Mrs. Hobbs and Dr. Baralt's Third Grade Class

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By, Alexandra

My monster’s name is Umy. Umy has no body and only a head. Her head is outlined with pink and filled in with pink. The pink is a darker pink. The head is a big horizontal oval. In the middle of the head are the eyes. The eyes are white outlined with a thick black circle. Inside the circles toward the bottom is a dot that should make Umy look like she is looking down. A little bit lower from the eyes is the nose. The nose is a little blue square. On the side of the nose is its cheeks. The cheeks are outlined with a very light pink, and filled with the same very light pink. The cheeks are circles that are medium size. At the very bottom of Umy are the legs. The legs are eight, squiggly, pink lines that are the same exact color as the body. At the very top of Umy’s head are two horns. Umy’s horns are dark purple little triangles.

By: Nastya

My monster’s name is Luna. She has a heart-shaped purple head. It is filled in purple that is medium sized. Her eyes are all black that are circle shaped with little white dots that are at the top of her eyes. They are shapes a circles. She does not have a nose. She has a small black, mouth that is smiling. It is a little She has a little star in the top right of her head it is grayish-greenish. Her body is a purple triangle with medium-sized light blue dots on her body. There are six of them. For arms, she has two lines with a little circle on the end of each arm. They are filled in purple. She has little boot-like feet that are all purple. She has two feet.

By Ava Rae

My monster’s name is Pokadot. My monster is a girl. My monster does not have a body. For his head, it is a big white circle and it’s outline is black and thick. On top of my monster’s head there are 2 horns. The horns are purple and they start to curve at the end of the horns. My monster has 2 arm. The arms are black lines. The arms are short and the arms have a pink dot at the end for a hand. My monster has 2 legs. The legs are short black lines. The legs have a pink dot at the end for feet. Inside the body there are 2 eyes. The eyes are made out of a lot of dots put together to make a circle. Each eye is made up of 19 dots. They dots are black. There are pokadots all over the inside of my monster’s body. The dots are light blue. The dots are small and there are a lot of them. My monster has a mouth. The mouth looks like a squiggly line. The mouth is black and it is long. The mouth is thick but not that thick.
My monsters name is Fangs. My monster has a big grey round circle for a body. The body is outlined with brown. He has 6 dark brown eyes on the body, 3 on one side and 3 on the other. The eyes are in a row. He has two tan horns with brown zig-zag lines on it. He has 6 legs that are dark brown and skinny. His legs are three on one side and three on the other side with small brown dots at the end for feet. He also has a light pink heart that is medium sized and filled-in with two big black spiked fangs on the body.
Maximum Destruction
By Charlie

My monster’s name is Maximum Destruction. My monster has no body just a horizontal big oval outlined in black and filled in white. He has two skinny black horizontal ovals and one wider one on top for the eyes. They are not filled in. For the mouth he has a medium wide horizontal oval mouth with a black outline with two black outlined fangs. He has six 2cm wide red, fat legs with no feet at the bottom of the body. And last he has two 2cm wide fat red arms on each side of the head with three 2cm wide fingers. On the left arm the fingers are dark yellow and on the right side the fingers are orange. On both hands, two of the fingers are up and down and the last one is to the side.
Heart Queen


My monster’s name is Heart Queen. She has a large black outlined oval body with purple dots and a mouth that has three teeth. The eyes are black and they are rectangles.It’s head is shaped like a pink heart that is not colored in. There are 5 legs. 1 leg is pink the other is dark blue the other is orange the other is lime green and the last one is light blue. There are 4 arms that are purple. They are straight lines with pink hearts that are colored with pink. The horn is a light blue triangle with pink strips. The mouth is a smile that is red.
By, Chloe

My monster’s name is Lulu.Her head is red it has a mini circle on the left side of its red droopy ear her outline is black.It;s eyes are blue and have eye lashes.The mouth ion the left side of the face like the eyes the mouth is pink and happy.On her forehead she has a horn that is yellow and has 4 stripes and is out lined with black.She has 3 little legs that are not outlined.She also has a crown that is yellow and has 3 spikes.


