Mrs. Sedgwick's Second Grade Class

We are excited to be partnered with Mrs. Oro's 2nd grade class from St. Michael School in New Jersey.

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Redrawn Picture
Emma by Abigail
My monster is nice.
  1. Emma has a vertical light green oval body.
  2. Emma has two straight orange legs and feet.
  3. Emma has a light blue medium circle head.
  4. Emma has thick long yellow hair.
  5. Emma has yellow small circle eyes with black pluses on them.
  6. Emma has a horizontal red purple oval mouth with three white teeth that are triangles.
  7. Emma has one straight purple arm.
Parana by Britany
My monster is crazy
  1. Make a green square in the center that is small for a head.
  2. Make black squares on the head on the right and left that are small for eyes.
  3. Make six orange lines that are straight for a mouth.
  4. Make a rectangle that is green up and down for a body.
  5. Make green thick lines for legs two legs only that are straight.
  6. Make green thick lines for arms that are straight.
Black Man By Chris
This is one of the nicest monsters in Monsterville.
  1. Draw a black circle for his head.
  2. Draw a black octagon for his body.
  3. Draw two blue dots near the top of head for his eyes.
  4. Draw a red horizontal red rectangle for his mouth.
  5. Draw two vertical black rectangles for his legs then draw two purple ovals for his feet.
  6. Draw two black horizontal rectangles for his arms.
  7. Draw two black circles at the tip of his arms then draw two black triangles at the tip of his hands.
Mean by Conner
Mean is the meanest monster in town.
  1. Draw a green octagon for his body.
  2. Draw a small purple circle on top of the octagon for neck.
  3. Draw a big purple circle on top of the neck for head.
  4. Draw a brown party hat on him.
  5. Draw an orange smile on his head.
  6. Draw 9 small white circles for his teeth.
  7. Draw 7 yellow dots on his body.
  8. Draw a small orange dot for his nose.
  9. Draw big orange dots for his eyes.
  10. Draw long red pointy ears with an ear wax explosion.
  11. Draw 2 thick light blue squiggly arms with big yellow drills on it.
  12. Draw 4 red legs that look like the letter c.
  13. Put 1 pink dot on the two middle legs.
  14. Put 8 pink dots on the body.
  15. Put 2 pink dots on his party hat.
  16. Put 4 pink dots on each arm.
  17. Put 1 pink dot on each ear.
  18. Put 1 pink dot on his head.
Bob by David
Bob is cool and funny. Bob likes to play.
  1. Draw a light purple oval.
  2. Draw a big purple circle head.
  3. Draw two yellow circle eyes.
  4. Draw a very small circle brown nose.
  5. Draw thirty three wiggle brown hair lines.
  6. Draw light purple four arms on each side.
  7. Draw a medium skin color mouth.
  8. Draw seven blue teeth.
Tom by Ellysa
My monster has a lot of friends. He likes to play monster tag.
  1. Draw a big circle in the middle fill it in with green.
  2. Draw a line through the circle. The line is black.
  3. Draw two light yellow squares next to the line
  4. Draw two circles next to the line. The circle is dark yellow
  5. Draw two light green circles. They are small.
  6. Draw a brown circle for the face.
  7. Draw 12 lines for the mouth. The mouth is green.
  8. Draw 2 orange circles for the eyes.
  9. Draw a green W for the eyebrows.
  10. Draw an orange squiggly line for the hair.
  11. Draw two black squiggly arms.
Slender by Gabriel
Say hello to Slender. Well he scares kids. Sorry….
  1. First, draw a big circle on the top for his face and head
  2. Then, draw a big black oval on bottom of the head for his body. Tip, draw it vertically.
  3. Then, draw four black squiggly lines on the sides. Tip, how to put the lines on draw two on each side.
  4. Then, for the arms draw two thick black lines.
  5. For the legs draw a black line down and then to the right then do the opposite way.
  6. At the top of the body draw a vertical red oval and on the top in that draw a black circle.
  7. For the hands draw a circle at the bottom of the arms and draw three lines at the top of that.
Susie by Isabella
My monster is kind.
