Mrs. Oro's Second Grade Class #2

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Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
My monster's name is Destruction.
His head is a big black triangle pointing up.
His body is a thinner black triangle with 3 dots down the middle.
The arms are straight black lines.
His legs are black and go across the bottom of the body.
His feet are gray and round.
The eyes of my monster are circles that are gray.
His mouth is round and gray with two sharp teeth.
He has a little gray triangle pointing up on top of his head.
Finally, my monster has two black and gray knives. One in each hand.
Redrawn by Nicholas
My monster's name is Mr. Spike.
His head is a circle outlined in black with blue inside.
His body is a black outlined orange rectangle that goes up and down.
Mr. Spike's arms are two fat black sticks with three fingers at the end of them.
His legs are black outlined with blue inside.
They are rectangles.
His eyes are two black dots.
He doesn't have any ears or a nose.
Mr. Spike's mouth is a black smile.
He doesn't have any hair either.
He has horns on the top of his head.
His horns are in a pattern.
The pattern goes blue orange, blue orange.
The horns are spiky. He doesn't have a tail either.
His feet are black outlined and orange on the inside. Mr. Spike's feet are curved.
Redrawn by Randy
My monster's name is Mr. Three Head.
My monster has three red out lined in black circle heads.
He has four hook arms with three dots on each arm.
There are two orange eyes in the middle head.
His body is a black line that is straight.
He has three antlers each antler has a black circle at the end and a small orange dot further down the middle.
At the end of the body are three rows of triangles that point down.
Row one has four triangles.
Row two has three triangles.
Row three has two triangles.
The color of the triangles doesn't mater.
Redrawn by Conner
My monster's name is Snakey.
My monster does not have a head.
His body is a light teal up and down rectangle.
The arms are two black lines with a dot at the ends.
There are 4 black legs, two on each side.
The legs are two backward L's on the left and 2 L's on the right.
The eyes are small black dots.
His mouth is a red smile.
He has no hair.
He has 2 yellow horns with orange dots inside.
He is holding a red leash.
On the red leash is a green snake with two small dots as eyes and a small red squiggly line as a tongue.
Redrawn by Joshua
My monster's name is Diamond.
Diamond has a little diamond head.
And a small up and down rectangle for a neck.
Her body is an up and down rectangle.
That is pink outlined in yellow.
The two arms are yellow.
She has two round hands that are yellow with 5 fingers on each hand.
One arm is fat and the other arm is skinny.
One of her legs is a backwards L.
and the other leg is an L.
both legs are black.
Diamond has a black mouth that curves down.
My monster has two curved line eyebrows.
Diamond has two red eyes with a blue dot in each eye.
Diamond has two antennas.
One is black and curvy and the other one is pink and straight.
Each antenna has a small dot at the end.
One is black and pink.
Redrawn by Ellysa
My monster's name is Mr. Monster.
Mr. Monster's head is a small dark blue square out lined in light blue.
Mr. Monster's body is a pink triangle out in red.
Mr. Monster's arms are two straight tan lines that curve up.
His legs are two magenta straight lines.
Mr. Monster's eyes are two red dots.
Mr. Monster's mouth is a red curved line.
Mr. Monster does not have hair.
Mr. Monster has two orange antennas on top of his head with a blue dot on top of each antenna.
Redrawn by Isabella
My monster's name is Rebecca.
My monster has no head.
Her body is a big magenta circle.
The arm's are red.
One is waving and the other is curved down.
Her legs are blue.
One is a forward L on the right.
One is a backward L on the left.
The eyes are two black circles.
The mouth is a curvy blob with four sharp teeth.
Two are on the top and two are on the bottom.
The hair to my monster is long, curly, red hair.
One hair is sticking up.
Finally, Rebecca has a sword in her left hand that is gray with a black handle. There is a red circle inside the big matenta circle. That is her belly.
A snake is coming out of her belly. It is tan with two black dots for eyes.
There are two green antennae on top of her boy with two blue circles on the top of the antennae.
Redrawn by Mikaella
My monster's name is Giggle
His body is shaped like a hill
His body is purple
The arms are blue with three fingers and his legs are two blue lines and pink shoes
My monster has one white eye that is a circle with a black dot in the middle and
it is outlined with blue
His mouth is orange and is crooked
He has spiky lines as hair that are teal
Finally, my monster has a tutu that is pink and purple and outlined with pink
It has 5 pink lines pointing down inside the tutu
Redrawn by Britany
My monster's name is the Green Science Monster.
His head is a green oval with a mouth cut out on the right.
The color of my monster is green.
My monster has a yellow tail.
The nose is two black dots.
His arms are 2 tiny thick line that are green.
It has two fat rectangle legs. Attached to his head .
My monster has sharp black teeth in his mouth.
My monster has yellow spikes on his back. Monster has an eye that is a brow v in the middle of his head.
He is holding a shove the handle is a gray.
On the handle is a red triangle with blue sideways stripes.
My monster has two blue shoes with brown shoelaces that are like pretzels.
Redrawn by Christopher
My monster's name is Apple Guy.
His head is a big red circle inside.
He has a pink smile and two round magenta eyes.
His body is a blue rectangle.
He has two legs.
One is a gray dot and the other is a black circle and not colored in.
He has no hair.
Finally, my monster has antenna.
One is a blue line with a brown dot.
The other one is broken and is a blue dot.
There are two orange lines for arms.
One is attached to the body and one is attached to the head.
Redrawn by David
My monster's name is Mr. Beachball.
My monster does not have a head. His body is a red circle.
My monster does not have any arms.
His right leg is a backwards L and his left leg is a L.
His eyes are two black dots. His mouth is a white smile.
My monster does not have any hair.
Finally, my monster has two straight black antenna.
Redrawn by Kayla
My monster's name is Isabella.
Isabella's head is a red circle outlined in pink.
Isabella's body is a pink up and down oval outlined in red.
At the bottom of the oval is a red triangle for a skirt.
Isabella's eyes are small pink circles and her legs are straight and light blue.
Isabella's mouth is a smiley pink. Isabella has pink straight shoes.
She has light blue arms.
Redrawn by Zaira
My monster's name is Lovey Bluey.
Her head is a small heart outlined in red with the inside light blue.
She does not have body.
The arms are two light blue straight lines that are attached to the head.
Her legs are two straight lines that are light blue .
The eyes of my monster are two hearts on top of the head that are outlined
in light blue and the inside is red.
In the middle of each eye is a black dot.
Her mouth is a little black smile.
She does not have hair.
Redrawn by Abigail
My monster's name is Mr. Stretchy.
His head is a circle that is outlined in green.
The body is a long thin blue rectangle.
My monster has a straight green arm on each side of his body.
Each arm has two black lines that go up and down at the end of each arm.
His two legs are thin black rectangle that make an upside down V.
His eyes are two black dots and his mouth is a sideways black rectangle.
On top of his head are two black antennas.
Redrawn by Gabriel