Mrs. Rebman and Dr. Baralt's Third Grade Class

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Flashie Fianca
By Alex

My monster has a round, white head and has two slimy, white horns. They are outlined black. She has two black eyes each with two eyelashes. She has a wet black dot for a nose and two orange blushie cheeks. She has four perfect white teeth that are sharp as razors. She has a pink, outlined with black heart for a body and if you brush her body you will get a splinter. Her arms are as soft as a blanket and very light blue. Her hands are rough and orange. She has a dark, red skirt outlined with black and purple legs and feet that are outlined with black. Her power is to curse other monsters to love her. She does not have any wings but she wishes to fly. She loves makeup and uses it every day. Everything is connected to her body.
Flashie Fianca is very greedy and gets everything she wants without paying! She is very rich with monster money and she doesn't have to spend any. She has a no brothers or sisters she only has a greedy mom. Her mom and Flashy Fianca are very alike. They are kind of like the stepsisters in Cinderella. She loves gold and the covers on her bunk-bed are made of llama hair. She loves fuzzy stuff because she wears it every day! Her pillow is shaped as her and her stuffed animal looks exactly like her. She is the most famous monster in the monster world. She has a poster of the famous monster Justin Bieber. She has a jewelry box made out of carrot gold. Her stuff is all fuzzy and she likes that. She is the most sassy monster in the town.
By Bijoy

My monster’s name is Potato. Potato has a big, dark red, oval head with 6 black round eyes with white pupils. The eyes are in two rows of three. It has a large pink oval for a mouth with 15 white dots for teeth. Eight teeth on the top, seven teeth on the bottom. The head is located in the upper middle of the page. The body is a dark blue circle with orange pants with red polka dots. His belly is big and fat. His arms are green and huge with four long black claws on each arm to scare of people at night. His legs are long, fat and yellow and he is wearing green shoes. His mood is happy and sometime sad, he doesn’t like people so he gets really mad. My monster always has fun but he needs to rest before sunlight.
Boobly JR.
By Braden

My monster’s name is Boobly JR. He has a filled-in, fat, flat, blue, square chest. On top of his chest he has a smaller, shaded-in, orange triangle head with a dark orange outline. On each side of his head he has two filled-in, green, fat, bumpy, S-shaped horns. On each side of his chest he has one skinny, wiggly, filled-in, red tentacle. Under his chest he has two, outlined, brown, rhombus shaped legs. In the top of his head he has one, filled-in, yellow circle eye with a really small black dot in the center of it. A little bit under the eye he has two, filled in,white, triangle, sharp fangs outlined with red on the top. Last but not least he has one, filled-in, pink, round, blushy cheek on each side of his teeth.
Gobble The Monster
By: Clark

My monsters name is Gobble because he looks like a turkey without feathers! He has a tan,medium- sized horizontal, oval head along with an orange neck, made with two lines. His only eye is made- up of a small triangle and one small-ish pupil in the middle of his head. For his teeth, he has two red triangles connected at the bottom, and two, grey, little dots to resemble the teeth. He has a big, black, oval body, alongside two gray arms made up with two short lines, on each side. Now for the feet and legs, he has three darker-tan line legs with three small black lines for toes on each leg.
Lotus Opalpuff
By Coco
My monster, Lotus Opalpuff, has a small, round, light blue head. It is near the left side of the page. Her body is anoval and the same color. The oval is slightly larger than than the circle and sideways. The oval is in the middle of the page and is connected to the head. Both head and body are filled in. She has two arms. They are thin rectangles that are filled in with light blue placed on both left and right sides of the body. On the top of her head she has two cat-like ears, like triangles. They are filled in with the same light blue. In between the ears is a magenta unicorn horn. It is only outlined with magenta. She has two dark slightly large blue dots as eyes, and a small red triangle for a nose. Beneath the nose and eyes is a light pink circle for a mouth. The nose, mouth, and eyes are filled in. On the right end of of the oval body is a big light green mermaid-like fish tail. It is filled in.
Mrs. Fluffernutter
By Elle

My monster name is Mrs. Fluffernutter. She has a heart outlined in red as a head and inside she has two small red circles as eyes and a red straight line for the mouth. She has six orange, yellow and red circles on top of her head for hair and inside the circles are nine dots. She has a diamond as a stomach that is outlined in purple and there is a circle in her stomach that is blue with nine dots in the circle. She also has a stick hands that are light blue. She has stick legs that are green and her shoes are circles that have nine dots in it and they are blue.
By Ellen

My monster’s name is Finn. Finn has a blue, round, up and down ovalish body. He also has black and orange stripes around the inside of his body. He has one eye on the inside slightly under the tiger stripes. Then under his eye fill in his body with dark blue. After you fill in the body with blue, draw an oval white mouth then draw jagged or pointy teeth inside the mouth. There should be a little white space under the mouth. Fill in that space with dark blue. Then draw two smallish, longish legs and draw two feet on the two legs. On the feet draw three black toenails on each toe and fill in the legs with dark blue. Then fill the toenails with black. Then draw two blue arms on either side of the body apart from the center. Fill in the arms with dark blue. On the two arms draw three finger nails. Fill the fingernails with black. On top of the two arms draw two big, blue wings on either side. Fill the wings with dark blue. On the top of the body draw two black, curved horns. Fill the horns with black. Then you're all done drawing Finn!
By Garrison

