Mrs. Aitkin's First Grade Class

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Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
This is my monster
He is fire it is the color orange and yellow.
He has fire eyesthat are kind of big thecolor is orange and yellow.
With a black pupil in the middle of his eyes the eyes are kind of attached to eachother below his eyes in the middle of both there is a orange nose. His teath is the color of fire that is orange and yellow that is sharp inside his mouth it is black he has horns stripped orange and yellow. His face skin is the coloryellow. He has a big bellythat is yellow in the outside of his belly in the middle there is another belly that is the color orange his belly is striped he has a tail that is yellow and in the top of his tail is fire red and yellow his legs can`t be seen in the drawing. And he has red and yellow fire around him.
That is my monster
My bright pink monster

My monster looks like an Octopus but it has 13 tentacles. 3 on the left 4 on the right and the rest of the nine are in the bottom.
She has a light bright pink color for her body.
She also is holding a dark red egg that is a quarter big like her. My monster has fuzzy purple shading around her tentacles. Her mouth has four rectangular teeth and she has a half a monster is 13cm tall in including her nine tentacles in the bottom.
My monster eye has a red circle and a small black dot inside the red circle and she also has a
Black circle traced around her red circle. And she is 16 cm fat.THAT IS MY MONSTER!!!.
The blue ball monster

One big circle body with 2 skinny arms and The body is blue. The eye it has some lines of red and blue and have a big smile. The feet is skinny the toe is fat. The eye is like a diamond eye and one eye and the teeth has yellow stuff and food on his teeths.
The Mobster

This monster’s head is the size of a tennis ball it is round and grey he has nine red oval eyes the size of peas there is five eyes across his face diagonally and four on top diagonally also he is crying a lot of red tears. He has 50 sharp red little teeth diagonally across his face and a big evil grin and inside the grin is grey.He has an evil blue red purple and dark purple crown made of spikes and there is a red gem in the middle.his body is large and round there is two round oval eyes in the middle of the monster's body they both are vertical on the body the top eye on the sclera is yellow and the bottom of the sclera is red and the pupil is a oval and it is black surrounded by three layers of red and blue then green for last. the bottom eye is an oval it has purple on the edges and for the pupil it is an oval it is black then three layers of red and blue then green for the last. The monster has wings that look like bat wings with no hands on them on top of the wings are spiky there are three spikes. Two black and in the middle is blue the top of inside the wing on top is black spikes then green then black then purple after the purple is just green slime. And on the other wing is the same.

Shadow is my monster he has a circular mouse head the size of the bottom of a plastic water bottle. He has two mouse shaped ears, the left one is the size of 2 quarters, the right one has a bite mark on the right side of his ear, his right ear is the size of 2 quarters too. He has two triangle shaped horns, the left one is red with black lines going horizontally, his right horn is all black. Shadow has two oval eyes facing up looking left. On the left eye there is an oval around his eye, the oval around his eye is a really dark grey. Shadow has a cherry red triangle cat nose and cat mouth,his mouth has three sharp teeth,one on the left of his mouth, one on the top of his mouth, and one on the right of his mouth. Shadow has sort of a human body he has three claws on his feet and hands the middle claw is bigger than the other two, his claws are triangular. He has 2 scratch marks there are 3 scratches for each scratch marks, one of the scratches are above the right arm, the other scratch is above his left leg, both the scratches are dark red. Shadow has 3 tails his left one is curly going left his middle tail is straight his right tail is curly going right his tails are on the right side of his body. His body is grey his left and right tail are both dark red both the same color of his scars his middle tail is all black . His claws are the color of his oval around his left eye.The middle of his ears are the same color of his scars and his left and right tails .
