Mrs. Becerra's Third Grade Class

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My Monster is scary, nice, sweet, and fluffy. It has two sharp teeth in its open mouth. It will also eat people. It has a purple donut bodywith blue icing coving the hole in the middle. The monster has a small round head, oval mouth and 2 black lines like branches for arms and Mickey Mouse feet with a purple tail.
My monster has a purple round head, rectangular body, and arms.
Her feet are a rectangular box. She has two small black eyes and two red dots for a nose and mouth next to each other. The black and red vampire cape is a special touch.
1617-sja1-Alexandra Sor-monster.jpg
My monster is dark magenta, with an oval body, light magenta hair that is shoulder length and bursts out of the top of her head. It is tied with a light pink bow. My monster has four eyes, all facing different directions. The top-left one is dark brown, the top-right one is light brown, the bottom-left eye is green, and the bottom-right eye is blue. My monster has a rainbow-striped jogging suit, with no zipper. The mouth has two fangs, one pointing up, one pointing down, the nose is small, it has claws that are painted very dark magenta, shoes that are dark blue, and its name is the Four-eyed, Cute-faced Monster.
1617-sja1-Alexandra Sos-monster.jpg
My Monster has a body shaped like a circle it is colored like a dark red. It has two swirly ears colored dark blue. It does not have a nose. It has two eyes shaped like a circle colored purple. It has one mouth shaped like a circle and it has two more circles inside its mouth colored light blue, pink and light purple. It has no legs or feet, it also has two bows colored red and orange. It also has eyelashes; three on each eye colored dark purple. It has two arms colored light blue.
My monster is hairy. He is small. He has long arms sticking out and he has small legs. He is a is a boy. He is weird; he can be mad or happy sometimes. When my monster is mad it is funny. He loves fire. My monster hates water. When someone makes fun of him he gets mad. His body is a square with a round small head. My monster has a crooked smile and 2 lines for eyes. Lastly, he has black spikes all over.
My monster is shaped like a circle. It has 3 eyes in a row. The two on the side are big and the one in the middle is small. The feet are small squares. The mouth is a wavy line with five fangs. It has hair like a clown. It has really skinny arms and 7 long fingernails. The color of the nails is black. The color of the hair is red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The eyes are red and the teeth are yellow. The color of the circle, arms, and legs are dark blue.

My monster has three pointy teeth, a mustache, and has a long tail. She has a bow on her tail, her eye is big, it’s black, and in the middle of her face. She is pink, just like it is on top; and a beautiful aqua blue color on the bottom. She has a pony tail on top of her head held with a bow, two arms and two legs, and a round body. It has round palms with sharp nails, the feet look the same as the hands, and the arms are rectangles.

My monster is huge and scary. It has no face. He will creep around at night and scare you. He is a bunny and has bunny ears. He is purple and he is an animatronic. His left arm has half an arm and wires coming out of his arm and wires coming out of his face and flat teeth and lives in a pizzeria. He lives with a fox, a bear, a chicken, and a golden bear. He becomes older and older worse and worse until he gets what he wants.
My monster has a snake like body with spikes all ever his body. He has two fangs and 5 eyes on his body, in green. An egg head in red with arrows around his body and a rattlesnake tail all in green.
My monster is heart shaped. It is curved at the bottom. It has two horns on each hump at the top. On each hump there are five eyes, they are pink. Each eye has two eyelashes. It has a brown mustache, a very red nose, purple lips, sharp teeth, and a blue mouth. It has orange dots, long sharp nails, and wings. The body is light green. On each wing there are three points. On each point there are red flames.
This monster is a mammal that has no claws in the beginning, but when it gets hurt by something it goes aggressive. The head is round, with 2 ears that look like cat ears. My monster has sharp teeth and a dot nose. It has red round eyes, with red flames coming out the sides. The body looks like a unicorn with another black cat looking head and tail on top of my monsters head. It has 4 feet like little rectangles without the top of it. At the bottom of 4 feet there are little upside-down triangles for the claws. For the tail its a straight line upwards and a sharp top with a little cut off.
1617-sja1-Isabella M-monster.jpg
My monster is big and round with one eye. He also has lots of hair in a v shape. He has big horns on the top in black. He also has a jetpack. He has big claws in each arm. People think he is scary.

My monster has an egg shaped body in baby blue. It has one green eye and two big fangs sticking out of its mouth. It has two fox like ear’s, two blue dragon wings and a blue body. My monster has two hands with three fingers and claws, and two feet no tail. There are spikes on each shoulder. Its personality is tired, nice, attacks when hungry, and isn’t that scary,

My monster has a small oval body, oval feet, no neck, no legs, no hands, two long arms that go straight up, a furry green body, two black cat ears, a clown wig, a square black smile , two triangle white teeth, one oval eye, and she is sticking out her red tongue over her brown shoes.

