Miss Jackson's Second Grade Class

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Mason: My monster's head is crescent. It has one head.It's head is green.It is smooth.It is on top of the body. My monster's body is green.It has one. Everything is attached to it. He has an oval for his body.It is very bumpy.He has two arms that are on the body. Arms are smooth blue and a rectangle. He has a mouth and no nose. two legs and they are an arch and they blue and smooth and on the bottom of the body.He has two eyes and they are black and they are a circles and it on the head.He has some hair.It is the shape of a circle and it feels watery and is on the head.
Its name is the king of the jungle
The head is the shape of an oval, and it has a black outline .
My monster's body is red in the inside and the outline is red.
My monster has six legs that are black outlined feet .
My monsters eyes are black dots .
My monster's arms are arches on the middle .
My monster's mouth is curved with a black outlined.
My monster's name is Daley and she is a girl.
My monster's head is a blue diamond that is pointy and smooth.
Its arms are diamonds: two, smooth, blue,and on the body.
He has two legs, diamonds, blue, and smooth.
His body is red, has one, diamond, smooth, in the middle.
His ears are curly, look like portals, has two, hear good, look cool.
He has one mouth. It's rubbery and droolish. It's a moon. It's on the head.
And his two eyes are squishy, yellow, round, and on the head.
Other things about him are ears look like portals.Mouth is the moon.
His head is a diamond.The legs are diamonds. The eyes are circles.
His name is: Diamondy.
My monster's head is filled in with brown with a heart around it. It has two black eyes and smooth skin. It's attached to the body, and it has brown skinny antlers that look like tiny little running stick men but the head of the stick men are straight like the body of the them. Oh and the antlers are on top of the head. Next is the body so the body is really chubby and it looks like the body of a man that just ate five jumbo sized packs of nachos and 30 packs of cookies. It has a black out-line and it's filled in with white. It has my first name in it.Oh P.S my name is Eleanor. Next the arms the arms are medium sized and the hands have REALLY spikey claws and the arms and hands (besides the claws) are brown. Next is the mouth, so the mouth is curving up on each side and the lips have A LOT OF RED LIPSTICK and mouth is like an oval curve oh it's smiling with its mouth closed. Last but not least, the eyes. So eyes are have a black out-lining and there filled in brown and I mean A LOT of black. And most of all...... It's name is Titian.
My monster looks like this. Its head has a grey outline and has white in the middle. It's a oval. It's smooth. It's on the top of the body. He has 8 legs. Their lines are blue.
His mouth is black and regular. There is only 1. It has no arms or hair . His eyes are two black circles. He has one black nose. Its body is a red triangle.
My monster's name is Syra .
It has a pink face. The eyes go on the face. It has 2 red antennas.The hands are like flowers The hand color is turquoise .There are 5 circles. The eyes are black with white outline with 2 eyes.The body is a square. The body is turquoise. Her name is Olivia.
Lilli Scott:
Its belly is a circle and four lines that are blue and pink. The arms are blue and like a ex. The arms have star hands. The legs are blue and brown and they are lines. It has a square head that is blue, pink, and dark pink. The ears are red and swirly. My monster has a name it's Crazy Dayzy
Lilli Scott.jpg
My monster looks like this. Her body is square and green.
Her hair is red and straight. Her arms are blue and straight.
Her body is green and straight.Then her eyes are arched-shaped and they are red. And her ears are green and straight.
Then her nose is triangle shaped and orange. And her mouth is zigzag shape.
It is yellow. Her name is Lilly
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 80815 AM.jpg
My monster looks like this. She has one dark pink circle head with a red heart on the top. She has twelve brown arms with circles on the edge of the arms that are grey and small grey lines connected to the circles. The body is light pinkish purple with black spirals and one smaller spiral. The mouth is a darker pink than the face and two white sharp teeth with blood on them. The eyes are three spray painted yellow with small black dots on each of the three eyes. The antlers are on the top of the head and are brown with three small brown lines connected to the antlers and small circles are in between the lines oh and the circles are blue.
Her name is Lulu.
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 80933 AM.jpg
My monster looks like this. My monster's eyes are brown. I have 2 eyes on the head and my body is below my head. My body is red and is triangle. My arms are tan and connected to my body. I have 5 arms. My body is below my head. I have 6 feet below my body my feet are tan. My monster's name is Fluffy.
He has one head. It is white outlined with blue. Its shape is an arch and it feels smooth and is attached at the top of the body, He has one arm on each side of the body. They are white outlines with blue and is an arch. It has one body that is square and orange. It is attached at the middle of the monster. The mouth is curved. It is red and at the bottom of the head. The eyes are the shape of a circle. They are black and smooth. The legs are trapezoids. They are blue. They are attached at the bottom of the body.
My monster is a he. And he has two eyes. They are attached to the his face. His eyes are slimy. The color of the eyes are gray. The shape of the eyes are circle shaped. There is one mouth. It is attached to the the face. It feels very scaly. The color is brown. And It is a circle shape. There is one body. It's rainbow colored. It feels fuzzy. It's a diamond shape. It is attached to everything. There is one nose. It is a circle shape. It is purple. It feels smooth. It is attached to the face. There is one nose. There are three legs. They are attached to the body. It feels rough. They are gray, and they are straight lines. It has a circle head. The head is light green and feels scaly. It is attached to the body. There are 3 brown arms on each side of the body. The arms are straight. They feel fuzzy and are attached to the body.
My arms are grey. I have a heart head that is pink. I have hair that is blue. My ears are spiral blue. It has legs that are arches. The monster's name is Elizabeth.

My monster's body is blue and white and smooth. Its body is oval and in the middle.
My monster's head is light pink, round, and smooth. There is one and on the top.
My monster's mouth looks like a crescent. It is hot pink smooth.
My monsters eyes are bright green and two small circles.
My monsters has 6 legs they are smooth 3 on the side.
Her name is Livie.
My monster looks like this. Its head is a big pink star.
Its belly is a blue belly with a black round belly button and there is only one belly. The head is a round circle. Its legs are orange x legs. There is one x legs. It is attached on the bottom of the body.There are two green triangle arms that are attached on the side of the body with 8 black arches on each arm. There are two black round eyes with no pupils. Its mouth is a grey trapezoid and it is smooth.
My monster is a girl. Her body is attached to everything. It is round and blue with a black heart on it. She has one head. It is a red heart. It is attached to her body. She has 1 black smile.Her eyes are 2 black circles. Her arms are connected to the belly. They are two lines, and it feels smooth. The color is purple. Her legs are a line. They're attached to her belly. There are only two. They are purple.My monster's name is candy.
My monster has 2 blue heads that are at the top of the body. They are circles and they are smooth. It has 1 red body that is an oval and is smooth. It has a black mouth on each head. It has 2 white eyes on each head that are circles.It is has legs that are rectangles and they are smooth and black and small.
My monster looks like a big girl. She is a ginormous friend and she has no hair. She has 17 legs and her legs are placed on the bottom. She has spiral arms .The color is green. Her eyes are red. My monster is named Honeymoon .