OctoVulgaria My Monster
My monster has a diamond shaped head and she also has an octopus body from the chest down. He doesn't have a neck. His mouth is a straight line with two triangles for teeth. One tooth is on the bottom right side with a curve on the right side. Another tooth is the opposite.So the tooth is on the top left side with the curve on the left.The teeth are all white. The main eye is in the center of the diamond head the eye is about the size of a quarter. The eye is also the shape of a quarter.You can see its lacrimal caruncles ( the pink stuff on the side of your eye).The color of the lacrimal caruncles are very light red. Inside the eye is the iris. The iris is about the size of a dime.The color of the iris is very light purple so light that it looks sort of like a shade of pink.Then there is a cat like pupil in the center of the iris which is touching both ends of the first circle the size of a quarter. The cat like or skinny oval like pupil is facing up and down.The pupil is about as all as a dime is tall and as fat as a regular cats eye on a regular day. In the iris in the eye there is a light purple zigzagy line all the way around it. The diamond head has a slight purple aura around it. The body comes out like a neck and gets wider and wider until about three centimeters down.This octopus like creature has eight legs at the bottom of the neck/chest thing coming down from the head they are each about as wide as a quarter. The legs are not like a normal octopus, they are going down.Almost all of them are touching the bottom of the page. I shaded the legs with a slight bit of light purple over top of a light layer of pencil crayon colored black. The tentacles are intertwined with each other. The first tentacle has three eyes on it. The second has three as well. The third is without eyes.The fourth has two eyes beside each other. The fifth has none. The sixth has four eyes in the shape of a square. The seventh has three eyes. The eighth has no eyes also. He has two arms. Each coming out of the body about a centimeter down from the head. Each arm has three eyes on the top. The eyes are in the shape of a line with a space in the middle and an eye on top of the space. He has ten eyes on the top of his head. The eyes are not touching but they are in the shape of a triangle.
My werewolf Fairytale monster
My monster has an medium evenly circled shaped head a straight body with her arms straight down rectangular body and an bright pink circle nose with 6 whiskers on each side. 8 rectangular Sharp white teeth with a full smile that is a half circle. My monster has one big eye on the left side with a big red and yellow flame in it . My monster has Light brown hair in a pony tale on the left and a high-highlight of blond over her bangs. She has a tattoo on the side of her head and one on her left hand it is a tattoo of a flame she has a tared dress and tared pants.Her hands and feet are like wolf ones. On my monsters dress there are diagonal lines on that go right and left and a flame on the bottom.An golden elf ear on the left side with an earring of a blue circle and has black claws.THAT IS MY MONSTER!
My red devil monsterMy monster has a big round circle head and a dark red evil face with dirt under his medium big red evil eyes that are a half circle shape which are facing inwards and close together. A pink curved scar on the left part of the left eye, and sharp triangle teeth that are white on the top and bottom and a curvy smile. He has messy hair with 3 stitches on his face on the right,left and bottom. On the sides of his head he has devil ears that are curved triangles. A black/dark red shirt that says “your mine now.” With long straight arms that are 11cm long and a slightly crooked square body.
My Monster
My monster has a circular head with short black hair. She also has a body shaped like a human’s, and is sitting. My monster only has one eye in the middle of her face that is kind of being covered up by her hair. She has a green face with a peach colored neck and her left foot is brown and her right foot is red. She has a purple onsie on with the shoulder down part of the onsie cut off but not ripped and the feet not being covered by the onsie.Robotic looking arms by her side but doesn’t have hands. My monster has a straight mouth and her eye has a medium sized blue pupil and a red iris. Her right foot only has 5 toes and her left foot has 9 toes, and her right foot covers up a part of her right leg. Her right foot is also upside down, it looks like someone scribbled in the white part of her eye, and the right arm is a bit shorter than the left one.
That was my monster. ;)
My Psycho Monster
My monster has a muscular body. He's wearing ripped shorts and a long striped shirt when the shirt reaches the neck point goes into a v shape. He also has a little pocket that has three knifes it is on the side of his pants. His head is an oval but at the top is an almost straight but still curved. His eyes are right side up ovals he has two lines going sideways through his eyes he also has a squiggly line in each eye above the two other lines his he has a smirky smile showing his razor sharp teeth he also has two sharp sword his back in his left hand he has another sword and in his right he has an axe he also seven horns on his head and the middle one has a gem.
