Mrs. Jedynak and Mrs. McCaffery's Second Grade Class

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Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Lucky Monster JoeMy monster has a brown star body. He’s got one yellow eye and two gray stretchy arms. He’s got three legs. One of them is half black and yellow and two of them were gray and brown.
mccaffery aj.jpg
Mystical Eyeball
My monster is a floating eyeball. Its body is a circle which is white. Inside is a medium circle which is green and one more circle in the middle of that which is black. It has a straight mouth with 2 upside down triangle fangs. Mystical Eyeball also has purple hair that is vertical and straight horizontally wings with black lines. He does not have a body.
mccaffery katherine.jpg

VampsterMy monster’s name is Vampster. He’s has a small diamond dark blue head. He has star eyes. The eyes are light blue with a green dot in it. He has vampire teeth. He is happy. He has orange bands on his arms. He has five long legs.
mccaffery kevin.jpg
My monster is half duck and half bat. He has a bumpy orange beak. He has one big circular green eye. It has a purple squared bald head. His two feet are webbed and slimy like a duck. He has wings on his back that allow him to fly long miles per hour. He is flying towards a full yellow moon. The sky is black as midnight.
mccaffery Stephen.jpg
My Scary MonsterMy monster has a dark red heart shaped body which is also her head. My monster has two white eyes with black pupils and pointed eyebrows. She has a thin line for a mouth and two sharp white fangs coming out of her mouth. She has no ears. My monster has two arms with no hands and two legs with no feet. My monster looks scary.
mccaffery mia.jpg
Furious FurryMy monster’s head is grey. The thick outline of his head is green. He has thick black oval shaped eyes. One is green and the other is red. He has black thin eyebrows curving near his eyes. His mouth is a semi circle that makes him look sad. His is missing a tooth on the right side. He has two red devil horns shaped like triangles. His bee shaped body is spray painted white. His name is Furious Furry.
mccaffery Remy.jpg
Monster MonHe has a square gray head with red eyes and he is breathing fire. His mouth is connected to his black body. Large rectangle wings with 3 spikes at the end and the wings are black two wings. He has a beaver tail that’s black and two rectangle black short legs. He flies low when he’s sad, he flies fast when he’s angry.
mccaffery gavin.jpg
Mary Mills.jpg
GreenieMy monster has a Granny Smith Apple green oval body with a Granny Smith Apple green circle for a head with little black circle eyes. The legs are rectangles with horizontal ovals for feet. The arms are rectangles with circles for hands and three black lines for fingernails on each hand. My monster has three black lines for tie nails on each foot. The head has two small triangle ears with pink dots inside them. She has a black circle nose, three lines on each side for whiskers and a line and smile for a mouth. In the center of her body is a pink oval. She is a brave and eager monster.
mccaffery Isla.jpg
BooMy monster is brown. He has a red line on his forehead. He has 2 eyes a little green eye and a big blue eye. He has no body, no arms, no feet. He has red lips. He has two ears on is a oval and one is a circle. The oval is on the right and the circle is on the left. He is a Head!
mccaffery abby.jpg
The Good MonsterMy monster has a heart for the body. It has a red circle for the eyes. My monster has a dark red line for the mouth and a triangle for the teeth. My monster has a line for the arms and legs. My monster has no ears and no nose.
mccaffery hannah.jpg
Frankey’s FaceMy monster’s name is Frankey. His face is a square and green. He has triangle bangs and black hair. His eyes are different sizes (an oval and a circle). He has one big black dot in each eye. Frankey’s mouth is red and smiling. He has three scars. One of them is in between his eyes, twoare on either side of his mouth. He is missing a nose!
mccaffery maggie.jpg
Queen PoochyMy monster has a large brown circular head with two small eyes. Inside the eyes are red ovals. It wears a small sun yellow crown with tiny magenta diamonds. It has long skinny eyelashes and angry eye brows. It has big white and shinny teeth with blood dripping from it. it’s tiny black nose is an oval and the skinny long brown ears are ovals. It’s short pink collar has a golden bling on the bottom. It has a long brown skinny body. It has short legs and a short tail.
mccaffery lucy.jpg
The Angry MonsterMy monster is a girl. My monster has three eyes. My monster’s eyes are circles and inside of them are violet. Her legs are like sticks. Her legs are the color of grapes. She is small. My monster doesn’t have a nose. My monster feels smooth except for the edges. My monster is angry! My monster has four teeth. She has hair almost to her feet. She had a yummy meal.
mccaffery olivia.jpg
SpherinSpherin the cold monster. His head is a big blue square. He has 2 black rectangle eyes. He has dark blue triangle horns. He has a smile always. He has no nose. His body is a red triangle. He has blue wings and no arms. He has blue rectangle legs.
mccaffery charlie.jpg
GrimMy monster has a big red oval for a head. He has three circles for the eyes. The eyes are with black pupils. He has two black triangles for the horns. He doesn’t have a nose. His mouth is a straight black line. At the corners of his mouth he has two white triangles for the teeth. He has a red oval for the belly that is smaller than the head. He has two red squares for the arms. Finally he has four rectangles for the legs.
mccaffery leo.jpg
Captain StinkyMy monster has a large round red body. He has black spots that smell like smoky rotten garbage. My monster is slimy and wet. He has skinny legs and tiny fury triangle fee. He has one round black eye that oozes sweet strawberries. My monster has gigantic thick spiky green wings. He has four red fangs that glow in the dark.

Starling the Tiny Angry Sparkling StarMy monster is a black star with a yellow diamond shaped face. His eyes are circles and his pupils are red. His eyebrows are two black straight lines pointing downward making him look angry. His mouth is a black straight line and has two black fangs with one drop of blood dripping from his right fang. He wears a white bowtie that has a black circle in the middle. He shines with white sparkles. His name is “Starling” the tiny angry sparkling star.
mccaffery anais.jpg