Thank you for joining us in exchanging monster descriptions and drawings. Please take a moment to request
access to

The Welcome page provides a time line of the project to help you get started. We would also suggest going to the Notify page
( and copying the RSS feed for All Changes into a Google Reader-type
website to keep track of updates and discussions on the project.

We found it helpful to post when we were introducing the project, when we were creating the monsters, when our classes were writing their descriptions, and when they were ready to work with their partner class. You will find a box titled Project Status on the Monsters 2017 page for those notes.

You will be responsible for adding the monster descriptions, images (properly resized - see helpful hints), and uploading a PDF, Word, other word processed document to your individual monster page(s). We will create school entries as schools are added to the Monster 2017 page. You can see a sample of what it should look like by clicking on the Monster 2016 page. We also have a short video that can be viewed by clicking the K12Online 08 Video on the left side of the wiki.

We look forward to a great collaboration between our students. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Ann Oro
Archdiocese of Newark Schools Office
Newark, NJ

Anna Baralt
Shorecrest Preparatory School
St. Petersburg, FL