Mrs. Pascual (Woolley) Second Grade Class

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Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Big head By Ryan F
Big head is a monster with one piece of purple hair on his head. Big head
has no feet and no legs with no arms or hands. He has a black body that
is a circle with two blue oval eyes, one small and one big one. He has no
nose with a long blue mouth and no smile.
Ryan F moster.png
Bright Monster By: Sydney
Bright monster has a red circle head with blue dots all over his red circle
head and one pink dot on his red circle head. He has no nose. On the
red circle head there are two eyes that are pink and they are close to
the top, and a purple smile that’s close to the bottom. He has no body.
He has rainbow hair that has these colors, on the top it has blueish purple,
then second to the top is pink, thread to the top is red, then fourth to
the top is a tiny bit of yellow, last there is a green strike at the bottom.
Then on top of the rainbow hair are two tiny yellow arms that have two
tiny orange fingers. Under the red circle head are two purple legs.
sydney monster.png
Chick circle monster by Ryan L
My monster has a Mohawk that’s purple on top, in the middle its hair is
rainbow, and on the bottom it’s indigo. It has a Small light blue body
shaped like an egg. Also its bodyis its head. It has two clear blue arms
and chicken legs that are orange with three toes on each that are yellow.
One yellow balloon is on the right side of his body. He has two
green small oval eyes and a grayish blue line for a smile.
ryan monster.png
Circle Monster by McKinley
My monster has an orange round body which is also his head. It has
two white eyes with black pupils. It has a red mouth and a yellow
round nose. It has two black skinny and two black skinny arms.
McKinley Monster.png
Cutie Pie by: Mei

Cutie Pie has a seafoam green oval body, with tiny black eyes (in the normal
place you would put eyes.) She has a red half circle smile, and for her arms 2 black lines.
Her feet are made with 2 black straight lines, and she shoots out baby pink blob, so make
some pink stuff around her.
Mei monster.png
Fred’s body is a big red triangle and his arms are big blue butterfly wings. He
has no eyes, ears hair or mouth.
Fred by Ian
ian monster.png
Invisible guy created by: Samuel M
My monster has a maroon hat. It has a flaming sword. The handle is red, the blade is gray
with a white line on it. The blade is on fire. My monster has jade outlined eyes, filled with
blue. It has orange pupils. It has green outlined boots, filled with white and NO horizontal
line on the top of the boots. The size of the boots are as big as your pinkie finger. The size
of the eyes are as big as a fingernail. The size of the hat is as big as your thumb. The size
of the sword is as big as your pointer finger.
My Monster by Isa

He has 1 black eyebrow and a BIG eye and My monster has black and green and he has
blue hair And he is cute and he has no legs. His mouth is two black lines that form a slight frown.
isa monster.jpg
Laser hand by Thomas
My monster has a black tringle head and no body and four gray arms with two fingers on each.
It has two gray ears and three dark red eyes. His red mouth has black and white teeth and two
straight blue legs.
Thomas moster.png
Polkadoty by: Elizabeth
Polkadoty has a big circle pink belly with white polka dots and it is round and so are the polka
dots. She has a circle blue head with 2 circle black eyes and a skinny red mouth with no nose
or hair. She has 2 black fat legs and 2 black fat arms. Please, Please, Please try to get it right.
Elizabeth mounster.png
Pope monster by .Bailee
My monster has a circle body. She has two blue oval eyes, one is high than the other one.
She has a U shaped nose. She has no legs. She has light green spiky hair and a green smile.
Hope you can recreate my monster.
Bailees monster.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.43.46 AM.jpg
Rainbow monster
By Caroline

My monster has medium blue circle for her body and long rainbow hair on her head. Under her
hair she has two white eyes and a black pupil in each and on top of each eye are two eyelashes.
Under her eyes she has a peach colored nose that is pointed to the left. Under her nose she has a
skinny black smile. On each side of her there is one skinny arm with three blue fingers. Also under
her body she has two blue straight legs.
caroline moster.png
Rainbow monster by Cecilia
My monster has a rainbow circle body with two purple oval shaped eyes. The right
one is bigger than the left. It has a big red mouth that covers about a quarter of the head or body.
Also it has a big light blue outline with 12 thin green lines coming from it.
cecilia monster.png
Rainbow monster girl by Darcie
My monster has a big light blue body, and a darker blue as the head. It has two hot pink eyes on
the head. It also has a purple triangle nose pointing down on the body. It has a darker blue than
the head for the mouth, and the mouth is an oval shape. The legs are tiny and green. It has sharp
red teeth in the mouth on the body. The last thing of all is that it has rainbow hair and the hair is
curled in and it has a spiral at the end of the hair.

HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darcie's monster.png
Rolley ball 100 by: Enzo
The body is blue and it is round and is only one piece. His hair is black. He has short
black arms but no fingers and also short black legs. His eyes, mouth, and nose are silverish grayish.
Enzo monster.png
My monster By: Yuri Sung
My monster’s name is Spiky, and he has no hair and no ears and no nose and has a brown triangle
spikes on his brown triangle head. His eyes are round and black, and his mouth is round and sharp.
Also the body is round and brown and the legs are straight and light brown. There are spikes on his
back and his tail is brown and has spikes on top of his tail. The background is aqua, and he is
standing on light green grass.
Yuri Monster.png
The PINK JUSTICE by: Miller Hauenstein

It’s a big PINK circle with a blue fat mouth and a white small nose. She has RAINBOW
spiky hair that is not attached on the sides of her body and a rainbow beard on the bottom of her
head. Her eyes are white with a black pupil in each eye and the left eye is smaller than the right
eye and the eyes are ovals.
miller monster.png
The Scary monster by: Owen
The scary monster has hair that is red and a stripe of blue. Its head is blue and round. He has
a big red oval shaped eye and has a small eye that’s red and oval shaped too. It has no nose.
His mouth is green and white. He only has one arm with 3 fingers. His body is orange and a
square and not filled in.
Owen monster.png
The scary monster by Sam

My monster has blue hair, a big white body which is the same thing as the head with red
outline and gray arms with lots of black fingers. His two big eyes are green and his pupils are
dark red just like the body. His mouth is black and red with lots of teeth. His three legs are black
with red polka dots, lots of them.
monster sam.png
Umbareon By: Arya
My monster has no hair. It has a body that is oval and turquoise. The head
is a sideways oval. Its eyes are purple roundish squares. The nose is under the eyes. The nose
is V shaped. A line connects the nose and mouth. The mouth is two U’s together. The ears are
triangles that are turquoise. The tail is curved to the right and purple. At the top of the tail is a
purple triangle. The legs are two purple sticks.
Arya monstr.png
*1617-Ho-SPSredraw-UmbareonbyArya 2.jpg
My Monster by: Evie
Coming soon!
monster Evie.png