I made a monster named Lollipop. Lollipop’s head is a medium all black circle at the top of the page. Next draw two half triangles on each side of Lollipop’s head as ears. The ears are filled in black and the outline is black. Lollipop’s body is a small all black triangle at the bottom of it’s head. The body has no other details. To draw Lollipop’s one leg draw a thin purple rectangle at the bottom of Lollipop’s body you just drew. The leg is purple all around it is about two inches tall. For the eyes draw two aqua tiny circles just above the middle of the head. Inside the aqua eyes put two hot pink tinier circles for the pupils. My monster does not have a nose. My monster also does not have any arms, hands, wings, horns, hair, feet, or an antennae. Last but not least draw a hot pink {with the same color you just used} heart shaped mouth it is filled in. The final project should look like a lollipop with human features.
Baby Meow Meow
By: Dakota

My monster’s name is Baby Meow Meow. She has a thin black out lined lime green head about medium size. It has a lime green eel like body with 8 dark green spikes on top of the body. One eye is a black line and she has a black heart shaped eye patch over the other. She has a light pink triangle kitten nose and a black line that goes down to the mouth. The mouth is a small black out lined circle and is white on the inside and has 2 small pointy teeth on the top of the mouth. She also has 2 ears and they are both triangles. One ear is black and the other is mint colored.

By: Hayden

I made a monster and her name is Rocky. My monster has no head. Her body is a medium white circle with a light blue outline. On top of the body, draw two dark blue antennas with light blue circles on top filled-in with the same light blue. In the body, draw two round medium-sized black eyes that are also filled in with black and a medium black smile. On each side of the body, draw one black, long, large wing filled in with black with a point. Draw two legs that are filled in light blue with light blue outline. They look like two Ls facing different ways. There is a little blue beard filled under the mouth to look like pants.
By Maddox

My monster’s name is Deadpool. His body is a rectangle outlined in light red and the inside is filled in darker red. He also has one black sword that is only outlined in black in the middle of his body; don’t fill in the sword. He also has four arms that are also outlined with light red and filled in with darker red. They are all connected to the body. He has four arms. Two of the arms are holding his head. One of his arms on the right side is holding a sword. The sword is a big white sword outlined in black. His head is an oval outlined in dark red and filled in with light red. He has two black lines going down his head. He has two white eyes going horizontal. The head is held by two arms and not centered in his body. It is sitting on his left shoulder held my two arms.
By Nicholas

My monster’s name is Om-num. Om-num’s body is like a green half circle with four fat feet at the bottom of the half circle. Color in the body with green. Then inside the body draw two medium white circles and color them in white. After the eyes draw two smaller black circles inside. Then put one white dot in the middle of the black circle in both eyes. After that make a wide red mouth. Then make four white rounded teeth at the top of the mouth. He has one fat green antennae that curls at the top.

By Rayna

My monster’s name is Twinkle. My monster’s head is round, outlined in black and she also has the filling inside her head as white. My monster’s body is outlined in blue and filled in with a magenta pink. My monster’s eyes are two ovals, one on the left and one on the right. Inside the eye is a small oval looking to the left and in the space that is to the right is filled in with black. My monster does not have a nose. My monster’s mouth is a red oval and light blue pointy teeth on the bottom and the top. On top of my monster’s head there is an orange heart with three lines coming out of the heart. My monster’s ears are two pointed triangles on each side of it’s head. They are outlined with a thin black line and white on the inside. In the right ear there is a triangle of red and in the left ear there is a triangle of yellow. My monster’s feet has two half circles that are blue. The feet are inside the body. For the arms there are two on each side with a blue line. On top of the line there is a blue circle as the hand.
By Ryan
My monsters name is Smasher. It has a big pink circular body.It has 2 pink medium sized rhombus shaped legs. It has no feet. it’s mouth is a black medium sized square.It has circular pink hands and 2 pink triangular arms.There are 3 pink triangular antennae on top of the head.There are 3 pink ovals on top of the antennae.There is blue inside the 3 ovals.

My monster’s name is Izzy. It’s body is a big round circle that is filled-in purple. It has no head. It’s eyes are small black circles and with tiny little white round pupils. She also has a black tiny round mouth. She has 3 squiggly black pieces of hair on the top of the body. She has 2 black filled-in spiky wings that look like bat wings.

By, Logan

My monster’s name is Munchy. His outline is black he is all black but not colored in in black. His head is close to the ground and it is a circle that is medium. He has tiny shoes. He also has big ears that are half oval’s. He has 1 eye that is a circle with a sort of big spot in the middle of the eye. His mouth is smiling with 2 teeth stuck together on the bottom of the smile. He has a disco ball coming of his head. The disco ball is a tiny circle and the string is an up and down rectangle.
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