My monster has a medium circular body with squares on him like a waffle.His body is yellow and has two red horns on top of his head one is on the left and one is on the right.In the middle of the two horns is a turquoise and light purple party hat,and there's a pom pom on the top of his hat.He has two eyes that are a circle and a medium size.They are green on the outside and blue on the inside.On the side of him he has two muscular arms that bend at the elbow and his hand has 4 fingers with claws on the fingertips,his thumbs are folded in on his palm.His moustache is horizontal and bushy with tiny hairs,it fits just between the eyes and the moustache is about 3cm apart from the eyes.He has a frown with buff cheeks,his frown is under his moustache.He has two legs with two feet his feet are slightly round.
P. M. S. M. T. M.
My monster has a peanut shaped body, with big round ears. The ears have two layers. A small light brown layer on the outside, and a thicker dark brown layer on the inside of the ear. There are two black c-shaped curved lines in the thicker layer of the ear. One in one ear and one in the other. On the lower half of him there is a light grey and dark gray tuxedo that is vertically striped with no buttons. The brim of the tuxedo goes toward each other until they get close to the middle. Once you get close to the middle there is an upside down triangle with no base. At the bottom of the upside down triangle there is an arrow-like knotted part of the tie, and attached to the knotted part of the tie there is the rest of the tie which is also arrow-like. The brim is black and the and the tie is red. He has light black jeans and dark black black high heels. Beside the tie he has two little black curved arms like a c, and little pink mouse hands with five fingers. There is a striped pink mouse tail coming out of the right side of him. On the upper half he has a nose shaped like a horizontal peanut with two slits. He has two eyes stuck together. Red veins coming from the outside of the eyes to halfway on the inside. He has snake pupils with dark blue around them. He also has a spiky black mouth shaped like a ball and one of the spikes on the right side is replaced with a pink wavy snake tongue coming out it. Last but not least he has a party hat diagonally striped red and black with an aqua green circled pom-pom.
Kennedy (1).jpg
Mr. Monster
Has a perfect big round head. His eyes are round too but they are just ,white. He has long fat birthmarks from his eyes to his chin(they are black).He has a tiny mouth with two upside down triangle teeth one on each side of his mouth and a long snake tongue going out on the left side of his face.He has no nose.he has a small neck connecting his head to his body.

His body is huge, square and his arms are just settled beside him you can't see his hands or legs/feet because he is really big.
He has a nice big bow tie(multi colours orange,red and blue all mixed together).He has a white tuxedo that has small red buttons,his coat is black and red(red stripes,three side ways triangles on each side ,three on his shoulders, the rest is black).After you did all that you should come close to what I've drawn.
Destiny (1).jpg
Ghaster has a big head that is a perfect circle. He has 2 eyes. They are medium compared to the head. His left eye is shaped like a crescent moon. The tips of the left eye are facing left. His other eye is shaped like an egg. His mouth is shaped like half of the right eye. It is also the size of half of the right eye. His mouth has a white half circle at the bottom of the mouth. That is the tongue. His mouth and eyes are all black.He has a small (Not Tiny)Top hat resting diagonally on the top of the right side of his head.The Bottom is black and the tall part is a horizontal zigzag pattern between dark purple and black. That is the head. He has a red tailcoat (A coat with a leaf like tail hanging from behind)with a mermaid fin shaped tail. He has one spike on each shoulder. Each spike is pointing up. He has long sleeves with white cuffs on the end(Fancy, silk, white, wrist bands). Each cuff has two very small buttons on them.He has six fingers on each hand. He is doing jazz hands. His hands and head are white.His body is long and skinny compared to the head.He has a grey ruffled shirt in between the jacket sides. On the top part of the ruffled shirt there is a small bowtie. The middle of the bowtie is a yellow cat eye. The ends look like purple mermaid tail fins. The bottom sides of the tailcoat have one spike pointing up too. His legs are skinny and long. One leg is stepping forward. The tailcoat tail is on fire. He has shiny silver shoes. His pants are black. THAT IS P.S.GHASTER
Sadie (1).jpg
My monster has a green and purple diaper and a tiny belly button.My monsters name is Mr.blob and he like food.Mr.blob has tiny triangle teeth on the side of his cute devilish smile.Mr.blob’s skin is purple and his horns are purple and green.His eyes are cat eyes that are round and the pupil is black.Mr.blobs nose is just two holes and his eyebrows are thin. Mr.blob’s head is perfectly round and his body is a oval.Mr.blob’s arms and legs are small.Mr.blob is cute and chubby,and that is my monster.