My Monster, has a round circle-like, gray body outlined with black. Arri’s two eyes are simple black lines going right to left on his body. His mouth is a simple black filled-in circle on his body in the normal human mouth placement would be. On the top of his body there are three little straight black hairs. Arri’s legs have an L-shape, outlined black and filled in gray like the body. Arri’s two arms are black lines with little black filled-in circles at the end. Arri’s two ears are on the left and right side of his head. They are large. They are filled-in black and outlined black, they are pointy bat ears shaped like triangles.
By Hayden

My monsters name is Boo. He has a heart shaped body that is all dark pink, with a small, dark blue outlined star and a small light gray eye in the middle of the star. His head is a blue circle with two red eyes and a red mouth that makes his face. On top of his head he has 3 small yellow hairs. He also has 2 small green arms on the left side of his body and also 2 on the right side of his body.He has 4 small orange legs on his body, but he has no feet. He has no nose, horns or antenna. He also has no hands or wings.He is small because he is a kid and he is always in a good mood.He always has a smile on his face
By Idexa

My monsters name is Starbow. Starbow has a big circle filled in with light pink as a head in the lower middle of the page. Connected to the head, there is a small, horizontal, light light blue, rectangle as the body. Starbow loves to do Karate. She has a medium horizontal magenta band over a little part over her upper part of her head. Directly under that, there is a red band that is a little bit smaller than the first band. The last part of the band is dark purple and very, very smaller than the other bands. This part is so small it’s tiny but still visible. After a tiny space in about (But a little higher) than the middle, Starbow has two medium, same dark purple as the last band, star shaped eyes. For her pupils, She has tiny, dark grey, star shaped pupils in the middle of her star eyes. About a few centimeters under the eyes at the very very bottom of the head, touching the rectangular body, is a light light red, (Almost pink) medium sized, reflective, with lots of shadows, circle. Directly on top of that there is the EXACT SAME CIRCLE covering a little bit of the top of the circle under that one showing a little bit of perspective. Now right next to the bottom circle there are two circles on top but right next to the circle on the bottom. But the top circle is covering all the circles standing out neatly to help all the circles create the mouth. On the top a few centimeters next to the bow on each side, are to light orange tiny lines making a decoration on Starbow's head. Exactly the same but on the bottom are the same lines but just a darker orange. There! We finished the head! I don’t know how Starbow can walk if she doesn't have legs. Now on the bottom of the rectangle/body, there are three dark blue lines coming up to the middle of the body. Now the same color as the lines there are two of the same lines coming horizontally on each side of the rectangle. Directly under that there is the same line just light pink and pointing in a random different direction. On the right side, the arms are longer and pointing more in the same direction than the left side. Under the light pink arm is a bright red arm under the pretty pink arm pointing down in the opposite direction. Now there! You’re finished you can create a little army of Starbow's if you like with these instructions! Have fun!
By Isabella

My monster Valtine, has a big, pink, horizontal oval-shaped body outlined with red. Valtine has a small pink neck connected to the body. She also has a small heart outlined in red and filled in with pink on the neck for the head. Inside the head, she has two eyes in the middle of her head, outlined in red, filled in with a dark purple. She also has a straight red line for a mouth at the bottom of her face. Add two furry cat-like ears on the corners of the heart outlined in red and filled in with pink. At the bottom of the oval, add three cat-like legs outlined in red, filled in with pink. At the top of the head, add a dark red triangle that is filled and outlined with a dark red color.
By Mila

My monster’s name is Ruby. She has a big, round yellow head filled-in white. On the top of her head, she has 2 red antennas shaped like a V with 2 pink dots on top. She has a blue outlined body that is shaped like an oval with a red outlined heart in the middle. She has a heart in the middle because she has never felt sad or depressed in her life. It also has dark and light blue eyes. It has a little blue nose that looks like an L. She is always in a good mood because an has bright colors on. She has no legs, feet or hands. It has two pink arms, one on each side. Its has a dark blue mouth with fangs.
By Neelam

My monsters name is Gugu. He has a big round body, filled in with orange, but he does not have any hair. He has two, round tiny feet. He also has a tiny filled in red dot nose but nothing on it. His head is white but with a black outline, the head is also circular.He has two dot black eyes. He has two pointy cat ears. He has no hair on his body.
By Sally

My monster is named Lady. She has a fat body, outlined with blue with dark blue, orange and pink designs in the middle. The designs look like small, exploding fireworks in her belly. She has it because her favorite food is exploding fireworks. You can see the fireworks in her belly because her belly is transparent. She has a blue filled-in head which is shaped like a half of an oval. She has a big, happy smile on her face that is covered with really red lipstick. She doesn’t have a nose. She has small filled-in, red earrings shaped like circles on the side of her head. She doesn’t have ears so the earrings are sewed tightly to her head. Her eyes are black with a small, white dot in the top right corner. Her eyes are very high up on her head. She has rough, green filled-in hair that every day she straightens and brushes for 3 hours so her hair looks beautiful, but it’s still rough on the edges. The only clothes she wears are red underpants she never washes. She has 2 blue, skinny, short legs with 3 long toes and two skinny long arms with 2 tiny hands with 3 long fingers.
By Tiger
My monster’s name is X-WING the 3rd and it lives on the magical planet Gragaton. My monster has a red triangular-shaped body with dark red spots and stars on the stomach. It has two fat dark red arms. His arms have a different shade of red than the body. He has three red legs skinnier than the arms. His feet and shoes are green with spots on them. He also has 20 spots in each place. His 19 eyes are bloodshot white and are on an arrow-shaped bright red head. His texture and pattern has white veins on the outside so enemies get scared and because it looks cool.