Mrs. Pascual (Baer) Second Grade Class

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Redrawn Picture
By ben my monster.
My monster is a boy. He has a big head. He has two shades
of gray on his head and one big gray eyeball. His head is an
oval. My monster has a black oval body that is surrounded
with yellow. He has two yellow legs and two yellow arms.
There is a yellow squiggle at the bottom of his body.
ben monster.png
Hearty by: Emmeline
My monster is a medium sized dark pink shaped heart with
a light pink outline around it. The eyes are light purple right in
the top middle of the heart. The nose is very little and is light
blue right in the middle of the heart. The mouth is a smile
with no teeth and dark blue towards the bottom of the heart.
Emmelime monster.png
Monster by Veer
My monster has a purple oval head that has two gray eyes
and short blue lines on its cheeks. It has gray arms in the
middle, and there are pink lines coming off his gray arms.
In the arm pits it has a lilac and green lines. In the left arm
it has a blue ball, in the left a sword. It has a rainbow body
and in the middle there is a splat of purple paint. It has a
blue pattern legs and on the sides it has green squiggly
lines next to the legs.
veer monster.png
My monster has a stick body; it’s purple. He has two purple
beady eyes and a mouth. His head is green and red and
shaped like an oval.

My Monster by Pier
pier monster.png
My monster by Flynn
My monster has a circle shaped head that is tan with black
spikes surrounding it. He has 2 eyes that are white with large
blackish greyish pupils. He has 3 teeth sticking out together
in the middle. He has a smile. His fur is tan.
flnn monster.png
My monster by Bryanna
My monster has one eye that is a white dot and a black dot
on top. He has a layer of light blue hair and another layer of
gray hair. He has rainbow arms and no hands. He has railroad
legs but no toes. His head color is greenish blueish and
shaped like a long flat hexagon.
Bryanna the Monster.png
My monster by Daphne
My monster’s body is a hot pink star. She has 2 long hot pink
legs. She has no arms. She has a sky blue mouth with a smile.
She has the same size eyes. The background of the eyes are
white with a black dot in the middle. The background is the
same color blue as the mouth and the mouth is sky blue.
Daphne Monster.png
My monster by Elise
My monster has a lots of spots in the body and they look like
blue paint spots. He has a pink head and it is a circle head and
very light black arms and legs. It has two blue eyes, one big
eye and one small eye. It has one rainbow horn. That is my
elise monster.png
My monster by Giada
My monster has a purple round head and an oval purple
round body. He has two long purple arms and he has no
hands. He has blood coming out of his arms. He has no legs.
He is wearing a hot pink crown on his head.
giada monster.png
My monster By John
It has a brown circle body and it eyes are inside its body. Its
eyes are medium, circle and gray and black. Its arms are red
and blue and they are strait. Its two legs are bridge shaped
and they are red. It has 2 heads they are brown and on the
left and right sides of the body. That is my monster.
john moster.png
My monster by JOHNNY…..My monster’s body is fuzzy, green, cute and deadly. It has 4
fat gooey brown heads. It has 4 mouths and 8 green eyes. He
has 4 brown hairy arms. HIS NAME IS AWESOME DUDE. And
lastly, he is a boy.
johnny monter.png
My Monster by Leopoldine

My Monster has a pink heart body and a blue round head. He
has two white eyes and a pink mouth. He has no arms and no
legs. He is surrounded by rainbows and pink snowflakes and
hearts. There are also four hot pink paint splatters.
leopoldine monster.png
My Monster by Lia
His body is a blue triangle. He has sharp light green legs. He has
one fat green arm attached to the left side of his body. Inside it
is green with two small red dots for eyes. He has a light blue V
for a mouth with a large dark blue mustache.
lia monster.jpg
My Monster by Maeve

My monster has a purple triangle body. It has 2 blue short arms
and 2 long green legs and pink hair. It has a pink smile on its
face. It has one black eye on its face. It dropped a pink ball out
of its left arm.
maeve monster.png
By Maya
My monster’s body is a triangle that is light blue. It has one
white eye and a black pupal inside at the top of its face in the
middle. It has no hair. It has two light blue arms that are not too
big. It has like a highlight type of blue legs. It has a red mouth
that is a straight line the line is not too big.
Maya monster.png
My Monster by Payton
My monster has a pink head that is a circle and two pink circle
eyes and a pink circle nose. She has a half of a rainbow smile
that is purple. She has rainbow hair and two rainbow arms with
a blue triangular dress.
payton monster.png
My monster By Sophia
My monster has a big purple hexagon body and two black
eyes. It has one round nose that is black. It has two pink arms
and two pink legs. Also it has one black smiling mouth.
sophia monster.png
My Monster by Teddy

My monster has a blue pentagon body with two green line
arms with two circle hands that are green. He has two green
line legs with two triangle feet and eight toes that are all green.
His head is green and circular. Next he has a red unibrow with
9 black eyes and red girl hair with facial hair and a red goatee
with a red mouth.

My monster has one triangular body. The triangle has yellow
and black stripes. It has one white eye in the middle. The eye
is shooting a yellow laser left. It has five thin gray legs that the
wind is blowing diagonally right. There are three long gray streaks
slanted upward connected to the monster. It also has three long
yellow streaks that are the same size as the gray streaks and
they are also slanted upward connected to the monster. The
order that the long gray and yellow streaks go is: gray, yellow,
gray, and yellow, gray, yellow.
Westley monster.png
My Monster by Melissa
My monster has a yellow square body and orange rectangles
as legs and two red oval feet. One foot is bigger than the other.
She has two yellow oval knees; she also has two skinny orange
arms. She does not have any hands. Its head is shaped like an
orange pentagon with spikey orange thin hair on the top of its
head. My monster has two heart shaped ears that are pink. My
monster’s arms are connected to its head. Its mouth is thick and
red. My monster’s eyes are big and white, and it has pupils that
are black. One is bigger than another.
Melissa monster.png
My monster by: Blake
My monster is green with two red stripes going up and down. He
has too big red eyes. He has two red shoes. My monster has a
glove on his hand and he also has a baseball bat in its other hand.
blake monster.png
My Monster by BRAEDEN
My monster has a white rectangular head with two black eyes and
white pupils. He has a tan hat on his head. He a gray stick body with
two blue boxes on either side. He has gray arms and legs. He has
blue shoes with cleats. One hand is holding a baseball. The other
hand is holding a baseball glove with a blue paint splatter.
braeden monster.png