Mrs. Pascual (Teuchert) Second Grade Class

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Redrawn Picture
Lisa by Abby

Its name is Lisa. She has a green triangle body.
She has red curly hair. She has two red paint splatters
for eyes with two black pupils. She has four fat purple
arms. She has eight small green legs. Her mouth is a
purple blob.
monster abby.PNG
scse ben partner project.jpg
Death Monster

My monster’s head is a blue star which is also her
body. The eyes are gray, spiral and bleeding. The
mouth has sharp white teeth. There are two pink
striped stick legs. There is no nose.
mostre Brooke.png
scse kathleen partner project.jpg
Swimmer By Caroline

My monster’s name is swimmer, and her fur is white.
She is very cute. Her head is a circle. She has gray
puppy ears. Her eyes are gray lines. Her nose is a
pink line her mouth is an animal smile connected to
her nose. Her body is a floppy oval. She has a pink
shirt with a pink flower on it. Her arms are floppy
ovals. She also has floppy oval legs. Now you
know my monster!
monster caroline.png
scse arianna partner project.jpg
Albert by Charlie

My monster is green and has light green slime on
top. It has an army helmet with a white card on it.
It has two red eyes with a scar on one eye. It loves
the swamp and it`s a carnivore. It has four green
flippers that you can’t see because it keeps most
of his body under the water. It looks like an army
gator. There are black lines under the eyes to
look like the snout. He cheers for the gators. And
his name, well is crazy, it`s Albert!!!! There are
swamp trees in the background.
charlie monster.png
Human monster by Conner
My monster has a multi-colored oval body with an
orange star on his stomach. He has two tan short
arms with a white shoe in his left hand. He has an
orange head with two blue eyes and a white line
as a mouth. He has two tan skinny legs. The
background is blue with a yellow sun.
conner moster.png
Cute monster by Gabrielle

My monster’s body is black. My monster is an oval.
His ears are pink. His arms are purple. His arms
look like robot arms. His mouth is red. His nose is
a rainbow color. His eyes are tiny and pink. It has
flat legs.
muster gabrielle.png
scse charlie partner project.jpg
The body is a red hexagon. My Monster has
four eye brows that come together that are red.
He has four different sized teeth that are sharp and
white. Its eyes are half circles. It has two blue arms
that have black fingers that are triangles. There are
two on each arm. He has two reddish purple legs.
monster gavin.PNG
scse aanyaprojectpartner.jpg
My Monster by Isabelle
My monster has a black body and thin blue hair. His
eyes are half oval, and they’re black with one spiky
eye lash. His body is square. My monster is a shadow.
He has a white pointy beard. His arms are yellow
decoration and it’s the same with the legs. The
background is black so he is camouflaged.
monster isabelle.png
scse anais partner project.jpg
Weirdy by Jack
My monster has a big round black body. My monster’s
hair is spikey blue with three spikes. One of his eyes is
big and round the other is tall and oval. His mouth is all
bloody. His legs are long and thin. His nose has snot
dripping down his disgusting nose and its nose is white
and round. He has many arms that are long and thin.
Well I hope you can build my monster. Bye!
monster jack.PNG
scse simone partner project2.jpg
My Monster by Jackson J.
My monster body color is white and is shaped like a
circle. The color of his two eyes are black. They are
oval. He does not have hair. He has a large brown hat
with a tail. He has no fingers. He has no legs and
hands. He has 14 red dots to make him bleed.
The color is red for his mouth. My monster is a mean
monster. It eats meat. It comes out at the night. It loves
jackson monster.png
My Monster By: Julianne

My monster has a circle head that is a neon rainbow.
My monster is also bald. It has two big, oval eyes that
are green with white pupils. My monster has four sharp,
white big teeth below its nose. My monster is sort of scary
and it has six, purple, stick legs. Its nose is a medium sized
black splat in between the eyes. Also it has three, mint
green arms. The arm in the middle is big and wide and the
arms on the outside are small stick like arms. Finally my
monster has no body.
Julianne's Monster.png
Swag by Justin

My monster is red with a circled body. He has a brown
Mohawk. He has long stick gray legs and arms. He is
wearing black sunglasses and a black smile.
monster justin.PNG
Kate by Keegan
My monster’s name is Kate. First make a heart. Then
draw two happy eyes. Then draw a c for the nose and
a happy mouth. Then draw an arm. Then draw a light
blue ponytail on the right side of the heart and put lilac
stars on it. On the left side put three light pink flowers.
Then draw two shoes and you are done.
monster keegan.jpg
scse philip partner project.jpg
Bloody By Lauren
Bloody is a happy monster. My monster has a red upside
down triangle body. He has two triangle red arms. He has
a black mouth. He has three teeth that are red outlined in
black. He has no hair and white eyes. They are shaped
like an oval and a circle. The pupils are blue. Bloody is so
loud! There is a background, but I just want to see the
Lauren Monstre.png
My Monster by Leighton

My monster has a red ovalish body. It has a round red head. It
has six little reddish pinkish spikes for hair. It has longish red
arms. It has ovalish black and white eyes. It does not have any
nose. It has red skinny legs. It is always cute, nice, and happy.
Its mouth is a whitish pinkish curved line. His name is Elmo!
leighton monster.png
Crazy Monster by Cole
Crazy monster has a rainbow star body with a blue outline
and red lines coming up from the two bottom points. The
red lines are attached to four maroon arms with pink
snowflakes. He has two black dots for eyes and two small
gray lines for legs. For hair he has a big blue circle with
yellow dots.
monster Cole.png
scse sam partner project 5.jpg
Funky Monster by Naomi
My monster has no hair. His head is an oval that is white
outlined in black. My monster has a blue plate above the
body. His tiny body is a purple star in-between the two faded,
fat, golden legs. The inside of the star is the color fuscia. It
has two green eyes with blue pupils. He has two light blue
leaves next to his eyes. His arms are purple, and he has
green, blue, and red hands. He has a gray line for his mouth.
He has an indigo mustache and beard that are surrounding
the mouth. He has a yellow paint splatter for a nose.
Naomi monster.png
scse reina .jpg
My Monster by Nessa
My monster’s body color is a mix of blue and green. There
are three circular ovals for my body and my head. My monster
has no hair so it is hairless. It is also armless. It has no nose
on its head. The eyes are black ovals with tiny white dots on
the inside. One of the eyes is big and the other is small. My
monster has no mouth but it still can talk. My monster has
eight pink dots on its body. It has orange crooked legs and
orange crooked antennae. Also my monster lives on the grass
with a few trees. My monster is a nice and sweet monster.
monster nessa.PNG
scse simone partner project.jpg
Creepy monster by Oliver
Its body is a neon green circle. (Its body is also its head.) It has
rainbow hair. Its arms and legs are green and fat. Its mouth is a
dark green oval with white fangs. It is big. It is very fat. It is scary.
It does not have a nose. The background is black with green grass.
Oliver Monster.png
Heart Monster by Ria

My monster has a heart body that’s pink. My monster’s hair is
hearts that are pink with light green dots. My monster has light
pink heart legs. My monster has two black eyes. My monster has
bubble eyebrows. My monster has a red mouth and inside it has
dark red.
monster ria.jpg
scse sam partner project.jpg
My Monster by TatumMy monster has a white heart body outlined in blue. He has two eyes that are
blue. One eye is bigger than the other. My monster has two arms and two legs.
It has a mouth under the eyes that’s pink. He has a tongue that is attached to the mouth.
Tatum Monster.jpg
scse philip partner project 2.jpg