Ms. Jones' Second Grade Class - Group 2 Yu

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Monster Name: Tick-Tickle By: Leah
He has a big green face. It is a circle.
He has 2 big yellow circle eyes.
The center of his eyes a small blue circles.
He has a big greenish bluish nose. it is a long oval right between his eyes.
He has a big black mouth.
His big black mouth is shaped like a watermelon.
He has purple shaggy hair on the top of his head.
He has 2 blue ears and a brown oval body.
He has 4 little blue legs and a little blue tail.
He has a red rectangle tongue he has blue whiskers on the side of his face.
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Monster Name: Six Arms By: D’Karie J
My monster’s face is red and circular and medium under the flames.
He has yellow circle small glowing eyes.
He has no nose.
He is really mad and mean and yelling. Also it has an upside down mouth.
His hair has red, yellow and orange triangular flames at the tip of his head.
He has a wizard coat with flames covering it also six arms attached.
He has black long rectangular legs.
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Monster Name: Horsey By: Aidan
My monster has a black horse head.
He has a circle eye. His eye is red.
He has a triangle nose. His nose is red.
He does not have a mouth.
He does not have hair.
His body is a big oval. It is pointed at the bottom. His body is blue on the top and purple on the bottom.
It does not have legs.
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Monster Name: Mr. Firecracken By: Chase A
He has a big oval head that is on its side. It is white.
He has 2 big black eyes with small yellow irises and tiny red eyes pupils.
Its nose connects its eyes. It is small and gray rectangle with tiny nostrils top in the middle.
Its mouth is a big sharp black and red mouth on the top in the middle on the right.
His hair is dark gray and some white spots. There is a medium sized Mohawk the very top in the middle.
His body is a square half red and half green with a brown belly button in the middle.
He has medium green rectangle legs bottom left and right.
He has left and right black skinny arms, a brown and black belly button that is round. It has red fingers on the left and right oval shaped hands.
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Monster Name: Rion By: Ella C.
His head is a big orange tear drop shape.
His eyes are green.
He has two circle eyes. He has one small eye and one big eye.
His nose is a big triangle. It is yellow.
His mouth is green. It is shaped like an upside down letter C. It is small mouth.
He does not have any hair.
He does not have a body.
He does not have legs.
He has six arms. That are three on each side.
He has one orange, one yellow and one green arm on each side. He has glasses.
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Monster Name: Amanda by: Dakota
Her head is shaped like a long football it is outlined in red.
My monster eyes are green and they are a circle.
My monsters nose is brown and it is a triangle.
My monsters mouth is green with a red tongue it.
It is shaped like a ’c’ on its back.
My monster’s hair is purple and it is on the top of her head.
She does not have a body.
My monster has one small purple leg.
My monster has red glasses.
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Monster Name: Tiffany Flower By: Ky’Leigh N
My monster head is bumpy and orange it is shaped like a half oval.
My monster has one eye in a circle in the middle of her face.
My monster does not have a nose.
My monster has 4 spikey teeth in the middle.
My monster hair 8 red petals around her head.
My monster body is circle. The top half is purple and the bottom is blue.
My monster legs are pointed and green.
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Monster Name: Love Monster By: Noelaa
My monster’s head is a diamond. It is green and medium.
It has rectangle eyes color yellow.
Its nose a diamond bright red nose.
It has pencil colored gray lips.
It has red, black, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple hair into a circle.
It has an owlish body colored green. It has a red heart in the middle and fat arms.
It has two fat and skinny legs with 3 toes.
It has colorful hearts all around.
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Monster Name: Scary Spider By: Shawn G
My monsters head is a read circle he has black spikes all around it.
He has black eyes that are shaped like half. circle
He has a small black nose and it is a circle.
He has black sharp fangs for a mouth.
He has brown hair going to left and right.
He does not have a body.
He has 28 legs that are yellow and they are lines.
He has two big red horns on top of his head and all around his head.
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Monster Name: Ce-Ce Pie By: Makuo N.
Her head is a square yellow head.
Her eyes are little brown ovals.
Her nose is a purple cat nose.
Her red mouth is a doodle.
Her hair is purple and spiked and sharp.
Her body is like a fat green donut with stars and hearts all around. It is blue in the middle.
Her legs are orange and soft.
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Monster Name: Mrs. Clarie By: Nurbanu S.
Her head is orange it is big square.
Her eyes are circle and blue she has black eye lashes.
Her nose is a small blue rectangle.
Her mouth is red and she is smiling.
Her long hair is blue she has a big red bow on top of her head.
She has a straight body and it is like a square.
She is wearing a red shirt and a blue skirt.
Her legs are skinny they are orange and she has yellow shoes.
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Monster Name: Cat Girl By: Daniel C
Its head is a circle and it is yellow it is a medium yellow circle.
The eyes are the size of a raindrops. They are red.
My monster does not have a nose.
The mouth has two humps like a letter m on the top and a half circle on the bottom.
Its hair is black and it is shooting to the right side of her head.
The body is three circles. Each circle has a pink heart inside. The circles are orange, green and blue.
She has one brown leg and one black leg.
She has pink hearts on top of her feet.
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Monster Name: Slogokop By: Ethan C
His head is round and it's big and brown.
His eyes are closed their shaped as a circle.
His nose is a rectangle and light brown and its left.
His mouth yellow and the lips are yellow.
He has no hair just a black hat.
His left side colors are brown on the other side it's orange and in the middle there's blue, green and red.
He has reddish legs they're the same color.
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Monster Name: Rob By: Nicholas R
His head is shaped like an oval. His head has brown on it.
His eyes are shaped like a circle. His eyes are yellow.
His nose is shaped like a circle. His nose is yellow.
His mouth is down.
His hair is brown. His hair is pointing up. He has wavy hair. His hair is on the top.
His body is big.
His legs are tiny. His legs have orange boots.
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