Mrs. Oro's Second Grade Class #1

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My monster's name is Avatar Ang. My monster is a snail. My monster is a medium yellow rectangle. He has no arms. My monster has a beige shell to his left with squiggly lines inside. My monster has a red hat with an A on it. He has 2 pink horns with white inside coming out of his hat. He is wearing brown sunglasses. He has a straight brown mouth. He is sitting on a big blue pillow.
Monster 1 Avatar Ang.JPG
My monster's name is Cutie. My monster's head is a black circle on the outside and pink colored in. My monster's arms are two blue straight lines on each side pointing down My monster's eyes are two yellow dots. My monster's has three black hairs pointing straight up on top of his head. My monster's body is a pink oval on the outside and black filled in. My monster's legs are 4 straight legs that are a pattern of 2 black and 2 blue. My monster's ears are a teal color. The ears are straight up lines. My monster's mouth is a straight across line that is red.
Monster 2 Cutie.JPG
My monster's name is Bob. My monster's head is a yellow inside and a blue outside oval. My monster's eyes are red circles. My monster's body is a black line. He has 2 red lines for arms pointing up from his body. My monster's legs are two blue lines. My monster's mouth is a black straight line. My monster's antlers are orange lines with red and blue circles on the ends.
Monster 3 Bob.JPG
My monster's name is The Great Blue Monster. My monster's head is a blue circle outlined in black. My monster's body is a blue oval outlined in black. My monster's arms are three small ovals each blue and outlined in black. My monster's legs are two blue circles outlined in black for each one. My monster's eyes are two black dots. My monster's mouth is a straight black line. My monster's antlers are two green Ys pointing out.
Monster 4 The Great Blue Monster.JPG
My monster's name is Chub Chub. My monster's three heads are gray on the outside and cream on the inside. My monster's body is a green hexagon and the inside is a circle that's red on the outside and orange inside. My monster's arms are teal on the outside and the inside is a light gray. My monster's legs are teal and light gray inside. My monster's eyes: each head has 2 black, square eyes. My monster's mouth: each head has a rectangular mouth. The outside is gray and the inside is red. My monster's hair is spiky hair and gray on the inside and on the outside is black. My monster's black horns are on the sides of their heads. My monster's necks are teal on the outside and yellow on the inside.
Monster 5 Chub Chub.JPG
My monster's name is Mustache Man. My monster has a very big green head outlined in blue. My monster has black hair with a blue triangle hat with pink inside. My monster has blue hexagon eyes outlined in black with a star in each eye. My monster has a black beard. My monster has a think black curly mustache. My monster has a blue square body. My monster has 2 blue arms and 2 blue legs.
Monster 6 Mustache Man.JPG
My monster's name is Mike. Mike's head is a green circle. Mike has line shaped arms that are green and have two blue lines on both sides of his shoulders. Mike's 2 legs have lines that are green. Mike's eye is a black outlined circle with blue inside and a teal dot on the top. It is right in the middle of his head. Mike's mouth is a smile with red inside and a black outside. Mike's horns are triangles. They are yellow inside and black outside. Mike has a blue hat with a capital M and a lower case u written in gray.
Monster 7 Mike.JPG
My monster's name is Robomatic. His circle head is yellow inside and black outside. His body is a square cream color inside and outlined in blue. He has six cream colored arms. There are three on each side. He has red star eyes. He has two pointy teeth on the top of his mouth. His legs are gray wheels. His ears are pointy red outside and blue inside.
Monster 8 Robomatic.JPG
My monster's name is Meany. He has an orange outlined circle head with white inside. His green arms are straight lines pointing out from his red circle body that is outlined in blue. He has 8 green polka dots inside his body. He has black eyes that are shaped like dots with mean black eyebrows above them. His legs are straight yellow legs lines. The mouth is a red straight line. His blue antlers are T shaped on the top of his head.
Monster 9 Meany.JPG
My monster's name is Mrs. Hearts. She has a medium heart shaped head outlined in black the inside is pink. She has straight purple arms with small blue circles for hands and small brown eyes with a blue smile mouth. She has a small blue nose and a big blue body with pink polka dots inside. She has 2 purple legs with red feet.
Monster 10 Mrs. Hearts.JPG
My monster's name is ADAM BORYS. He has a red round head outlined in green. He has green straight with three fingers. He has 2 black small eyes. He has a small black nose. He has green straight legs coming from under his head. He has a small black mouth. He has small tan wings outlined in blue around his arms. He has 2 large yellow horns outlined in purple with a large green line in each.
Monster 11 Adam Borys.JPG
My monster's name is Cutie Pie. Her head is a red heart shape with blue outside. Her arms are light yellow shaped like a U. Her eyes are seven sided black eyes. Her nose is a light yellow dot. Her body is shaped like a heart outlined in red and blue in the middle. Her legs are an upside down v that are bright yellow. She has blue smile. She has 2 green antlers with a pink star on top.
Monster 12 Cutie Pie.JPG
My monster's name is Mr. Beard. His head is a red circle outlined in black. He has an orange triangle body outlined in blue with a light blue diamond in the middle. He has light blue arms that are lines with fingers on either side. He has eight black short legs. He has a small green nose and it looks like an L. He has black eyes with red dots in the middle. He has a black mouth outlined in yellow with a black beard. He has a blue hat with a black star in the middle.
Monster 13 Mr. Beard.JPG
My monster's name is VALERIE VALENTINE. My monster's head is a blue circle inside and has a yellow outline. My monster's body is a pink heart inside and has a blue outside. My monster's arms are blue sideways uppercase Ls and her hands are blue hearts with little blue dots inside. My monster's legs are purple and straight. She has purple hearts for feet. One heart's inside is green and the other is blue.
Monster 14 Valerie Valentine.JPG
My monster's name is Volt Fist. The head is an oval that is red inside and black outside. The body is a black rectangle with yellow lightning covering the body. The arms are straight blue lines stretched out from his sides. He has yellow circles for his hands. He has one black line for his eyes. The legs are straight orange lines. The mouth is a black smile. His orange horns stretch straight out from the side of his head with orange balls on the ends. He has a yellow electric staff in his right hand with blue balls on each end.
Monster 15 Volt Fist.JPG