r. Hendricks' Third Grade Class

Mr. Hendricks' Class Descriptions for Printing

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Lilia by Abigail
My monster has an oval that is side to side and colored in green head. The eye on the left is placed about one inch away from the top of the head. The eye on the right is placed about two inches away from the top of the head too. The eyes are placed about two inches apart. The left eye has a purple line on the outside that is in a circle. Inside the eye it is all green except for the medium sized dot in the middle. The eye on the right is the same thing but it is a small circle and smaller dot. My mouth is placed about one inch away from the eyes. It has a black outlined oval mouth. It has a yellow tooth in the top left corner and a green tooth in the other corner. On the bottom the teeth color are opposites from the top. The bottom two teeth are a little bigger though. The mouth is open and a tongue is sticking out with a black line through the middle. Now time for the hair… the hair is a little wavy. The order of the colors are red, orange, yellow, the same kind of green you used for the head, dark blue, and light purple. The arms are placed one inch away from the bottom. The arms are light blue and so are the four fingers. The hands circles that are colored in purple. There are ten tentacles. The first tentacle is purple with a light blue little circle on the bottom. The tentacle on the other side of my monster is the same except the circle is a little smaller. The order for the tentacles is brown, the same kind of light blue you used for the arms, the same kind of green you used for the head, the same kind of yellow you used for the teeth, the same kind of dark blue you used for the hair in a little dot, the same kind of red you used for the tongue, the same kind of purple you used for the first and last tentacle, and black.
Fourteen by Adam
Fourteen has a giant orange head and a mouth on his forehead. The mouth has spiky teeth eating the number 14. Fourteen also has giant green hands coming out of his forehead with six pointy fingers. He has two eyes in the middle with one red pupil. There are eyes on the sides that have two red pupils Fourteen has a blue sleeveless shirt with orange skinny hands with six fingers. Fourteen also has a orange nose beneath the middle eyes. Beneath his nose is a grinning mouth with six square teeth one by one. Fourteen has short spiky black hair.
Globscoch by Asher
My monster’s name is Globscoch. My monster has four feet. The feet are red and blue. Its body is oval shaped. Globscoch has a circle mouth with teeth on the top, bottom, right, and left. The teeth are green and yellow. The right side of the body is orange and the left side is red. It has four eyes sticking out of the top of the head. The space in between the eyes is green. The eyes are brown. There are three spikes on each side of the eyes. Right below the mouth is a brown square. On top of the mouth is a green square.
Queen Silly Nilly by Auneesa
Here are directions how to make and draw my monster! First you draw a gray line that looks like a pear except don't draw the stem. Next you draw antennas like ants but not all the way to the head make it a bit high and facing in. Then do blue, brown, yellow, and pink dots until it almost touches the head. Add them onto the antennas and on both of them. Next you draw the dark blue hands and light blue feet. Then you make a big smiley mouth with a big tongue and both are red. His skin is the color of orange, green, yellow, and pink. Finally, her eyes are dark blue and there is no nose.
Dancing Burrito Medusa By Ben
She has a brown face and brown arms. She also has a black smile and black sunglasses. She has four green snakes for hair with one diamond on each snake. On each of the snakes’ tongues, there is a V at the tip. There are two tan legs. Each leg has five black diagonal lines as a design on the legs. There are red shoes on her feet that are at the bottom of her legs.
Melody By Cathy
My monster has a yellow star for her body and is it a medium sized. She has two green arms that are lines. There is two green diamond on the top of the line. There is a black outline of the star. There is two sky blue eyes that are circles. The eyes are in the middle. There is a red smile. The red smile is under the eyes. There are orange legs at the bottom of the star. There is an oval that is under the legs. There is a diamond on each point. There an green asterisk on each point of the star except for the top point. On top of the top diamond there is a small red star.
Red and Black Plasma Boy By Connor
Red and black plasma boy is black and he has a little bit of red on his outsides. His body has six arms and four fingers. Red and black plasma boy’s head has no eyes. He has a mouth with sharp teeth. Most of his body is black and his outlining is black too. His red is scattered and looks zigzaggy. His body is oval and he kind of looks like a spider.
Detective Hexagon By Dustin
First draw black a hexagon with each side five inches tall or decently sized. Then, in black, draw two inch tall eyes inside of the hexagon but at the near top. Next draw a black question mark in the middle of the hexagon as a nose. Now draw a black frowning mouth. Draw a blue circle around the frowning mouth. Afterward, you shall make a black eyebrow above the right eye. Give him a black hat. (You can shade it all in with black.) Give him legs and feet that are all black. Then give him black arms with black hands shaped like hexagons and they are shaded in red. In the right hand draw a black magnifying glass. Draw a black pocket with a black walkie talkie. Now for grand final step, fill every white spot in the hexagon with green!!! Congratulations! You have made my monster.
