Pat Broker's Second Grade Class

Microsoft Word document containing all descriptions:
2PB Monster Descriptions.doc

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
The Flying Three Headed Monster
By Collin
My monster has three round heads. The one on the left is green, the one on the right is blue and the one in the middle is red. The left and right necks are grey. The middle neck is green. The green head has a black and a yellow eye. The blue head has a yellow and a black eye. The red head has two black eyes with red squiggly lines inside . the green and blue heads have red and green antennas. The body is a blue rectangle with white holes. It has an A on it. The left arm is a red wing with three fingers on the end. The other arm is yellow and it is a wing. One leg is skin color and the other is black. His feet are ovals.
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Silly Monster
By David
My monster has a red oval head. He has three black eyes and a blue nose. He has a green mouth and two big green ears with one red dot. He has two purple ropes on the top of his head and a light blue dot on top. He has an orange square body and eight brown arms with four on each side. The left side has four purple dots for hands and yellow dots on the other side. He has three brown legs and three orange dots for feet.
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Funny Monster
By Kailee
My monster has no hair. His head is a pink square. He has two purple eyes with a black dot in the middle. His body is a purple circle. He has black long arms and circle peach hands. He has five green legs and no nose. He has a big red mouth. He also has five dots in the middle of his body.
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King of the World Monster
By Alex L.
He has a golden head and two big eyes that are as black as a shadow with a big crown and mustache. He has an oval red gap shirt with two green triangle pockets. He has two green arms with two black hands with a brown stick in one hand. His pants have green buttons are pink oval in shape. He has a silver oval nose. He has a big blue mouth.
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Little Cute Monster
By Sarah
My monster has a blue circle face. It has straight pink hair like a house. My monster has a pink circle tummy and it also has 2 purple triangles inside its tummy. My monster has 2 green stick arms and 2 green stick legs. My monster has 2 blue normal eyes and a purple nose. It also has a blue straight sideways mouth.
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House Monster
By Maya
My monster is shaped like a big brown house. My monster has three eyes. He has a lot of squiggly pieces of grey hair. He has a black smile and a big black beard. He has six green dots on the roof to show that he’s happy. He has one arm and no feet or legs. No other monster would like to play with him. When he sleeps he has no home but this is special about him because he is his home.
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My 3 Headed Monster
By Justin
My monster has 3 gray big heads attached to its rectangular black body. He also has 3 pairs of big red eyes with 3 pairs of yellow eyeballs. He has red measles on his face. On his head there is a rectangle box that says B2. His straight hands are attached to his body . He has a yellow hand and a brown hand on each side of his body. He also has a straight brown leg and a straight black leg.
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My Friendly and Funny Monster
By Annabelle
My monster has a rectangular shirt with an M in the middle. On my monster’s shirt there are four stripes on each side. My monster has big pants. On the left side of the pants it is sewed green, On the right side it is sewed blue. My creature has a round blue face with five pink eyes and one pointed green nose, and a red smiling mouth. One eye on the right is a triangle and the others are circles. My monster has seven blue ice cream cones growing on top of his head. My monster has two pink wobbly hands and three thin pink legs.
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My Funny Monster
By Asim
My monster’s body is a green square. My monster has 4 big eyes on his head and one eye is on his tummy. The color of his 4 eyes are purple, brown, pink, and grey. He has 12 legs, 6 on each side. 1 leg is brown and 1 leg is rainbow color. He has 7 yellow legs and 3 green legs He has blue hair that looks like a crown on top of his head and two gold horns.
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My Funny Monster
By Stephen
My monster has a purple color triangle shirt with four small black buttons. He has two skin color feet and no legs. My monster has two straight arms with purple dot on the end. He has two sharp orange ears. He has an orange round head. He has a skin color hair. He has a black mouth. He has no nose. He has a blue body with a blue tail.
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My Cute Monster
By Annie
My monster has one round red head with one white eye in the middle and it has a pink round mouth. It has one green and blue horn on top of his head. He has a blue oval body. It also has a yellow and purple dress. My monster has no legs and no feet. It has two blue arms and blue round hands.
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My Silly Monster
By Alex X.
My monster has black striped hair and he does not have a nose. He has a blue square head with one small blue eye and one big blue eye. He has a small blue mouth. My monster has two yellow feet like a bow. He has two dark blue hands. My monster has a large green hexagon body.
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My Spider Monster
By Noah
My monster has no hair. He has two heads that are yellow and orange. He has two brown eyes on each head. He has one red mouth on each head. He has no nose. His body is a bit big, and it’s a yellow and orange rectangle. He has three green horizontal lines on his body. He has no arms and hands. He has 10 black legs (spider kind). And he has 2 gold things on 5th ,10th legs. He has two red wheels under his body. He has two violet hairs coming out of each head. At the top of each head he has a yellow upside down boot. On top of each boot he has two red horns.
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No Brain Monster
By JunWon
My monster has three square heads with 3 green eyes. He has black hair on his middle head. The monster also has a golden throat under his head. He has a rectangle body with two red and blue arms with 3 green fingers on each hand. He has sparkels coming out of his arms He also has a yellow jacket with red underpants.
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The Cute Alien
By Ryan
My monster is green with a round head. He has no body but has black arms and black legs. He also doesn’t have hands or feet. My monster has black hair and black eyeballs that have red veins. My monster has two antennas that have red circles on them. He has green wings and he can fly.
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The Monster that has Lasers
By Christina
My monster has a blue round head and a blue oval body. It has one red eye and red lasers coming out from eye. It also has a yellow beak on the right side. My monster also has two orange arms and two legs pointing up.
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By Belle
My monster has five black wheels and a yellow dress. It has four green dots on its body that make a diamond to protect itself. It has a pink body and a blue head. It has two dark blue hands, two black eyes and a white mouth. It has no nose and no hair.
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