around it.

My Monster
by Alec

My monster has one circle head that is red. It has two black circle eyes, one horizontal line that is black for a mouth. Under the mouth, there is fire coming out that is yellow outlined in red, outlined in orange. It has two black pointy ears coming out of each side of its head. It has a black neck. It has a lion body and legs that are red. He has a tail that looks like lightning, it's red at the bottom and orange at the top. It also has a black circle dot at the tip of his tail. Can you draw my monster?

by Allyson

My monster has one medium sized red circle head with two black circle eyes with one white dot in each middle of the black eye. He has a small blue square nose in between the bottom of the eyes and a white smiling mouth with a hoop. He has two medium long dark blue arms on the side of his head with three black skinny claws on the end of his arms. he has two small curved gray feet.

My Monster
by Alyssa H.

My monster has a light blue circle head. She has two light blue arms and two light blue legs. She has two light blue feet and two light blue hands. She has four toenails and four finger nails. She has a green nail on every toe and finger. She has one eye, it is a horizontal oval. She has yellow where the white should be in her eye and she has black outlining the yellow. She has a black pupil. She has eight black eyelashes. She has pink lips. She has five black curly hairs. She has a red swirly bow at the end of each hair and six swirly bows around her head. She has a red swimsuit on with two arm and two leg swimming paddles. She has a light blue body.

by Alyssa W.

My monster has a red circle head, a red neck, and a half circle body. He has two long arms on the body with three fingers on each hand. he has two long red antennae that are on the top of this head. He has three curly brown hairs on top of his head. He has two oval eyes are yellow where the white is supposed to be with a straight black line down the eyes. He has two square blue holes on the top of the antennae. He has two light blue bushy eyebrows. he has one blue horizontal oval mouth.