The Big Creepy Monster
My Monster has tiny legs.
My Monster has 6 arms.My Monster
has 9 claws on my monsters feet.
My monster has purple ears and x on its ears and its shape is square.
My monster Has a black huge body and its shape is rectangle.
My monster has something black around its
head and his fore head and its head shape is a circle.
My monster has yellow arms one side and green on the other and the shape is rectangle.
My monster has blue legs the shape is triangle.
My monster has black Fangs.
My monster skin color is green.
My monster has a X near one of its eyes.
My monster has huge purple eyes and the shape is triangle.
My monster has one horn.
The Beast
My monster has a perfect round shaped spiky head. His personality is evil and he his tall. He has two eyes. The left one is big like a toonie and the right one is small like a penny. He is smiling with his sharp teeth showing.He has a big neck. He has a straight body. He has a lot of muscles on his right and left hand. He has a eight pack. He is wearing shoes. He has two huge straight legs.
His spiky colour is yellow orange. His face colour is peach his left eye is red and his right eye is green teeth is gray. His body colour is brown and his shoe colour is blue.
My MonsterMy monster has a perfectly circular and round head and body.He is standing up. His skin color is green. His eyes are like cat eyes the pupils are red the outside of the pupils is white the eyes are as big as the bottom of a circular
sharpener . There are 2 eyes .The monsters head is as big as his body. He has two small arms and sharp red claws my monster where's a black suit and has a big bow tie in the middle of the suit and 3 red buttons are right below the big red bow tie .The red bow ties ends are sharp .He has 2 big and long cat ears. Thereis a small red hat in between his ears.He has 2 small legs and very small red shoes and between his head and his body is his rectangular shaped mouth with small,sharp and white teeth. That is my monster.
My Demon MonsterMy Monster has a human body with no hands and feet its actual hands are made of fire. My Monsters tail is on top of his but and it's made of spiky fire. My Monsters two wings are large and big and there are made of fire. My Monster has an 8 pack on its stomach. My Monster has black normal shorts and his 2 pockets are red. My Monster has 2 Knee pads on his knees and there black and he has a WWE black belt. It has a ninja mask that goes from his nose to his neck and its black. My Monster has a red headband on its fore head and it's red.
My Monsters hair is red and spiky and he has 2 pointy horns that are red on top of his hair. He has black fire around his legs,wings and tail. and he has a gray see through shirt. And his skin is white.
