Mrs. Pascual (Gentry) Second Grade Class

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Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Carson Jr. By Carson
He has a big purple oval head. His four eyes are purple
with a black mask around them. His gray shoulders
are touching the left and right sides of his head, and
his neck is pink. Carson Jr has a green stringy wig on
his head and shoulders. His mouth is pink with two
gray lines for teeth. He is cold blooded.
carson monster.png
Austin Partner.jpg
Evelyn’s cutie monsterMy monster has a hot pink heart for a body with two
black balloon splats as eyes. She also has three light
blue sticks as hair. She has no mouth. For the legs, she
has red sticks. One is fat and one is thinJ!!
Evie monster.png
Joshua Partner.jpg
Jhyijttihjoitiyohjtjhioytiyho by EasonHe has a pentagon head that is outlined by black and
has three lines in his face. Two are vertical, and one is
horizontal. He has 3 pentagon shaped eyes that are fully
black. He has 2 straight black arms and 4 bright green
legs that are skinny and straight.
Pie Partner.jpg
Fluff Ball by Paige Fluff Ball has a brownish, tan, fluffy body. He has big,
light blue, dark blue on the inside of his eyes. He has
pink and red on the inside of his mouth under his eyes.
He also has a blue, long tail with a blue ball at the end.
He has two pentagon ears. One is green and the right
one is maroon. He also has two bright green legs the left
leg is bigger than the other.
monster paige.PNG
Graham Partner.jpg
Grover monster by CamrynMy monster has a head for a body and his body is all
purple. His head is like a triangle. He has big blue half
circle outlined eyes with blue pupils and two pointy wide
purple spikes for hair. He has a straight blue line for a
mouth with 2 purple pointy teeth sticking up on each side
outlined in blue. He has 2 short gray arms on the top side
of his purple body. Also he has 2 short gray legs on the
bottom of his purple body.
camryn monster.png
Harper Partner.jpg
The Monster Insides by ElleThe body is a beige oval with a smaller aqua oval inside.
The insides are showing. They are pink squiqqles and
splatters of pink. There is 1 in the middle and a big splatter
at the bottom with gray under it and a light coat of gray
over the big pink splatter at the bottom. The face is an
aqua colored triangle. It has 1 eye that is a pink line with a
white line inside the pink line. It has 2 beige triangle arms
with 2 aqua colored triangles at the edge of the beige
triangles and no legs or hands.
Elle monster.png
Kate’s Rainbowhaired monster
My monster has a hot pink heart head at the top of the page
but enough space for the long straight rainbow hair. It has
two circle black eyes and a teal green paint splat for a mouth.
It has a light blue star body that touches the head and
bottom of the screen.
kate monster.png
Brooklyn Partner.jpg
heJADORABLEJ monster
By: Madison
The adorable monster has a round, small, pink body. She
has two black eyes; one yellow, small beak, and two,
medium, yellow wings with one heart in each of the wings.
How could I forget, she has two black, long eyelashes. Last,
she has two, small, badge Wadley feet.
Madison monster.jpg
York Partner.jpg
Fruit monster by Adrian
He has a hexagon red body he also has two purple arms.
He has peach colored fruit splattered on his body. He has
two little short skinny legs that are red. He also has a bright
red round head with a black beard on his chin. He also has
no pupils and has a strip of black for hair on top of his head.
monster adrian.PNG
Sophia Partner.jpg
Bob by ChelseaHe has Pentagon body with a thick black outline and blue
inside. He has a light blue round head with a white mouth
that is a straight line and dark gray eyes. His eyebrows are
slanted down and he has light gray horns. He has purple,
pink, red, yellow, and green arms and legs and a red
monster chelsea.PNG
Cannon Partner.jpg
My Monster by Caleigh
Her name is Lilly. She has a blue pentagon body. She has
a yellow smile on her face. She has white eyes with a tiny
black dots in the middle of the white of her eyes. She has
2 eyes. She has 2 rainbow hands and arms 1 on each side.
