Mrs. Jones' Second Grade Class - Group 3 Guht

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Redrawn Picture
Monster Name: Spikey By: Jake B
He has a medium round swirly head. It is red. He has two round eyes. One on one side and one on the other. They are blue. He has one triangle nose. In the middle of his face that is green. He has a spikey mouth. His mouth is yellow. He does not have any hair. He does not have a body.He has straight legs that are orange. His arms are orange and straight. Also it lives in a cave.
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Monster Name: One Eye Monster By: Ahllwena
He has a green and circle medium head. He has one circle eye that is blue and medium with glasses. He has one circle black small nose. He has a squiggly black small mouth and sharp teeth that is white. He has no hair. He has a rainbow rectangle medium body. He has 4 green straight small legs.
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Monster Name: Bone-Ear
By: Jayla.P
She has one small head it is green. It is a circle. It has two bone ears on both sides. She has ten gray circle eyes. She has four small gray triangle noses. She has three white small spiked teeth. She has two long strips of purple hair. She has ten blue hands and a blue belly with six gray stripes. It is an oval
belly. She has twelve small yellow legs. She has a brown arrow in her hand and everything is scribbly.
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Monster Name: Mothy By: Lucas F
His head is brown. His head is a big circle. He has two mouths with sharp teeth. It is medium and it is green.His body is orange. That is a medium rectangle. He has four legs and spikes that are black. His legs are medium. He has three arms on each side that are black. He does not have a nose, eyes or hair.
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Monster Name: Deth Ray
By: Cadden M
He has two small circle heads. One is yellow and one is orange. He has two small eyes on each head. On the orange head one eye is dangling. It does not have a nose. He has a small red mouth on the right side. On the left head it has none. His yellow head has 5 small snakes for hair. He has a large rainbow body. He has skinny rainbow legs. The left leg is hairy. He has a BIG hammer in the left arm. The left arm is very big and spiky. He has a big green snake for the right arm.
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Monster Name: Dedly Foe
By: Janiah R
He has a circle head and it has 2 ears on top of the head and three whiskers.His head is orange. He has two tiny circle gray eyes. He has pointy nose that is orange. It is a triangle small nose. It has no mouth. He has hair only on its tail. My monster has an oval orange body and it says Dedly danger. He has two stick legs that have three claws on both feet are orange. It has a tail that is oval and it as black and red. My monster lives in a haunted house and he’s a boy.
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Monster Name: Bad-Breath-Turtles By: Ava B
He has no head. He has one black and red cat eye right over his mouth. He has no nose. He has yellow teeth and a red mouth behind the yellow teeth. And his mouth is oval.He has very soft purple fur. He has a huge purple poof-ball. He has black skinny arms. He has long black skinny chicken legs. There is a floating hat over his head that is black and blue. It is huge. It lives in the jungle. Sometimes he will go to the sea for fun. He likes to eat fish, whales, sharks, people, and seagulls!
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Monster Name: Dr.Heart
By: Cameron K.
She has a medium sized head. She has one head. It is a brown head. Dr. Heart has a blue elf ear. She has four eyes. They are triangles. They are also purple. It does not have a nose. She has two mouths. She has one pointed tooth in each mouth. Her teeth are white and in the inside it is green. She has red hair. It is stringy. She has three pieces of hair. It is a rectangle and it is red and then there is a big green circle in the middle and it has a heart in the middle of the green circle. The heart is purple. She has one leg. It is red. She has a medium sized leg. She has a tail and the tail is yellow, stringy, and two straight spikes at the end. She has a shoe and it is green and the shoe has black strings to tie it. The shoe is a rectangle.
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Monster Name: Spicky By: La’Naya C.
He has a green medium round head. It has 12
spikes around the outside of his head.He has one
big black eye and a little one black one. Also
they are thick.He has three dot noses and they are
black.He has four squiggly mouths. They are
medium.He has a round orange body with stripes
on his stomach. His stomach is medium. He has
blue spikes around his body.He has 2 black spiky
legs and they are long. His legs are skinny.He has
a shark fin on the top of his head and four gray
tails. His shark fin is skinny and gray.
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9 la'naya.jpg9 la'naya2.jpg
Monster Name: Color Man
By: Christopher
He has a horizontal striped orange, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, brown, black and very big light bulb shaped head. He has a black circle normal eye. He does not have a nose. He has a black line mouth. He does not have hair. Its body is a red rectangle. His 2 legs are blue normal looking legs. He has 2 hands. The left is yellow and right purple. They are rectangle and normal.
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10 christopher2.jpg
Monster Name: Summer Amsog By: Karli M
Her head is a round circle and is yellow. Her eyes are a triangle shape and her eyes are yellow. Her triangle nose is a yellow. She has blue and purple hair and it is long. Her body is yellow and circle. Her legs are yellow and skinny. She has eight yellow rectangle arms.
11 karli2.jpg11 karli.jpg
Monster Name: Spike
By: John
He has a big rectangle head. He has boney ears and a red head. He has a white triangle eyes with a circle inside. He has one triangle
nose. That is yellow. He has two teeth that are triangle. Which is yellow. He has wave hair. That is gray. He has a circle for his belly the belly is black, brown and purple belly and two green arms. He has two squiggly legs. That are white. He has one tail. That is orange.
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Monster Name: Monster Werdou by Zander.T
He has 4 heads. Two of his heads are orange. One is brown. One is purple and brown. He has 14 eyes in all. 3 heads have 3 eyes each and 1 head has 5 eyes. He does not have a nose. All of the heads have a frown. He does not have hair. Its body is circle with hair all around it and it is green. He has black skinny legs. He has circle feet. It has a hat on the right top head.
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Monster Name: Mastash Queen By: Genevieve M
She has a big circle head and it’s green. She has small squares eyes that are yellow. She has a square nose that is big and the color is brown. It’s a sharp mouth that is white. She has boy and girl hair that is red and black. She has a swirl body that is purple. She has lots of legs. They are green legs and they are small. She is wearing glasses and a crown.
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