Mrs. Hensler and Dr. Baralt's Third Grade Class

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Queen Mean
By: Arden

My monster’s name is Queen Mean. My monster’s head is a round shape filled in with peach color. The body is a big, blue, horizontal rectangle that is attached to the head. This monster has two red, medium sized eyes that look like hypnotic swirls. Queen Mean has a ping pong sized nose filled in with the color red in the center of her face. The shape of the mouth is an upside down triangle outlined in red with white teeth that look like arrows facing down or south towards the body. The three strands of hair are curled around both sides of the face. Two strands of hair are dark blue and one strand of hair is light blue. My monster is wearing a three-pointed yellow crown with pink and red dots all over the inside of the crown. Queen Mean is holding a staff in her arrow-shaped, blue arm on the left side of her body. She has the same type of arm on the right side of her rectangular body. There is a green staff that goes down to her feet and at the top of the staff, there is a smaller two pointed crown with matching dots like the crown she is wearing on her head. Inside the circular top of the staff is a very small blue dot that is her precious gem. There is circular, darker, thinner border that is protecting the gem. My monster is standing on a tiny orange stick like legs with orange square shaped shoes attached at the bottom of her legs.
By AvaO
My monster’s name is Mr.Legs. Mr.Legs is round, green, like an oval.He has 4 legs with shoes that are both blue.Mr.Legs has 3 antennas. The left and right antennae are brown and the middle one is pink with a filled in dot. Mr.Legs has a red mouth shaped like a round circle. His eyes are tan with a little white inside. His nose is reddish orange and it looks like a triangle.
Star Belly
By Ava S.

My monster’s name is Star Belly. His head is a blue square outlined in black. His head is smaller than his body. He has a big, green, round body with a red filled-in star in the middle of the body. He has 7 black skinny legs with little black dots as feet. He has four red eyes with little black dots as pupils, one in each corner of his head. His nose is a small brown diamond. It is in the middle of his head. Star Belly has a small violet horn on top of his head shaped like a triangle.

My monster, Six-Eye, has a white round body, with a purple outline. He has two long red antennae located in the top and middle of his head. The tops of the antennae are red, round filled in circles. Six-Eye’s eyes are purple, and he has six of them in the middle of his head slightly moving down one by one. The eyes form a half circle. His body is basically his face filled in white and purple on the outside. His hands and feet are both filled-in red with three sharp claws on each hand and foot. He has two hands and three feet. He has two teal colored nostrils for a nose below the eyes. Six-Eye’s mouth is red and white, and his teeth are very sharp. He has four teeth on the top and four on the bottom of his mouth that is shaped like the base part of a boat. His entire mouth and teeth are outlined in black.
By: Chase Temple

My monster’s name is Destroyer who has a medium circle as a head. Destroyer has 2 blue lines from the bottom of the eye to the mouth. Destroyer has one huge eye with a black outline with a small oval in the middle of the eye. He has skinny legs with a black outline. He has a rectangle mouth and no teeth. Destroyer has a circle as a nose with two circles in the middle. He has two squares in the top of the body. The colors of his head are light brown and black. Destroyer has nine horns that are sharp. Destroyer has six pack abs that are white with a black outline. His body is white with a black outline.
Shape Arrow
By Conner

My monster’s name is Shape Arrow. His head is an arrow pointing up and is red and outlined in black.There is a green twirl coming out of the top of his head.He has a big, solid black eye on the left and a small, solid black eye on the right. His body is solid red outlined in black. The body is a rectangle with a blue outline on the right. It has a blue circle on the left, purple in the middle, and blue on the right.He has a blue right triangle on both sides, neither is solid, and one green pointing up. His left arm is blue like a y and right side is black. His legs are squiggle legs that are green, blue, yellow, red, and pink.

My monster’s name is Batty. My monster’s head is the body.The body is big, round and violet with a black outline.It is located in the middle of the paper.It has two small blue eyes, outlined in black.One of the eyes are located on the top right corner and the other is located on the top left corner.The eyes are in the body.The mouth is a half circle that is light pink with a red tongue, outlined in black.The mouth is located below the eyes in the middle of them. My monster has two purple wings outlined in black.The wings are like a medium triangle but at the bottom it has two triangles with a diagonal line.One of the wings are located on the left side of the body and the other on the right side of the body.
By Ethan

My monster’s body is round big, and orange.Bob has no head.It’s eye are black medium circles, with a big star in the middle.Its nose is a triangle in the middle of the circle. Its mouth is a black line that is straight two black slightly bent lines. He has green thin lined antenna on top of the body with a green swirly on top of the body with a black on swirly inside.He has two slanted orange arms in the middle of the body. Bob has two legs that are straight lines with a rectangle at the bottom.
Mr. Scary
By Kaelie

