Mrs. Mauston's Third Grade Class

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Dottie By Abby

My monster has black outlined lines on the outside of it. It also has a rectangle body that is dark and light blue and has red dots on it. Her head is dark green and has red dots all over her. She has arms that are red and her legs are red too. She has a red mouth too. Her eye is black and has red in it.
Loop Tiggy by Tyson
My monster has a big red round head with 2 brown eyes with curving brown things on the bottom of his eyes.
He has a black body smaller then his head.
It has a blueberry nose and a brown smile.
It has a black loop on the right side.
He has 4 wings with dots.
He has an hour glass with no sand on his body.
Two legs with 2 shoes.
He has 4 sharp teeth.
Smacker by Sky
A blue oval shape for a body.
A blue circle for a head.
Two green antennas sticking up.
Two green circle eyes.
One green circle nose.
It has a green straight mouth.
Two black teeth in the middle.
He has Short red hair.
Two green arms no fingers.
One black dot on the arms.
Red dots on the tummy.
One black tail facing left.
Two short yellow feet.
Bob By Riley

My monster has a black oval body with black strait arms.
He has a yellow square head with 2 black eyes with red lasers coming out.
He has a black mouth.
He has 2 green antennas with circles at the end.
He has 3 red spikes on his arms.
He has little black straight legs with giant brown shoes and black shoe laces.
Not So Cool Walli by Mariah

My monster has a square blue body.
It has a pink diamond shaped head.
It has 2 pink arms that have four fingers.
It has 2 black tires with white lines on them.
It has a white square mouth.
It has 2 purple circle eyes.
It has 2 blue antennas.
Blob by Madison
My monster is a big blue blob. It has red on its arms.
It has light green hair with black dots.
It has a red triangle nose.
It has a green circle eye with red in the middle.
It has a red circle above its nose.
It has a weird smile, shaped like a Y. It is red but it has white on it with 4 black dots and a black line across it.
Penguin By Ethan
My monster has a red rectangle body.
It has a skinny light orange neck.
It has a blue triangle head with two white circle eyes with a white smile.
It has two green antennas with huge green dots at the ends and a black tall top hat.
It has thick long black arms and very, very, long orange feet and very short orange legs.
Tom by Aaron

It has a dark green rectangle body filled with light blue.
It has a dark blue head filled with red.
It has light green arms facing down with three fingers.
It has a light brown leg filled with yellow and a dark brown leg filled with gray.
It has two gray feet one filled with blue and the other filled with red.
Weirdo By Alex
My monster has purple outlined square with green inside. That’s the body!
He has a red tie shaped like a rectangle.
It has a yellow head.
It has a black smile and antennas and two red eyes.
My monster also has two red arms and legs.
Gothic by Celestiel

My monster has a blue square for a body.
It has an orange X from corner to corner in the blue square body.
It has five dark green lines for legs under its body.
My monster has a pink circle for a head on top of its body.
It has a red upside down oval in its head for a mouth.
It has two black dots in its head for eyes.
Lastly two light purple curved lines on it’s head for hair.
Aquamarine by Michaela

My monster looks like a blue snake body with a horse head.
My monster has light blue mane and ear.
The tail looks like a whale tail.
It has a white eye with a black pupil.
It has a black nostril and smiley mouth.
Dave by Armone

My monster has a rectangle red body.
I has fore arms coming out of shoulders and fore arms coming out of it’s hips and one coming out of the right of it’s body and the other arm coming left side of body
It has two black round eyes.
It has a red circle.
It has a blue face.
It has a Mohawk.
Alien by Tristan
He has black belly .
He has a green triangle head with antennas.
He has red arms with a little blue dot on the elbow.
He is holding them up.
He has two blue legs and two black feet.
THE ORANGEY by Trenton

MY monster has a rectangle body black and with a black round head.
With orange eyes and his pants are orange .
His shirt has a blue hat on it .
His hands and hair are orange!
STARRY by Skyler

My monster has a green square body.
And a pink square head.
With blue legs and arms.
With green antennas and pink stars at the end.
She has a blue oval as a mouth.
She also has pink high heels that are facing left.
Crazy by Brittany

My monster has a light blue rectangle body.
Two green arms sticking up in the air.
There are two pink legs and shoes.
Inside the shoes are yellow.
The neck is skinny and short and orange.
The head is round and red not colored in.
The eyes and mouth are blue. There are two eyes and one mouth.
Two yellow antennas on the top of the head.
They both point sideways with purple stars at the end.
BFM (Big Friendly Monster) By Bill

My monster is a medium monster (person),
It has a medium dark green rectangle body,
It has two straight yellow arms,
It has two red rectangle legs,
It has two turquoise shoes going right and left,
He has (about) a 2 inch long pink neck
It has a purple triangle head with a white eye in the center and a 1 3 inch turquoise (straight) antenna out of the top of his head with a blue triangle on the top,
And he has 2 fuzzy looking blue ears out of the side of his head (down about 2 cm) from the antenna.
Buff Dude by Miles

My Monster has a big red body that’s shaped like a shirt.
My Monster has a black square head.
My Monster has a little blue square neck.
My Monster has dark green buff arms.
My Monster has black shorts.
My Monster has two dark green legs.
My Monster has four black claws on his hands and three black claws on his feet.
My Monster has dark green eyebrows that are facing diagonal, and two dark green eyes, and a straight dark green mouth.
My Monster has black spiky hair.
Erika by Gabrielle

My monster has a light pink square body.
My monster has a light green circle head.
A skinny orange neck.
And red arms that stick up.
It has a light blue mouth.
And it has two black eyes.
And has a red caret nose.
With two yellow antennas one up and one that is to the right side.
And two gray legs.
Red By Brandi

My monster has a red square body.
And a circle green head with 6 blue hair that stands up.
A orange triangle as a nose.
Pink smile shaped as a straight line.
And skinny purple arms facing up.
And black legs.
And oval blue shoes one going one way and the other the other way.
And a short, skinny black neck.
And circle dark blue eyes.
Snake by Teah

My monster has a dark green snaky body with curves.
It has a black eye.
It has a black straight mouth.
Its head is facing right.
It has dark pink tongue that looks like a snake body.
Number One by Madison H.

My guy has a big blue head. It's a cirlce.
It has a yellow tshirt with the number 1 on it.
It has green shorts and red skinny legs.
It has red skinny arms.
It has black spiky hair and green sunglasses.
And a black smile.
Robot Monster by Beau

He has a blue square body.
And on top he has a blue square head.
He has 3 light blue antennas facing up and 3 on the left and 3 on the right.
He has 2 green eyes.
He has a green nose and a green mouth.
The number 21 in red on his body.
And yellow hands. And yellow feet filled in with a light green.
My monster is mostly blue.
And his arms are filled in with blue.
And his legs are filled in with a blue.
His arms are facing up.