  1. My monster has an oval body that is green and tall.
  2. My monster has three purple arms that are on each side that are curved.
  3. My monster has two legs that are thick and that are orange.
  4. My monster has four skinny black lines on the body.
  5. My monster has a head that is blue and it is a circle.
  6. My monster has hair that is short and yellow.
  7. My monster has two yellow eyes and one black line in each eye.
  8. My monster has a mouth and in the mouth it is orange and two white teeth and a tongue that is red and two light purple dots near each side of the mouth.
Dan by Joshua
Dan is a mean monster. He came in winter.
  1. For the bottom make a green octagon.
  2. Draw a purple pentagon for the middle of his body.
  3. For the head make a red circle.
  4. Draw a brown pilgrim hat then a brown line in the middle. Then draw a medium yellow square in the middle of the rectangle but do not fill it in.
  5. Draw four small white circles next to the square. Then draw a small white dot on the top, bottom, right and left.
  6. On the hat draw five small yellow dots on the top right corner, top left corner, bottom right corner, bottom left corner and in the middle of the hat.
  7. Draw three brown lines then three Christmas trees on each side of the pentagon for the arms.
  8. Draw three black medium dots on the pentagon and five on the octagon and smaller blue ones in the black dots.
  9. For the eyes draw a sad mouth then fangs and medium dark purple on each side of the head. Then smaller blue circle in. Then the letter V between the eyes.
Lilly by Kayla
My monster is cool. And she has only four friends.
  1. My monster has a blue circle for the body in the middle of the paper.
  2. And she has green eyes and a big red dot in the middle of the right eye and a little dot in the other eye and the color is red.
  3. And she has an upside down triangle nose and the color of the nose is purple.
  4. And she has three thick arms on each side and the color is red.
  5. And she has some thin curly hair and two thick hairs. And the colors of the thick hairs are orange and light green. And the thin colors are purple, green and yellow.
  6. And she has long black legs and purple shoes.
Carla by Mikaella
Carla is a black monster. Carla is a friendly monster. Her favorite color is black.
  1. Draw a black head.
  2. Draw a yellow zigzag mouth.
  3. Draw yellow curly hair.
  4. Draw a three eyes one big smaller one smaller two white with a black dot smaller one with a blue one smaller one in the middle small first big one last.
  5. Draw a vertical black oval body.
  6. Draw 8 black hands four in one side four in the other.
  7. Draw two black legs one straight line two feet right lift.
  8. Draw red dots on the hands and feet.
John by Nicholas
John is scary and he is also mean.
  1. First draw a black oval facing up for his body.
  2. Next draw a black circle on top of his body for his head.
  3. After you draw the head draw five little red lines for his hair.
  4. Then draw two medium blue lines on the bottom of the oval for his legs.
  5. Then draw two small red dots just a little close to the top on his head for its eyes.
  6. Then draw a thin horizontal red line under his eyes for his mouth.
  7. Last put two thin blue horizontal lines on each side of his body.
Bob by Randy
Bob is nice. Bob helps monsters.
  1. Draw a small green square for his body.
  2. Draw a medium black circle for his head.
  3. Draw 2 small black circles on his head for his ears.
  4. Draw 3 arms red on the right and 3 blue arms on the left.
  5. Draw 4 black dots on his red arms and black 3 dots on his blue arms.
  6. Draw a blue line for his left leg.
  7. Draw a red line for his right leg.
  8. Draw a brown tipped tray on his right leg for his right foot.
  9. Draw a backwards L for the left foot.
  10. Draw 2 red square one bigger then the other.
  11. Draw 2 blue dots on the right leg and 2 red dots on the left leg.
Karla by Zaira
Karla likes to play frozen. She is a nice monster.
  1. Draw a big black ladybug shape for the body.
  2. It has polka dots on its belly. The polka dot colors are blue, purple, pink and green.
  3. Draw brown curly hair with red dots.
  4. Draw a white circle for the eyes then draw another circle blue and a black smaller dot.
  5. The color is skin color for its mouth.
  6. Draw a gray triangle nose.
  7. For the arms the colors are purple and blue. There are purple and blue polka dots to on them too. It has twelve arms on its body.