Ms. O'Hagan's Second Grade Class

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My monster has four pink legs. My monster has twin heads. One face is red and the other one is orange. Both heads have purple spikes coming out of the top. It has an oval-shaped body. It has eleven blue arms, four reddish purple legs, and four black tails.
My monster has no head on his body.

The head is in a frying pan and is wearing a black top hat.

There is blood coming out of his neck bone.

My monster is wearing a black suit and a cape.

My monster has 4 yellow eyes and 3 sharp teeth.
My Monster is a master of lightning. He is surrounded by red lightning. He has spikes on his back. He is shooting lightning out of his hands. He has a lightning staff. He has a red face and a black lightning bolt on his chest. He has black eyes and mouth. He is standing on a yellow lightning bolt.
alex e.jpg
My monster has a orange round head. He has triangle-shaped orange ears on top of his head. There is a red spike between his ears. His body is a red oval. There is fire through the tail.There is blood coming out of the right arm.He has fire inside of his belly.
My monster has two orange feet. He has three round, red eyes. He has four colorful arms that are rectangles. My monster has a blue chest and is wearing a shirt with a large green X on it. He has one yellow hair on his head.
My monster looks like a blue box with four arms. The blue bottom arms are longer than the top arms. My monster has three red eyes with light blue centers. The top arms have three sharp, black claws at the ends. The bottom arms have three sharp, red claws at the ends.
He is smiling.
This is called a Ninspore . I made this from the Game Spore. It has a yellow round body with two thin black arms. It has three eyes on top of his head. It has long, yellow, rectangle legs. It has a black tail that ends with two spikes.
william m.jpg
My monster looks like a white slime. He has three black eyes and one red eye under the black ones. He has four arms that look like twigs. Two are on each side of his body. He is wearing a black top hat. His red mouth is shaped like capital W.
My monster is green. She is wearing a purple ripped dress. She has three heads on long necks. She is a triplet. The middle one has one orange eye and one red eye. The left head is breathing fire. The right head is wearing black pig tails. She has a green dragon tail with four yellow spikes. She has four long yellow fingers on each hand.
My Monster has a green rectangular body. It has a pink nose. It has two brown ears. She has four blue legs and two blue arms. It has three big white eyes with green stars in each one. My monster is very big. She is sticking out her red tongue.
My monster is colorful. His body is a circle. He has two circles for feet. One is purple and the other is blue. He has two pink ovals for arms and two smaller green ovals for ears. He is wearing a pink bandit mask on his face. He has four eyes.
1617-sja2-Gabriella A-monster.jpg
My monster is just a white oval head. He has red stitches on his mouth. His two round eyes are red. He has a golden oval nose. He has a square tattoo on his cheek.
1617-sja2-Gabrielle S-monster.jpg
Gabrielle S.jpg
My monster looks like a real toy. He has different colored spots all over his body. He also has bright green wings and tentacles. His horns are black. His head has green spikes. His orange body is shaped like a football. He has one big bright yellow eye in the middle of his head. He has two purple arms and two short green legs. He is smiling.
gabrielle m.jpg
My monster has oval five eyes. He has a red rectangle head and a circle body. He has a red diagonal line across his body with five small rectangles on top of the line. He has six triangles on top of his head with curly hair. He has three thin black arms on each side of his head. He is surrounded by four brown squares.
1617-sja2-Isabella A-monster.jpg
isabella a.jpg
My monster has four purple tails covered with white spikes. It has lots of eyes. It has yellow and orange tiger stripes covering its square body. There are alternating red and green spikes on its body. It has light blue pointy leaves on its head. It has four short yellow arms, two on each side of its body.
1617-sja2-Isabella C-monster.jpg
isabella cu.jpg
My monster has a large blue head. It is shaped like a circle with three green eyes and large black pupils. She has a pink body with two pink hands. She has two antennas with yellow, red, and pink round beads. She is wearing a blue and purple star necklace around her neck. She has a thin purple circle on her stomach.
Jasmine d.jpg
My monster is made of different shapes. His body is a rectangle with thin black lines. He has two long arms and two shorter legs. He has two eyes in his circle head. He has cat ears. He has a small belly button. He is wearing shorts that are shaped like triangles. He is cool.
My monster’s body is a rectangle and covered in stripes. Each stripe is a different color. He has two wings. One is pink and the other is blue. My monster has five round eyes. He flies with his wings. He has two pink pointy ears on his head. He has four white stars on his body. He says boo.
My monster has an orange square head. His ears are on the top of his head. His face is carved like a jack-o-lantern at Halloween. He has a bigger black square body. It has red muscles. My monster is wearing a cool black jacket. My monster has yellow claws at the ends of his hands. His arms are long and shaped like rectangles. He is wearing black pants on his long legs. He has one yellow claw on each foot.
My monster has six white eyes with pink pupils. It has three pink tongues. Her face has four vertical stripes: the first is blue, then purple, then yellow, and orange. She has two light blue horns on the top of her head. She has a colorful body. She looks like she is flying. She is not wearing clothes.
lila s.jpg
My monster is a scary Teddy bear. I call it Fun time Freddy. It's blue puppet is alive and on its right hand. It lives in the shadows. Its body is a blue vertical oval filled with pink. His head is a pink horizontal oval. He has one ear on each side of its head. His mouth is a grimace with sharp black teeth.
My monster has an orange oval head. She has 2 round blue eyes each with three green eyelashes. Her ears are on the top side of her head. She has yellow dangling earrings. She has 2 long orange arms attached to her head. She wears a pink skirt around her legs. She has a pink bow on her head. Her 2 arms come out of the side of her head. She has two pink heart tattoos on her face. She tricks people into thinking she’s cute. But she’s not!
My monster is Batman’s brother. His eyes are black circles. He has an orange bandana on his head. His body is a yellow square. He has a blue square neck under his yellow head. His arms are thin and green. He has two red and blue spikes on his head. He has thin legs: one is yellow, the other is orange.
1617-sja2-Nicholas G-monster.jpg
nicholas g.jpg
My monster has three eyes on his square head. He has 21 eyes on his rectangular body, three columns of seven eyes. He has a bloody mouth because he ate a person’s head. He has two arms and two legs. His arms look like flippers.
1617-sja2-Nicholas J-monster.jpg
nicholas j.jpg