My colourful monsterMy colourful alien has a human body and its colourful the half of the head isyellow the other half of the head is aqua green even the left are is aqua and the right arm is green and there’s a dark green dress and the left leg is green the other right leg is magenta dark pink and the eyes look like cat eyes and there yellow and three eyes and the nose is like a short witch nose and the mouth is like shes smileing with sharpe teeth and the hair is shaped like a trolls hair and theres coluors are aqua green magenta dark pink green yellow and thats my colourful monster
The End
Evil Bunny
The ears are floppy they start on top of the body which is a giant oval. It has a small top hat on the top of the body in between the ears. The hat is red on the top and a little stripe of white and the rest is red. He has a big mouth a little below the center there are 3 big sharp teeth in line side by side and they are overlapping each other. Below that an oilers logo takes up all of the belly area. Above the mouth is a upside down triangle for the nose the nose is right in the centre. Spread evenly apart about two inches above the nose is the eyes. The left eye has a cat like pupil and the right eye has 3 circle in the middle. His left arm looks like a penguin's flipper and the right arm is very long and is curled up at the end. He has two legs on the bottom of his body he has knee pads and shoes at the end of the legs. In the ears are triangles at the base.
The body is half dark blue and half light blue the teeth are orange and inside the mouth it is red the ears are blue the triangle is pink the arms are white,black,white,black. The right eye's pupil is red and the left eye is just red. His legs are orange and the knee pads are yellow the shoes are blue the sole of the shoes are green and the laces are black.
Shadow Monster
There is a medium light gray circle in the middle of the page with two black circle For the eye,s near the top of the head far apart.Under the eye,s are two blue rectangles that are the size of the eye,s and that touch the bottom of the head.Between the blue rectangles is a horizontal line that is 4 cm near the bottom of the head with four x going across the horizontal line of the mouth.On the left top of the head is seven lines shaped in triangles with straight lines going across the triangles. On the bottom left side of the head there is 4 little square cracks the size of the fingertip. On the right side of the head there is a crescent moon shape filled with black.There is a light grey human shaped body that connects to the head and the bottom of the page.In the background there is a black rectangle covering behind the shadow monster.
My Monster
My monster has three circular heads.My monster is 3 heads.The middle one has to horns on each side of his head.He has six eyes two on each head.The three heads are all connected together.My monster has crescent moon eyes the left and right head have one crescent moon eye open and one closed.The middle head with the horns has both crescent moon eyes open.The three of them have sloped mouths.My monster Is a slightish darkish lightish green color mainly dark green though.All three of them have line noses In the middle of their heads.All of their crescent moon eyes are black like the horns mouth and nose.
Jessica (1).jpg
The BubbleGum Monster
One circle body with two curved arms and one hands with four fingers on each of the arm. The arms are placed on the sides of the body, in the middle. With two big feet attached on the bottom of its legs on the bottom of its body, and a crown on its head. A big wave smile with 10 teeth showing side by side and 4 Green dots on each tooth. In the middle of its head it has one big eye, in the middle of the eye is has blue and purple lines getting bigger and bigger but you can still see 3cm of space on each side of the eye.When you are done it is about 17cm wide and 24cm long
My Flaming Triangle Monster
There is one triangle body takes up most of page. Two thin curved black hands with four black fingers that look like four leaf clovers. There are two black thin legs that are curved to the left point of the triangle and the right point of the triangle and two thin curved black feet also curved to the left and the right that are pointed. The leg to the hill is the same size for the feet. One thin top hat bent into the inside on the left same with for the bottom part and the left part. There is a tiny bow tie in the middle of the triangle. In triangle there is a dark yellow brick design, and there is light yellow inside the dark yellow brick design. There is one big black horizontal oval eye with points at the corners. There is a total seven eyelashes on they eye four eyelashes on the top and three eyelashes on the bottom. There is shaded light blue flames with dark blue at the tips in the flames. They are along the left and right side corners all the way up.
Brody (1).jpg
My monster description
My monster has a half circle head that is grey. My monster has long circle eyes that are blue and black and sometimes there purple.
My monster's body is a puzzle he has small puzzle piece inside of him that are rainbow and the other side is grey and black.My monster has long legs that are black and blue and has a pattern on his right leg it is a zigzag pattern .My monster has long arms that are black and blue and he wears black and orange gloves on his hands and his hands are curved up.My monsters smile is a half circle and his smile is big.My monster wears red shoes.