The Ninja Monster By Emma
My monster has a body just like a human and it is all black. His head is a circle. On his face he has three eyes that are white with red centers and a red stripe across his eyes and a red mouth straight across his face. With a red x on his chest. He has two arms with hands on each side of his body. He does not have fingers, he has circles for hands with white middles. His legs are rectangles with invisible feet. There is a x on each of his legs. His sword is mounted on his back on the left side next to his leg it is a long rectangle.The handle is pink and orange and white striped. The sword is black on right above his neck.
Slobofacer By Hiruni
Slobofacer has dark mad eyebrows four tentacle legs that are red. His head is round as a circle and it is orange. His eyes are bright yellow and he has an M shape nose that is blue. His mouth is like a jack-o-lantern’s carved mouth. He has two red antennae on his head and he has three little bits of hair on each part of his head that are black. He has two hands on each part of his body that are purple. Now you know how to draw this monster!
Fireball by Jasper
My monster is a circle. The circle is big and red also filled in red. His eyes are the same size their a medium size. The outline of his eyes are blue the center of his eyes are orange. They are circles and about half the size of the outline. His smile touches the far side of his eyes. On the ends of his smile is a pointed tooth sticking out his smile. His smile is black. He has fire for hair so do 10 red triangles pointing up filled in red. Under the smile is the pants. The pants are blue. Start on the circle then do two rectangles still blue. The rectangles have a black oval filled in black connected to the bottom of them. Its arms have a small rectangle connecting to the body about where the eyes are the rectangle is red. Then there is a little oval that's red connecting to the rectangle. Finally, there are three little fingers with a black line on each one.
Two Headed Monster by Jaylian
My monster has a large square body. On his body, there are two square heads on the top. Each face has two eyes that are circles. On the outside of the eyes there are 4 lines that are red and are scars. On each head there is a mouth with teeth. The mouth is shaped like a rectangle. On the monster’s stomach there are three scars that are red and black. There is a scar that is in the top right part of his body. On the left side, he has four black arms. On each arm there are three claws. On the right side, he has four black arms, but each arm has three red claws. On the bottom of the square stomach, there are four fat legs. Each leg is a rectangle with a square on the bottom. The bottom square is the foot. Each foot has red toes.
Pixie By Julia
My monster Pixie has a purple oval shaped body and is outlined in black. He has green and purple stick hair coming out of the top of his head. Big black eyes, a red happy smile with a red tongue are coming out of the left side of his mouth. He has a white circle in the middle of his stomach, and a small dot in the middle of the circle for the belly button. His left arm is thin and black and it goes out and then goes down in a curve. The hand at the end of the arm is purple and his right arm is mostly the same. It is thin and black and goes out and then goes up in a curve. At the end of the arm is his hand and it is purple. He has two feet both sticking out of the bottom of his body they are black. They are a straight lines with a oval at the bottom.
Bubble By Madeline
My monster bubble has a orange rectangle body. With a colored in triangle that is black in it and an outline of a dark green triangle around that triangle. It has four arms. The first two arms on the top are light green with red lines through them. The arms on the bottom are brown with blue lines through them. He has a purple circle head with three black hearts in a row and below that is an oval mouth that is black. It has hair that is an outline of brown. It has spiky hair that is colored in red. It has big dark green ears with a red circle in the middle. His legs are red with a turn at the end where it goes out and has three purple dots down the leg and one on the turn out.
Little Dude Monster by Sarah
This is how I describe my monster. It has a medium circle body with little curly black hair with a green hat on the little curly bumps of black hair. It has a yellow eye of the left side in the hat. The face is on the body. The body is dark orange and has thin legs that are connected to the body. The left leg has blue going down and the right leg has a red swirl at the end. Red is going down the left leg and blue at the ends. It has thick green wiggly arms that are going straight out with small orange eyes on the body. There is a black dot for a nose in the middle of my monster’s face. My monster has a black smile with a with a blue tongue coming out of the black lip.
Blue Ball by Sophia
My monster has a body as a medium light blue ball that is colored in. It has a medium black top hat that is not too big and not upside down. It has short thin curly hair that is dark blue. The hair is not upside down or too long. It has red eyes and two medium thick green legs that are not upside down. It has pink arms that are medium sized. The hands are small and purple. There are three purple fingers on each hand. He has a light pink smiley mouth with a red tongue and two small gray ears. He has a small brown nose in the middle of his face. He has a medium green star in his top hat. The body has a black outline, a regular face, and there are orange dress shoes on the bottom of the ball.
Steeler By Wilson
My monster is the shape of a square. He has four eyes and the eyes are red. On Steeler’s forehead he has a red bandana with a black cross on it. His arms are black and they bending back. At the end of each arm there is a brown money bag. Steeler’s mouth has two fangs on the side of the mouth and the three teeth in the middle are small and sharp like the fangs. Halfway in between Steeler’s body there is a black cross that goes down his body. Above the cross is all gray where the eyes are. In between the cross is a pattern that is red-gray and it is going across. It is also the same on the other side.