My monster’s name is Mr. Scary. His head is a purple heart with a small blue star crown in the center of crack of his head. His eyes are 2 pink,small, circle eyes in the center of its head. Its mouth is A magenta half oval. With two sets of four in a row light blue horns. My monster also has a black mustache in the middle of its head that are like two half ovals connected.The arms come from the side of its head and look like a black-and-white banana. His legs are 3 black lines coming down from his head and his feet are too tiny blue ovals connected to the three lines.
By Lauren

My monster’s name is Mr. Fuzzhead.His head is his body which is outlined in black and filled-in with blue.It’s nose is an oval about the size of two tips of a pointer fingers and it is about in the middle of the head and the mouth is about a centimeter below the nose. About a centimeter above the nose are the eyes there are two eyes black which are about a centimeter away from each other and has a white dot the size of a bulb on the top of a pin.It has two brown ears that are going down like a dogs at the top sides of the head.There are three orange balls on the top of the head shaped in a pyramid. it has no feet but it has legs that are shaped as a sideways L on the bottom sides of his body and the legs are light blue.

My monster, Rainbow, has two white small eyes with a purple circle in the middle.She has big round light pink head.She has no body.She has rainbow stripe for hair up in the air.She has no arms or feet. A small round circle as a mouth colored in is pink.she has a small pointy nose the size of a triangle with the color pink. She has a line holding up her head and underneath that there are two large circles.
By Mikey

My Monster`s name is Crusher. It has no head. Its oval-shaped body is big and round. Its body is orange everywhere and has no hair. Its body is outlined black and its eyes are at the top of the body. My monster’s eyes are mild yellow and wide. It has no nose. Crusher has large rounded teeth that are black and gray. It has short gray horns with a roundish tip. There is one orange arm on each side of the body. It has a lot of muscle on the arms. His fingers are orange and on the end of the arms. There are two fingers on each arm. Crusher has tiny orange feet.
Queen of Hearts
By Natalia

My monster, Queen of Hearts, has a big heart shaped head that is pink and outlined with pink.It has two feet shaped like L’s located on the bottom of his body and they are blue with pink stripes. Queen of Hearts has no arms or legs or wings. She wears a yellow filled-in crown with three spikes that are really big as big as her head. She has four strips of hair that are red, light blue, dark blue, and pink. Her mouth is a red circle with 4 white teeth that stick up like triangles. Queen of Hearts does not have a nose at all. Her eyes have a black circle that has a smaller white dot in the middle. The two eyes that are located in the middle of the face.

My monster’s name is named Holli Lua, and it is a boy. The body is a black rectangle with three dots on each side. One is brown and two are orange dots.There are two sides on the monster. He has a big black square head that is in the middle that is connected to the rectangle. My monster’s eyes are blue circles and they are at the top of the square. It has a brown-black shark-tooth nose that is below the eyes. The mouth of my monster is at the bottom of the body. The mouth is a red smile. The monster’s hair is brown and is everywhere on the top of the head.The odd thing about my monster is that it has a big orange pillar going from north to south shaped like a triangle. It is between the eyes and over the nose and meets the mouth.
Lady Dramp

By Sierra

The name of my monster is Lady Dramp. She has a curvy shaped body that is outlined in dark green. Inside of her whole body is dark and light green shaggy fur. Her head has two black, circular oval-shaped eyes with dark blue curvy eyelashes. Lady Dramp’s lips are red and criss-crossed. Her head is shaded in light and dark green with shaggy fur all across her face. Her neck is shaded in with light and dark green shaggy fur on it with a tan necklace of hands lying right on top of it. She has only a half of a body. Her arms are covered with light and dark green shaggy fur with black curvy claws on the tip of the hands. One of her special features is a pink triangular hat with light blue curvy vines coming from it located on top of her head
By Emmie

My monster’s name is Hounder. His head is slanted to the right with two pointy ears just like a wolves. His eye is black with red in the middle and blue in the middle of that (you can only see one eye since he is slanted to the right). His black nose is on the end of his snout with three black dots (they are really just whiskers). You can’t see his mouth. The dog is sitting and is slanted to the right. His body and head are outlined black and colored in brown. He has red spikes outlined with black going down his back and tail. He has begging arms/hands with no claws. He has a red collar with a white skull in the middle with the skull’s eyes are red surrounded by black. He has the same collar with the skull on it. Hounder has two thick black horns that get smaller on the way from his head.