Ms. Jones' Second Grade Class - Group 4 McFarland

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Monster Name: Happy Monster By: Christian D.
His head is a circle and his color is orange and he has red cheeks.
He has small eyes and the eyes are green.
His nose is sharp and its orange and it’s a rectangle.
His mouth has a smile and some sharp teeth and they are gray.
His hair is blue and spiky
His body is yellow and red and orange. It shaped like a kidney.
His legs are yellow and skinny.
His arms are yellow and short. His fingers are orange. He has 3 fingers on each hand.
He has horns each side.
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Monster Name: Donut Guy By: William C
He has a small green triangle head.
My monster has three circle eyes in the middle of his face.
He has no hair.
He has a big donut belly and the color of it is orange and yellow with tiny sprinkles that are green, brown, and blue.
My monster has no nose.
He has a small u shaped mouth.
He has five legs attached to his lower body.
He has one fat neck.
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Monster Name: Moon Man By: Lex T
He has a circle head it is big.
He has two eyes. One is green and one is blue.
He does not have a nose.
It has a half circle mouth with four teeth.
It has two legs his feet are sharp his feet are circles.
He does not have hair. He has two yellow ears.
His body has a green part a yellow part and a blue strip it is a
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Monster Name: Li La By: Moriah C
Her head is a square red medium head.
Her eyes are brown square little eyes on the top of her face.
Her nose is a circle black nose.
Her mouth is like a moon and its blue.
Her hair is spiky and blue also yellow.
Her body is like a chair and pink.
Her legs are a small green and on the bottom of her bottom.
It does not have arms at all.
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Monster Name: Strong Man By: Jacob P.
He has a square head with grey and blue.
He doesn’t have any eyes.
He doesn’t have a nose.
He has a black smile mouth
He has red spikey hair.
He has a green round body.
He has red rectangle legs
He has orange hands.
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Monster Name: Scarey Monster By: Aiden H
He as a big rainbow circle Head.
He has no eyes.
He has a backward L shaped nose.
He has a rectangle brown mouth.
He has purple and blue hair on his forehead.
His body is a flat square orange body.
He has pink and orange shoes on each side.
He has a scary face.
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Monster Name: Cupcake Sprinkle Pie By: Briseis H.
She has a silver medium pom pom head.
She has 1 eye with a pink pupil and 3 eyelashes. The eye is in the middle of her face.
It doesn’t have a nose.
She has a smiley face with 2 sharp fangs.
Silver hair on its head.
It does not have a body.
It doesn’t have legs.
She has black and blue wings with pink polka dots on its wings. The wings are on her back. She has a pink and blue skirt with a gold paw print and a pink heart tattoo on her face. She has small pink horns on her head. And a chocolate chip cookie bow.
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Monster Name: Leuy By: Mariella
My monster has a blue and big head and it`s round.
It has long red eye lashes and big grey eyes that are circles.
She has a black and a sharp nose.
It has big sharp teeth and a big smile that is a moon.
She has very long pretty brown hair.
Her body is pretty dress and it is pink also the purple is at the top.
She has two big long blue legs and her legs are at the bottom.
She has a lollipop that she`s licking and red shoes and her lollipop is pink and purple.
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Monster Name: Peashe By: Ayden F
His head is medium sized, round, circle, and black. It`s found on the top of his body.
He has 2, small, gray, circle, and round eyes. They`re found on the top of his head.
His nose has one gray big sized nostril. It`s very long and very pointy. It is in the middle of his head. It looks like a cone. It`s green.
He has a mouth with 8 yellow teeth. They are found on the very bottom of his head. 4 teeth are flat and rectangle. They`re found on the bottom of his mouth. It`s shaped like a crescent moon on its side.
He has no hair.
His body is huge and looks like a donut. It`s found over his legs.
His legs are very hairy and long. They're skinny. He has 2 rectangle legs. The 2 legs are found under his donut body.
He has 2 ginormous purple shoes with blue laces. They are found under his legs and his shoes are an oval. He has no arms.
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Monster Name: Aleasha By: Amiya

She has a circle and white head.
His eyes are like rain drops.
Her nose is a line with 2 circles on each side.
His legs are straight and blue with a point.
Her hair is two pointy pig tails they are black.
It is like a smiley face it is red
Her body is a square shape it says, You, Me, Meal. It is red in the middle, a black stripe down the right side, and a green stripe down the left side.
Her ears are gray and also like rain drops.
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Monster Name: Queen Bee By: Tamear Wise
She has a triangle pink head.
She has 2 small eyes.
She has a cat nose.
She has a cat mouth.
She does not have hair.
She has 2 squares for a body. The square on top is yellow with 2 blue hearts on it. The square on the bottom is green.
She has 2 gray straight lines for legs.
She has a tan crown with gold, silver and orange circle on the points.
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Monster Name: Cakerainbow By: Sadia J
She has a cake on top of her body. It has candles on it. The cake is yellow.
My monster has two blue eyes. My monster has gray on her eyes. My monster has circle eyes on her body.
She has no nose.
Her teeth have red triangles she has 11 teeth in her mouth.
She has no hair.
Her body has hearts on her body. She has three hearts on the top of her body and on the side of her body she has four. She has a big yellow body her body has pink stripes she has a rainbow shaped body.
She has no legs.
Her eye brows are pink on her body they are shaped like hats.
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Monster Name: Snuggles By: AngelinaT
She has a big head it is shaped like a thumb and it is
She has cylinder eyes she has big white eyeballs with blue pupils.
She has a medium nose and it is a L shape. It is above her mouth.
She has a half of a circle with pointy teeth.
She has straight hair and it is on her head.
She has an orange body with a blue heart.
She has no legs.
She has a crown on her head and it is green.
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Monster Name: Tim By: Madeo C.
It has two blue horns on the top of its head and two green hands connected to its head. Its head is a big blue triangle.
It has a big purple eye in the middle of its face.
He has two rectangle orange legs that connects to its head.
He has an oval red mouth with green sharp teeth.
He has no nose.
He has no body.
He has no hair.
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Monster Name: Pika By: Kyle R.
My monster head is a gray medium rectangle.
My monster eyes are shaped like gray circles on his face.
My monster doesn’t have a nose.
My monster mouth is shaped like a gray u.
My hair is tall and red on my head.
My monster body is shaped like a big gray circle and have two blue short arms and he`s fat and the color in the body is blue orange and purple green and yellow.
My monster has blue skinny legs it is connected to my body.
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Monster Name: Flame Ball Fox By: Hope N
It has a red circle head that’s medium.
It has one small circle eye that’s on the right on the face.
It has a black oval nose that’s medium.
It has a cat mouth and its attached to the nose and its black.
It doesn’t have any hair.
It has on the top left is black and red. The bottom is green with a thin black line in the middle and it has a purple butt.
It has two medium blue legs in the front that’s a rectangle and two medium green legs in the back that’s a rectangle, too.
The tail is on the top is purple and the rest is pink. On the back is four green spikes with flames in between and a medium flame above it. It has a black
eyepatch on the face and its whole body is medium.
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Monster Name: Link By: IndiaW
He has a big pink round head.
He has two purple round eyes his eyes is on his face.
He has a little round grey nose.
He has a grey smile mouth.
He has no hair.
He has a square body with four rectangles.
He has red wiggle legs his leg are on the bottom.
He has two gold wiggle ears.
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