Ms. Jones' Second Grade Class - Group 5 Simmonetti

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Monster Name: Tom Grace By: Tamaya C
His head is medium. The color of its head is green.
His eyes are big the color of his eyes is gray.
His nose is a small circle and the color of his nose is green.
His mouth is scary the color is gray.
He has no hair.
His body is shaped like a circle and it is orange with yellow, red and green hearts on him.
His legs are thin and gray they are on his body.
He has two arms they are gray and two bracelets on each arm the color is red.
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Monster Name: Loveliy By: Angelique P
She has a white medium round face.
She has white heart eyes that are one her face.
She does not have a nose.
She is happy and she is sticking her red tongue out and has a white mouth.
She has long grey hair.
She has a big donut body with four small hearts that are purple red blue at
She has skinny legs and feet that are red.
She has long orange heart arms.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 3.jpg
Monster Name: Rose By: Allison M
She has a black circle head.
She has 7 green eyes.
Rose has 3 yellow nose.
She has 1 yellow mouth.
Rose has brown hair.
Rose has a rectangle body.
Rose has 6 legs. They are brown legs and green legs.
She has 6 hands green hands and black.
She has a bow.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 4.jpg
Monster Name: Kailey By: Hailey
She has a circle head. She has an orange head. It is medium.
She has 2 eyes that are black.
She has 12 noses. They are black.
She has sharp mouth her mouth is black.
She has crazy hair. It is red and orange.
She has a normal body. Her body is red.
She has orange stick legs.
She has red horns.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 12.jpg
Monster Name: Monster Snoman By: Jayden P
He has one purple head.
He has two green eyes.
He has 1 orange nose.
He has a green mouth.
He has no hair.
He has two bodies one is red and one is blue.
He has two brown legs.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 11.jpg
Monster Name: Freedy By: Jayden B
He has a brown cylinder shaped head.
He has gray circle eyes.
No nose.
He has white pointy teeth.
No hair.
He has a brown oval body with black tears all over.
He has brown skinny legs.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 15.jpg
Monster Name: Febary By:Dylan W
The head is big circle and its yellow head.
No eyes
No nose
No mouth
No hair
No body
It has skinny legs that are yellow
The arms are skinny and yellow
Monster Name: Athune By: Noel F
He has circle medium red head.
He has two triangle small red eyes.
He has one triangle small yellow nose.
He has a small red mouth and has a blue and green teeth.
He has yellow long hair.
He has a square big green body.
He has long blue fat legs.
He has two medium long red arms and one green small neck to and eight skinny fingers.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 7.jpg
Monster Name: Doba libre By: Joseph C
He has a long orange half circle head.
He has two dot eyes.
He does not have a nose
He has four triangle teeth on the top row and on the bottom he has upside down red colored ones of the top row. He has a red tongue that is sticking out.
He has spikey red hair. It is multiple triangles.
He has a round body that’s orange but it has red upside down spikes to.
His legs begin with upside down red spikes the rest of them are orange.
His right arm is orange. It starts with a triangle and then it’s a circle part with four orange fingers. The other one is the same except the top part is a circle.
Monster Name: Cute girl By: Prihanna L
She has a circle head.
She has brown eyes.
The nose shape like a triangle.
She has a medium mouth.
She has long brown.
She has a medium sized body.
She has medium sized legs.
She has 2 arms and a hump
on its head. She was winking. She is saying I‘m so cute yes.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 14.jpg
Monster Name: Cat By: Isabella M
She has a circle head because she is mad out of snow and it is white.
She has brown eyes.
She does have a nose.
She has a circle mouth with sharp teeth.
She has straight hair and it is red.
Her body is 3 circles and is made of snow with black buttons.
She has no legs.
She has stick arms with three finger that are brown.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 10.jpg
Monster Name: Love Love By: Paulette
She has a brown small circle head outline brown.
She has red outline heart eyes.
She has no nose.
She has an open small with sharp teeth.
She has a black ponytail.
It has a long square orange belly shirt.
She has black hair rectangle legs.
She has two rectangle orange arms.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 6.jpg
Monster Name: Snowcool By: Aidan Z
He has a medium circle head on the top. He has red circle ears.
He has two yellow eyes on his face.
My monster has a small orange nose. It is a triangle it is under his eyes.
He has a half circle green mouth it is at the top.
He has purple hair at the top.
He has a round medium red body at the bottom.
He has green legs at the bottom.
He has one tail it is red and he has two yellow medium arms there are 3 finger on each hand.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 5.jpg
Monster Name: Silly G By: Gabrielle N
She has an oval head. That is black.
She only has one eye that is blue.
She has a red circle nose.
She has a red mouth that is open.
She has a ponytail on top of her head and color is gray. There is a blue bow on top of her ponytail.
Her body and her arms are black. Her body is a circle.
Her legs are black legs that are rectangle.
She has a bow that is blue and red.
She has stars in the middle of body.
She has 2 bracelets on her hands.
Simmonetti Feb 24, 2017, 12.35 PM page 16.jpg
Monster Name: Quen hearts By: Meleny V.
She has a circle head it is white.
She has circle 2 eyes it has eye lashes.
She does not have a nose.
She has circle mouth white pointed teeth.
She has wavy hair it is brown.
She has a snowman body.
She does not have legs.
She has a rainbow crown. She has two hearts on her rainbow dress and heart powers.
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