Mrs. Pascual (Cervi) Second Grade Class

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Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
My Monster by Anthony

My monster has a black, circle outlined body with white inside.
He has 2 bubbly legs and 2 coin-like arms. He has long, pink,
wavy hair. The hair crosses over itself 7 times. He has 1 blue
and 1 green eye and a gray and pink mouth.
anthony monster.png
By Cillian
My monster’s name is Squidgy. His head is purple blue and
is shaped like a circle. He has 7 tentacles. He is cute. He
has 3 eyes. One is round and two are oval. They are white
with purple pupils. He has a small body that is round and purple.
cillian monster.png
My Monster by Andrew

My monster (fluffy) has three dog like heads with oval eyes
on the heads. They have cheerful happy faces. He has a long
necks connected to a dog like oval body that is brown. He has
3 big black noses. He has four brown skinny legs.
andrew monter.png
Horns has a big round red body. He has 2 oval eyes that are
black and red with slanted black eyebrows that are very thin.
He has 2 arms on each side that are shaped like devils’ horns.
He has a medium sized mouth that is black in the shape of a
circle. It is on the right side. He has no nose. He has two legs
that are red and short. He has a big black afro.
By. Asher horns
asher monster.png
Orange star monster by Ava
My monster is an orange star with no nose and a red mouth. It
has two googly eyes that are white and black. It has two
rectangular teeth. It has no hair.
ava monstr.png
My Monster by Eli
It is a shape of a hot air balloon. It has a mouth that is a train
track and behind it is green. It has a red circle around it. It has
two brown circle eyes with blue oval pupils.
monster eli.PNG
1617sjs2 kira eli.png
Grace I

My monster is nice. The head is a purple small star with no
hair at the top. It has two black and white eyes and one small
Blue nose. It has a hot pink background with a rainbow
surrounding it as a shield.
grace i monster.png
My Monster By: Hayden Campbell
It is a reddish brownish circle with yellow lines on its face. It
has red oval eyes. It has a Blue star nose. It has two red arms
with blue pentagon hands. It has four fluffy pink wings. It has a
red tail with a pink ball on it. It has green triangular horns. It has
no mouth.
monster hayden.PNG
Big crazy monster by: Jack

My monster is a red star with two big yellow ears that are
outlined. He has a small green Mohawk on the top of his head.
He has six green eyes that are splats, three are on the top, two
are on the sides and one is on the left bottom corner. He has a
thick shady yellow smile on the middle of his face. He has two
green arms. One’s thick and one’s thin. He has two blue legs. One’s
thin and one’s thick.
jack monster.png
My Monster by KK
My monster has a head that is round and pink.
It has two big black eyes. Its mouth is a deep red line curving in a
smile. Its hair is pink with blue zigzags and long. It has no legs,
arms and no nose.
monster kaitlyn.png
My monster by Lena.
My monster has an upside down trapezoid head. The middle is
dark blue and light blue. On the left of the head is dark squiggly
red hair. Right side of the head is light squiggly red hair. The hair
goes down. My monster has three vertical oval eyes. One golden
line on each eye. My monster has no arms. My monster’s nose is
an oval that is squiggly. The mouth is a pink line left to right. The
stomach is three squares that are on each other. The stomach’s
color is dark purple. The legs are straight and the leg color is light
purple. The right foot is a skinny triangle. The left foot is a fat triangle.
Lena monster.png
Monster by Quinn

This is my monster. He has a square blue body. He has two long
pink arms coming out of his stomach! My monster has four blue
oval eyes on his gray outlined head. He ate too many jelly beans
that you can see coming out of his stomach. And you can see his
blue outlined mouth wide open because he was eating too many
jelly beans. He has pink legs. His name is jelly bean eater.
quinn monster.png
My Monster by Sarah Kate
My monster has a green body shaped like a hexagon and has
straight dark purple and light blue stripes on its body. Her hair is
light blue and is straight. She has one yellow head that is in the
shape of a circle and has two dark pink eyes that are small dots
and a curved orange mouth on her face. She has two long straight
arms that are peach connected to her body with no fingers. She
has no feet.
Monster Sarahkate.png
16177sjs2 Morgan-Sarah.png
Purple Ball Monster by Vanessa

My monster has a round purple head. He has a purple round
body. He has orange crazy hair that is wiggly. He has two reddish
eyes and a reddish U mouth smiling. He is funny. His legs are
shaped like Ls. He has a reddish dot for his nose. He has skinny
straight arms. That is how my monster is.
Moster Vanessa.png
My monster by Jakob:
It is big and red with a circle head. It also has six blue long squiggly
arms. It has no nose. It has four gray legs. It is mean and angry.
It has a blue mouth with blue teeth. It has for black, small eyes. It
has no hair. The head is the body.
Monster Jakob.png
My Monster by Matthew

My monster is cute not creepy. His name is Kirby. He has no hair
at all. His body is a hot pink circle. He is big. His head is his body.
(Use paint till second period) He has red eyes. His pupils are
black with white dots. The left one is on the left side the right
one is on the left corner (the pupil). His legs are ovals that are
red. His mouth is a half circle that is also red (not a shape use
a paint brush). His arms are circles at eye height. He has 2 arms,
2 legs, 1 mouth, 2 eyes, and 1 circle, so make it! (He has no nose).
matthews monster.png
Rainbow monster by Abbey
My monster has rainbow short hair. She has three purple eyes
with three brown eye brows over her three purple eyes. My
monster has a circular pink head. She also has a purple curved
mouth and one purple dot as a nose. My monster has no legs
no arms and no body.
Abbey monster.png
The clumsy monster by: Riley

My monster has a big Purple Heart shaped body and a round
pink head. She has three dark purple pentagon eyes above her
square light pink mouth and three fat tan strips of hair. Her arms
are blue pointed in zigzag lines three times, one on each side of
her body. Lastly, she has two big light blue triangle feet.
Monster Riley.png
My Monster by Eliana

My monster has no body and no arms. It has a purple and circle
head with a black pimple on the right side. It has short, green hair.
It has two eyes. One eye is little [left] another is big [right]. The
color is light blue with a little black dot in the middle. It has a little
dark green smile, and it has little orange splat legs with purple
oval feet.
eliana monster.png
My Monster by Grace D

My monster has a dark blue circle body with two diagonal light blue
arms and two yellow heart shaped hands. It has no feet, and its
head is a triangle that is purple and is filled with light green. Each
corner has a rainbow. It has a dark green triangle nose and two
round dark green eyes with black pupils. It has a dark green mouth
with white scribbles in it. It has dark green straight hair.
monster grace d.PNG
12 Arms by Sebastian.
My monster is a maroon circle. He has 1 white and yellow oval eye in the
center with a black mad eyebrow above it. It also has 12 arms with fists
and 2 antenna on top of his head. He has 4 legs underneath his body. He
has 3 bloody teeth under the eye, and the background of the picture is
yellow. He has no nose.
He’s the top predator!
Sebastian Monster!!!!!!!.png
My Monster by Jackson

My monster’s body is red and oval with a blue dot in it. His head is red and
circular and a little bit bigger than his body. It has a small and straight purple
Mohawk on top of his head. Its two eyes are blue circles with white pupils.
In his mouth he has six big white teeth that are separated by black lines.
His 2 legs are thin, straight and orange. His nose is light green and
triangular. His two arms are long, straight and light green.
1617sjs2 Nicholas-Jackson.png