Mrs. Bradley's Second Grade Class

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My monster looks like this.It has a rectangular smooth blue head.
It has rectangular teal body with a big purple x.It has 2 crescent
Blue arms and it has to more crescent blue legs.My monster's name is
rectangle x.

1 pie.jpg
Pie (2):My monster looks like this.My head is my body it is a circle it has a big purple eye.
My arms are like a big squiggle and blue.My legs are a red rectangle and small.
My mouth is a red crescent.My era's are a little blue triangle.My monster's name is
squiggly Willy.
2 Pie2.jpg
York:My body looks like this. My hair looks like small fuzzy purple.
My mouth looks like a spiral blue and medium. My body is round and with an orange circle and a blue blob. Green arms.and blue legs. He has a purple head with a blue x on it.
It's name is Rankin.
3 York.jpg
Audrey:My monster looks like this. It has one green horn on top of its head.It has one furry head.The head is a circle. The body is blue.The body is under the head. The body is a oval. The arms are beside the body. The are pink and purple. The feet are yellow hearts. The mouth is red and the eyes are green.My monster's name is Birthday Monster
4 Audrey.jpg
Rankin:My head is shaped like a circle and it is white. I have yellow and black eyes. My arms are blue. My arms are shaped like a rectangle. My body is a square. It is also blue. My antlers are brown. My legs are square and tiny. My monster's name is Rankin.
5 Rankin.jpg
My monster looks like this. lts head is blue. It is round and smooth. It is on the top of the body. Its arms are rectangles. There are two: they are yellow and smooth. They are on the side of the body .Its body is pink with a blue heart. It is a square and smooth. Its mouth is a sideways crescent. It is red, smooth, and on my face. It's eyes are circles with black dots. there are two. They are in the middle of the face. Its legs are lines and they are orange and yellow with stripes. They are at the bottom of the body. There are five legs. Its horns are triangles. They are green. There are two on the top of the body.
6 Emerson.jpg
Olivia:My Monster looks like this. My arms are rectangle, green, smooth, and connected to the body. My head is round but its head is its body. My mouth smiles, is black, smooth, and on my head . The eyes are circle, white, smooth. There is one body pink and fluffy. The head is the body. legs are green rectangles. The horns are light blue ,pointed, on head. Wings are purple, big, fuzzy. Antennas are dark blue, long, fuzzy. Fuzzies is my monsters name.
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 82542 AM 2.jpg
My monster looks like this. My head is a green circle made of fur. My arms are yellow and arch. They are fur. My monster's mouth is a red circle one. My monster's body is a circle. My monster legs are two yellow fur crescents. My monster's eyes are two black circles. My monster's name is Sarah
8 Harper.jpg
My monster looks like this. Its head is a circle, the color is black. It is rough. It is on the top. The arms look like this: the arm has lines. The arms are black. They are scratchy. The number of arms is 19. The body is a circle. The body is red. It has scary face.My monster's name is Romulus.
9 Tabb.jpg
My monster looks like this. My hair has one yellow star. It is spiky and is on top of the head.I have one head. It is shaped like an arch.It is smooth and it's on top of the body.I have two arms.They are both orange. They are both on the sides of my body.i have one mouth.It's an upside down is pink and smooth.I have two eyes shaped like dots they are in the middle of my head. My legs are orange they are rectangles
they are peach and on the bottom of my body. My body is square with a x in the middle.
10 Austin.jpg
My monster looks like this.It has a smooth black triangle head.It has two rough black rectangle arms.It has two smooth black circle eyes.It has two soft blue square legs.It has one black crescent mouth.It has one soft orange rectangle body.
11 Joshua.jpg
My monster looks like this.My monster's head has lasers.His head is very fat.His head is green.He is holding a moon. Its mouth is pink. His eyes are yellow with black stripes
in them.His legs are small, gray, fat, green.This monster's name is The Big Fat Blob.
Graham 2.jpg
12 Graham.jpg
Graham (2):
My monster looks like this.It is blue.Its eyes are white and black.Shell is tan.His eyes are small and round.His shell is big and round. My monster is small.This monster's name is Bubby.
13 Graham 2.jpg
My monster has a smooth round lite green head.
She has two black curly antennas on top of her head.
She has one pink circle and triangle bow on top of her head.
She has one black and white circle eye in the middle of her head.
She has two straight orange arms on the side of her body.
She has no body.Her head is her body.
She has two red rectangle legs.
And she has one brown circle mouth under her eye.
14 Kate.jpg
My monster looks like this.My body is big ,round soft and turquoise.My head is big, round ,soft, turquoise and attached on top of the body.My legs are round, soft turquoise and there are three on top.My arms are three circles, turquoise and soft.My eyes are small, blue and round.My mouth is a crescent and it is blue and small.My
monster's name is Montana.
15 Lizzy.jpg
My monster look like this. Its head is a star and pink, The body is a square and the color is hot pink. The legs trapezoid and it has 25 arms. The mouth is a smiley face and ist hair looks like there is cloud. It is black and dark. The eyes are circle and black .
16 Jamie.jpg
My monster looks like this. He has two arms that are orange, a straight line, smooth and there are two on the side of the body. The body is orange, an oval, smooth and in the center of the body. The ears are orange, spiky, a triangle, and two one both top sides of the head. The nose is orange, an open triangle, smooth, and under the eyes. The head is orange, a circle, smooth and on top of the body. The eyes are a white circle with a smaller black circle inside, smooth and on the face of the head. The legs are orange, rectangle and square, rough and underneath the body. The hands are orange, a circle, rough and connected to the arms. There is one mouth and it's crescent with triangles, black teeth and a white mouth, smooth and on the face below the nose. My monster's name is Tiana.

My eyes circle on the head black and there are four. My hair is five brown soft rectangles on the head. Boxes square pink spiky above arms.My head is one green circle, soft on the top. My mouth are two rectangles, red and smooth under the eyes.
My legs two red skinny lines below body.My body is one green circle. My arms are two pink soft rectangles below boxes. My monster's name is Zox.

My monster's shape is a circle.He is purple and smooth.There are two purple arms and they are attached to the head. The legs are 2, smooth, and purple. His Feet and hands are blue and oval. The antenna are spiral and smooth.His name is Bob.
Cannon 2.jpg
19 cannon.jpg
Cannon (2):
My monster has one head. It's smooth, black, round and attached to his legs and arms. The arms and legs are smooth, black, rectangle, 2 each and attached to head.His two eyes are black and yellow. The mouth is a crescent with sharp teeth and a red mouth.It has a antenna with a spiral 2, rectangle and black purple spiral.His name is Jeff.
Cannon 2.jpg
My monster has a blue body, and the body is in the middle. It has two skinny rectangle orange arms and legs. The legs are on the bottom of the body and the arms are on the middle of the body. The head is on the top of the body. It's a circle. It's light blue. It's eyes
are green and are above mid way. It has a purple nose and the nose is in the middle of the head. Its horns are on the top of the head and it has two horns and they are orange .It has two big wings and they are yellow it has a smile and the smile is purple.