Ms. Jones' Second Grade Class - Group 1 Beibel

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Monster Name: Tool Blast By:James M
His head is a black and gray square TV mad like a beast.
He has two circle angry eyes.
His nose is a green and triangle nose and like a pig nose.
He has white sharp teeth sharp like a shark he has six sharp teeth.
He has golden antennas with wires.
His body is a big brown box with yellow tape in the middle
His has three small little wheels on each side.
He Has electrical wires. It can split apart and shock you. It never gets defeated.
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Monster Name: Singarella By: Molly
She has a big horn on her head at the top. Her head is circle and it’s orange.
Her eyes are one tiny line.
She doesn’t have a nose!
Her mouth is as happy as a dolphin.
Her hair is facing up with curves everywhere.
Her body is shaped like a rectangle but with curves at the sides.
She doesn’t have legs.
Her skin is orange. Her wings are purple. Her tail is red.
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Monster Lockness By: Eliut R
His head is blue and he has a dinosaur head and his head is big.
His eyes are red and his eyes are circle and his eyes glow in night.
His nose is blue and his nose is a square and his nose is like water.
He has teeth inside his mouth and his mouth is red and his mouth blows fire.
He doesn't have any hair.
His body is blue and his body is shaped like a boat.
His legs are sharp and his legs are a stretched out diamond. His legs are on the bottom of his body.
His neck is long and curved like the letter C. His tail is blue and it long and a claw on the end and he is a little monster.
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Monster Name: The Riper By: Isaiah
He has an oval head.
He has an eye patch.
He has a triangle nose.
He has a shut mouth.
His hair is red, pink, and blue.
He has a circle body and he has square hands.
He has curved legs.
He has a poison shield.
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Monster Name: Skogin By Ben
He has a medium circle green head. It has a gray horn shooting out of the top of its head.
He has 1 big red eye right next to his horn.
He has a small circle gill under his horn.
He has a strong mouth that is black.
He has no hair.
He has a blue stripe green body.
He has four wacky legs that look like spears. They are green in color.
He has 2 wings that are blue with dots of red.
He has an unusual tail shaped like a rock and roll guitar that is red and black.
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Monster Name: Hiley Bite By: Paola
She has a big round oval green head.
She has two big circle eyes with two little black dots.
She has a green nose shaped like a u.
She has a circle mouth with black teeth.
Her hair is big yellow straight hair going to the right.
She has an oval body. She is wearing a pink sweater and an orange shirt.
She has 2 little legs with brown pants.
She is wearing a gold necklace and she has green skin.
Monster Name: Jaws By: Amelia V
He has a small square green head.
His eyes are circle and looks mad. He has one thick eye brow on top of his eyes.
His nose is a small green triangle.
He has a small white mouth with two sharp teeth.
He has black hair that’s not crazy. A little of his hair goes on his face above his eye brow.
His body is attached to his head and it is rectangular.
He doesn’t have legs, just little black feet.
He is wearing a little red tie on his chest and a black cape.
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Monster Name: Bigger Foot By: Nicolas T
Biggerfoot has a medium brown oval head.
He has small black eyes shaped like sunglasses. His eyes look angry he has angry eyebrows.
He doesn’t have a nose
His mouth is medium half circle mouth and it is black.
His hair color is dark brown.
His body is a big oval.
His legs are big brown and the shape is rectangle.
He has four toes. His toe color is brown.
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Monster Name: KK By: Alexis F
It has a big green square head.
It has orange and yellow eyes.
Nose It has a small circle nose.
It has a half a circle mouth.
She has two pony tails that are red and blue
It is circle it has hearts in it
Her legs are green and orange.
She has eyebrows. She is mad and happy
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Monster Name: The Scariest in the World By: Matthew F.
Her head is an oval brown head.
The eyes are round and yellow.
Her nose is half of an oval.
Her mouth is oval and it is red.
She has long yellow hair going down to her shoulders
Her body is a brown oval.
She does not have any legs.
She is wearing a black necklace.
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Monster Name: Vampire Ampire By: Dyshamir M
It is a rectangle green big head with a green big rectangle face
It has gray rectangle hair.
It has a green big circle nose.
He has two gray rectangle legs.
He has two eyes that are little dots.
His body is a big black rectangle suit
He has a white triangle mouth with two little teeth.
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Monster Name: Frankstein By: Kayla
He has a green head that is square and it is big.
He has circle eyes they are black.
He has a half circle nose it is black.
He has a green smile .
He has red hair that is spikey.
He has a purple vest and a yellow shirt. He has brown pants. .
His legs are very long.
He has brown shoes.
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Monster Name: Lighting/Freezing/Firebreathing Blaster By: Deion S
He has two red heads and one yellow head. They are medium circles.
He has three eyes on each head.
He has no nose.
He has two teeth on his yellow head, he has five on his red head, four on is red head.
He has two red spikes on his red head on the left. He has three blue spikes on his red head in the middle. He has three yellow spikes on his yellow head.
His body looks like a coat hanger that is red and orange and blue.
He has one red leg on the right side and one orange leg on the left side.
It breathes fire and ice and lighting. He is very large and he has two small hands that are red. He is a beast.
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