Mrs. West's First Grade Class

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Suhailah - My monster's name is The Flying Swirl. She has one head that is
shaped like a square, Her head is blue. She has red hair that is
outlined in black. It is long and pretty. Her eyes are blue.Her nose is
shaped like a heart and it is orange.She also has two wings.Her wings
are blue and red.They have streamers on them that are pink and blue.
Zafina - My monster's name is Princess. Her shape is an oval. My monster's
color is pink. She has two hands on each side, with a heart on the left hand.
She has pointy ears and a rectangle face. She has two triangle legs and two
triangle eyes. She has a blue circle nose and red lips. My monster has orange hair.


Zafirah - My monster's name is Pretty. She has a purple bow. Her body is a white circle with
purple on the left side and pink on the right side. There are two short arms with
four fingers on each hand. There are three, blue buttons that look like bows on her
white belly. The boots are short and are violet purple. The hair is short and it is purple.
The sweater is pink and violet. The face is a pink circle. She has two red circles for
cheeks.The hands are blue and purple.
Demilade - My monster's name is Great Monster. He has two green pointy horns.
He has a round blue face. He has three round eyes that are green and a
big round black nose.He has a skinny blue neck. He has two
orange hands with six fingers on each hand. He has a fat, yellow,
body with three small squares in it. My monster has two purple legs with
three toes on each foot.
Malachi - My monster's name is Spike Man. He has a blue cape with an orange gem.
He's very big. He's very mad.He has yellow spikes on his legs and red eyes.
He has green arms and spikes on his hand parts. He has lots of green triangles on him.
He has red boots.


Emma - My monster's name is the Three Eyed Monster. He is the best. He has three blue
eyes and he has a black bow tie.He has a big black hat and he has six feet.
He has a green, circle head. He has a gray vest and a brown and green body.
Jaden -- My monster's name is Thunder Man. He has a silver tooth. My monster
has spikes all over him. His skin color is gray. His shirt is gray with four green
upside down triangles. He has a large oval head. His body is a rectangle.
He has red shoes. His hair is purple.His cape is blue. He has four fingers
on each hand. He has four red circle eyes.
Keira - My monster's name is Emma.and she has a violet red, half circle face.Her seven
teeth are yellow and pointy. She has eight legs and two pointy ears. She has a
red violet skirt.
Carson - My monster is named the Four Handed Monster. He is a boy. His hair is
spiky and purple. His head is orange and he has four, evil, red eyes. His body
is a rectangle. the color is red orange. The hands are blue and the arms are red.
There is a kind of spiral portal which is black on his belly. The legs are purple
triangles. He doesn't have a mouth.
Kenjiro - My monster's name is Kane. He has red, spiky hair. He has fifteen eyes. He has
yellow green spiky ears. My monster has a circle head. He has an angry mouth.
His head is red. He has twelve red, yellow, orange and black arms. He has three
fingers on each arm. His body is an oval. My monster's shirt is red on top and green
on the bottom. He has a red tail. He also has six red legs.
Lydia - My monster's name is Lids. She has a square head with two black, circle ears.
Lids has three bows. My monster has five eyes. She has three buttons on her circle
body and three triangles on there too. She has eight arms, four on each side. Lids
has two, black feet and one, curly tail.
Rolando - My monster's name is The Foot Wheeled Monster. He has four spikes on his
purple hair. He has a blue upside down pyramid head and elf ears.They are blue too.
His nose is also blue. He has a purple shirt, with six, square buttons and sleeves.
The Foot Wheeled Monster has four, yellow spiky fingers on each of his four arms
and a black and violet wheel for a foot.
Jonathan - My monster's name is Shelby. Her body is big and round. The hair is short, curly,
and purple. Shelby has two, orange wings. Her two arms are over her head. Also she
is strong. Shelby has a green head band. The body color is blue.
Rachel - My monster's name is Vanessa. She has a white circle pom pom on top of her head.
She has light brown hair. Her bow is yellow and blue and shaped like cat ears. She has
a blue dress with zigzags. Vanessa is smiling. Her eyes are two circles. The two brown
hands have five finger each. The three buttons are diamonds and they are aqua green.
Her face color is light brown
Emily - My monster's name is Lizzy. She has three legs that are green. She has a pink heart
in the middle of her red dress. She has three gray eyes that are circles. She has a
blue heart nose and a yellow smile. Her hands are peach.
Michael - My monster's name is Phil. He is the tallest. His ears are pointy. There are two.
He also has a blue shirt with three square buttons.One shoe is blue, and the other
is green. He also has an orange hat. He has three fingers on each hand. He has
twelve, circle eyes.
Christian -My monster's name is the Three Eyed Monster. He has six triangle ears.
His head is round with a flat top.He has three green, diamond eyes with orange
circle pupils.He has two indigo ears. His skin is blue and he has red lips. His shirt
is green with green sleeves. He has six red buttons and red arms. There are blue
hands next to the arms.He has pointy, blue shoes and red feet.
Madison - My monster's name is Wavey Heart. She has a circle head. She has a pink and orange
bow.She has blue violet eyes. Her head is yellow. She has ponytails that are blue and orange.
She has a smile on her face that is red. She has a round belly with a zigzag and a swirly
line that is red orange and red violet. She has a red violet heart on her belly. Next to that is
a blue violet stripe.She has two pink and blue legs with three blue toes on each foot.
Jolie - My monster's name is Rainbow Heart. She has a pink, orange, and green face.
The bow is is purple and orange. She has green, purple, and yellow hair. She has
two purple and orange arms with red fingers. The body is a circle and it has six circles
on it and a purple heart. She has two red legs with four toes on each foot.
Kai - My monster's name is Walro. His head is a circle. His body is a square and his arms
have gray claws. He is all blue, with yellow spiky hair and a smile on his face.
Anaiah - My monster's name is Amelia. She has black, curly hair and a circle head. Amelia's
skin color is peach. She has round eyes with eye lashes. Her lips are a round bowl
shape with no top. Amelia has an oval, pink body with three blue, heart shaped buttons.
Her fingers and toes are sea green. She has four arms.
Ryan T. - My monster's name is Coolyo. He has one big eye and one little eye. His colors are
blue, gray, yellow, and black. His face is a blue square with two spikes on his face.
He has three toes. His hands are gray and blue. His body is a gray square.
He has six gray teeth and one yellow tooth. He has three blue square on his belly.
Coolyo has tw
o fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot. He has yellow hair.
Ryan T.jpg
Isabella - My monster's name is Mad Bob. He has four red eyes. Bob has a red hat. He has a red face.
Bob has purple hair and two white ears.He has a red rectangle body with two black arms.He has
a mouth. He has a circle on his hat. Bob has spiky hair. He has two legs. They are gray and
black. Bob has two red shoes. He is holding an orange ball in each hand.
Ryan W. - My monster's name is Monty. He has a big purple upside down triangle face. He has three
triangles for hair. They are gray, light green and dark green. He has a black circle nose and three small peach
squares for his mouth. He has two squares, with one circle in each, for eyes. One eye is orange and one eye
is blue. He has a big rectangle body that is light green, two orange squares for arms and two brown triangles
on each side for feet.


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