My monster has a round belly, like a circle! One arm is bent, holding a microphone to its mouth, and the other hand is stuck up in the air. Disco Monster! He also has a disco-ball shirt with long sleeves. His face is real simple. His mouth is wide open in a smile. Don’t forget to add his tongue. He has one triangle shade covering his one eye. Let’s just say he plans on not taking it off. He has a huge, black afro covering part of his round, purple face. If you didn’t get my message, then I mentioned that Disco Monster has a circle face and purple skin. I almost forgot, what’ll be holding the microphone? You ask. His two little round hands will be holding that microphone of yours. Our monster will be having two plump legs. I tried to make his feet realistic so you don’t see the long part of the shoes; you just see the shorter part. It’ll be like two little circles at the end of each leg. And last, but not least the microphone. The microphone is real easy. It is just a rectangle, cut off by the hand (circle) with some very tiny squares. Now the color, the pants are blue, the shoes are black, the shirt is gray, the rectangular part of the microphone is black, and the circle of the microphone is gray. The background of the mouth is mahogany, the tongue is pink, and last of all is the shades, they’re black.
My Monster has a round head and body with one eye in the middle. It has green spikes from the top of her head to the left side of her body. She has chicken hands and feet and a straight line for a mouth.
My monster is a girl with a big red bow on her pink circle face. She has no body and 4 kitty paws. She has 2 pointy leaves in green for wings on each side with blue shaded parts. This monster has 2 big oval eye,s with a triangle nose and an arrow pointing down for a mouth.
My monster’s face has 3 eyes ( eye color: Red ), very red lipstick , a unicorn horn ( horn color: White ), a pointy nose, and Kitty ears ( kitty ear color: Purple ). My monster’s body has a human body with a skin color that’s a dark aqua-blue, a dress ( dress color: light pink ), and squirrel like tail ( squirrel tail color: orange at the top and white at the bottom ) My monster’s hair is long and straight like a human ( hair color: Blonde ). My monster’s legs are skinny with flat shoes ( shoe color: Red ). My monster’s hands are sharp
My monsters name is Sara. She cries a lot of blood and has long black hair. Sara has a round head and body with a long neck. Her arms and legs are sticks and her eyes are little tiny dots. Her nose is a tiny ‘’x’’ with an upside down’’ u’’ for a mouth.
My monster has an oval body that is up right, and over a gray cloud. It has pink oval wings and a white face and black eyes. This monster has orange arms with 3 yellow fingernails and long black hair with pink stripes, yellow earrings, and a pink shirt with a yellow sash.
My monster has a round pink head, pink ghost shape like body and she has purple nail polish, She has pink oval shape legs and sharp nails. She also has a heart shaped nose, fangs, wings, and spiky arms. She has red horns with pink bows and a purple dress and wavy eyelashes.
I made my monster standing next to a person.It has a Sponge Bob body with blue jeans and a bump on his head. It has a belt made of triangles. It has 2 green circle eyes.

This monster has an alligator body with two thunderbolt legs and ten spikes on his back. It is half red and half blue with white sunglasses and 3 white dots on the forehead. It also has red whiskers coming out.
My monster has three square eyes, a plasma cannon on the front, a square body with grey wheels, and a tail with spikes on it. At the end of his tail is a ball. His hair is a game controller. His body color is blue with a black tail and a grey ball. He has n teeth at the bottom of the mouth, which looks like a triangle

My monster is round and green. The right ear is pointy with two points of dark gray. It looks like a ribbon. The left ear is oval and dark gray. He has six arms that are all different. The top right one is skinny and looks like a birthday hat in orange. The top left one is fat and looks like a birthday hat in orange. They both have a v for a nail. The middle right one is a fat cone with 3 claws and light gray. The middle left one is a skinny cone with 3 claws and light gray. The bottom left one is skinny and looks like a pickaxe and red. The bottom right one is fat and looks like a pickaxe and red. The left eye has an eye patch. The right eye is a hexagon. The mouth has 2 teeth on the top and 1 tooth on the bottom in the shape of a triangle. He has garbage in his mouth.

My monster has a rectangular body and long legs that look like the letter t. It has arms that look like the number 7 on the right and a backward 7 on the left. It also has triangle eyes on the top with double eyebrows. It has light blue lines that form triangles on his body with brown scribbles. This monster also has oval eyes with brown scribble pupils.

My monster has a gingerbread cookie body with a green and yellow Hawaiian skirt. It has a black round eye and a little larger pink eye with a nice red smile. The monster has no feet and 4 blue sticks for fingers.

My monster has eleven legs that look like the edge of a rug, two big eyes with red circles in the middle, and a pink bow as a hair-tie for the hair, and she is yellow. It looks like a minion but she has eleven legs so I call her Minion Eleven and she also has a little smile that looks like an “L” lying down. She has no arms.