She has 2 horns on 1 side and 2 on the other side. The
horns are green. She has no legs.
caleigh monster.jpg
Cannon resized.jpg
My Monster by Gavin

His name is goooooooooonnnnnn!!!!!!!!! He is half robot half
monster. He has a half light red head and he has a light
blue nose and eyes and mouth. He has the left half of his
head that is white and a lite brown for the face and his
mouth and his eyes and nose are all black. His body is an
oval and it is all red. Half is painted white. There is an upside
down blue triangle in the middle and two lines going down
and two more blue lines crisscross above the triangle. One
leg and an arm on the left are light blue and the right leg
and arm are white.
monster gavin.PNG
Emmie Partner.jpg
Cotton candy monster
By Felicia Lie
She has a round yellow head and a triangle blue dress. She
has blue eyes and a red mouth. She has rainbow cotton
candy long hair to the one side. Rainbow cotton candy rain
drops are falling from the rainbow sky, and she is catching it
and putting it in a rainbow bag. She has no legs. She is
standing on green grass.
monster felicia.PNG
Olivia partner.jpg
My Monster by Alex My monster, Spiky, has a big, green body shaped like a
pentagon. He has 13 long, red arms and a red skinny straight
neck. His head is completely black and round. He has 2 creepy,
red round eyes. He has a mouth shaped like a red V. Spiky
has 2 red legs like he is haunting someone.
monster alex.PNG
Tabb Partner.jpg
My Monster by Logan
My monster has a big blue heart for his body. He has a big
green oval for his head. My monster has a medium sized star
neck and it is black. His arms are tan and they curve but
when it curves it is pink and the arms are coming out of his
neck and also doesn’t have any fingers. My monster has no
hair. My monster has big red eyes and a big red mouth. My
monster has two pink squiggly legs. He also doesn’t have a
monster logan.PNG
Jamie Partner 2.jpg
Noah Jr.
My monster has rainbow hair and a rainbow mouth. He
also has an aqua oval head that is sideways and red star
eyes. He has a blue square body with 3D crab legs.
Noah Monster.png
Rankin Partner.jpg
Shapey monster
by Raghav
My monster has a small, red square for his body. He has a
smaller blue square for his neck. He has a big blue circle
for his head. He has two black eyes with a purple glow
around it for eyes that are on the top of his head. He has
two red circles stacked vertically on both sides of his head
for ears. He has gray, short hair that starts at one ear and
goes around the top of his head and stops at the other ear.
He has a black zigzag line across the bottom of his head for
his mouth. He has a skinny line on both sides of the red
square in the middle of the top and bottom diagonally going
down. He has pentagons on the end of the skinny line for
hands. On the bottom of the red square for the body are two
skinny lines going vertically down for legs. He has stars at
the ends of the skinny lines on his legs for feet.
raghav monster.png
Natalie Partner.jpg
The Cold Monster
by Karly Frakes
The Cold Monster has a triangle, greenish blue body. She
has 1 circle purple head and green greasy grassy hair that
is short. She has one big yellow eye with a black dot in the
middle of the eye and the whole eye is in the middle of the
forehead. She has a black and white rectangle striped mouth
on the bottom of the head. She has blue, heart cheeks with
snowflakes on the inside. She has 2 long pink straight arms
on the side of the triangle and 2 long thin straight purple legs
on the bottom of the triangle.
Karly monster.png
Kate Partner.jpg
The giant monster By Daniel
My Monster has a giant star body that is light blue. He has a
circle head with an arm that goes across the monster’s body
that is dark blue and two eyes that are ovals that are green
on his head. It has a black flat hat with triangles that go down
his arm. With a triangle that is long, green, and has two little
wide triangles under and they are all facing up on his star body.
It has one black heart on his left foot. Last it has a white
Daniel monster.png
Lizzy prtner.jpg
The ninja monster by: Ilia L
My monster has a pentagon body that is filled with orange. He
is wearing a green mask and 2 golden eyes. He has 2 long
black arms with 3 red fingers on each. He has 2 red long legs.
He is standing on a gray road.
Ilia monster.png
Pie Partner 2.jpg