Mrs. Pascual (Gardner) Second Grade Class

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Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
My Monster by Sophia.
This monster has a square head. It has two red arms and red legs.
It has two black and white eyes. It has one mouth and black skin,
and she is happy.
sophia monstr.png
1 sophia.jpg
My monster by. Ella
My monster has a big green circle for a body. It has 8, pink,
short legs. It has yellow eyebrows and black and sneaky eyes. It
has 3 white teeth and 2 black teeth. It has no hair. It is
surrounded by balloons and jelly beans in the background.
ella monster.png
2 Ella.jpg
My monsters by Harold

He has no hair. He is a blue circle and has two stick legs. His
head has 3 large eyes. His mouth is a blue and white star. His friend
is shaped like a star and has one eye and no mouth. His legs are
large skinny red and white triangles.
harris monstree.png
3 Harold.jpg
Heart monster by Riley

It has a heart shaped body that’s pink. It has no hair. It has eyes
that are black and round and have no pupils. It has one big eye and
one small eye. The mouth is shaped as a u and the mouth of the
monster color is green. The monster’s arms are straight gray long
arms. The legs are light green and short and straight. It has no nose.
riley monster.png

My Monster by John

My monster has a red triangle body with two short green legs. My
monster has two yellow long arms. My monster has an eye that is
black and white on the middle of the red triangle.
john monster.png
5 john.jpg
My spiky monster
By: Aaron
My monster has a wavy red body with fuzzy orange spots and thin
orange hair scattered across the body. He has a circular orange face.
He has a big black circle eye that is towards the front of the face but
not touching the front of the face. He has a horizontal black mouth
about half into his face. He has no hair on his head. He has four tan
furry legs. There is a gray background.
aaron monster.png
6 Aaron.jpg
My crazy monster called “Chompy”
By Alice
Chompy has a head for a body in the shape of an upside down
triangle with the color black. He has yellow and gray eyes and
a brown mouth. Chompy has four arms. Each one has one green
dot on it. Chompy has two legs, each leg has one blue dot. He
has very spikey red hair. Chompy has no nose and he eats jelly
beans and money. Chompy loves to drink paint. He likes green paint
the most. His arms and legs are thin. Chompy’s brown mouth is
not open much. His background is light and dark brown. He talks
like a cricket all the time. Chompy has no fingers or toes.
alice monster.png
My minion monster by Brooklynn
She has a rainbow circle with a pink outline for a body/head. She
has 4 long black legs. She has no nose. She has 1 big circle white eye
with a black pupil. Her mouth is a straight small black line.
brooklynn monster.png
8 brooklyn.jpg
My monster by Kevin
My monster has a dark magenta circle body (which is its head too)
with two white freckles on the middle of the right side of him. He has one
eye that starts out very light pink on the outside and its white on the inside
with a grey pupil. He has two long mint green arms and two legs. He has
dark red lips and five translucent white teeth with three on the top and two
on the bottom. There is a yellow orange background.
Kevin monster.png
9 kevin.jpg
Furry Monster by Grace
My monster has a round aqua head. It has 2 white eyes with 2 black
diagonal pupils inside the eyes. The eyes are placed on top of its head.
It has 1 white fluffy tail on the left side of the monster and 2 short black
legs on the bottom of the monster.
grace monster.png
My Rich Monster
By: Adam
My monster has black rectangular head and no body. It has blackish
skin and black splattered hair. It has 5 eyes that look like a roads on top
of a white rectangle. It has 3,000 teeth that are multi-colored balloons. It
has no nose and 10,000,000 coins above the teeth. It has two gray short
legs and two black splattered short arms. It is crazy and weird!
11 Adam.jpg
By Ryan
My Monster has a blue triangle body. He has Rainbow hair that is not
attached to the Monster. It has one oval eye with a pink pupil on it. He
has rectangular dark purple legs. The background is aqua.
12 ryan.jpg
The cat monster

By Devon

My monster has an orange circler body with two round red ears on top
of his body. He has two black rectangle eyes right under the ears and
one upside down heart as a nose. His mouth is made up of one horizontal
line and two diagonal lines that touch at the top. Under the body there are
two red, fat, rounded feet that look like paws both of them have stars in
the middle. He has one tail that is lime green with one star.
Devon monster.png
13 devon.jpg
By Jack .
My tricky monster has a long black body and has three heads, two are
square and 1 rounded. My monster has six, black, skinny, long legs/arms
and triangle hair. It has three rounded eyes.
14. Jack.jpg
Love Monster

By Molly
My monster has a square body with a pink dotty background and is
covered in hearts on its belly. The head is a black pentagon. It has one tiny
pink eye and one big pink eye. It has no mouth. It has two spindly black legs.
The arms are pink with swirls at the end. It has a short tail that is pink.
molly's monster.png
15 molly.jpg
My monster has a teal circle head, no body, no arms, and a big black nose.
It has no legs or arms. It has Purple thin spiky and hair 10 black and white
eyes. It has a red smile.
monster katie.PNG

My monster has a triangle shape body. He has bent like forks for his legs.
He has cheese and pepperoni on his chest .He has black shades on. His arms
are very squiggly. My monster has no hair.

By Brody
monster brody.PNG

Sam monster
My monster has a big black body which is a circle. It has no hair at all. It
has two red crooked eyes. It has two long red legs. It has big long blue legs.
It has big yellow circle mouth. It has a big black had. It has no nose. It has
very tall and fat. It has five teeth.
sam monster.png

My Spiky Monster by Ben

It looks a bit like a lobster. The body is an upside down bright red
triangle with a bright red triangle tail. It has ten black eyes on its body.
It has 8 dark red legs; four on each side of the body. It has dark red
spiky hair and two long arms with lines across for hands.
ben monster.png

My Monster by Maddie
My monster has just the bottom of a yellow triangle for a body. His
head is a yellow square and his eye is a little light blue dot. His
mouth is a light blue half circle. My monster is also kind of crazy
colorful cute funny cool nice and really scary. His legs are slanted
to the right and they are thin yellow lines. My monster does not
have a nose. My monster has a short dark purple line for an arm
on the right with two fingers that are close but not attached to
the arm on the right point of the body.
maddie monster.png