Mrs. Barrons' Third Grade Class

Third graders from Virginia, MInnesota who redrew Mrs. Barrons' monsters!

The Monster
By Alice
As I was walking in the woods picking blackberries, I saw a humongous, devilish monster. The monster had a gooey body with thorns sticking out of its body. It was purple with a firesh, red color in his 6 eyes. His eyes were as sharp as a knife and 2 eyes grew on his forehead, another 2 grew on the side of his spiky face and the last 2 grew beside the 2 forehead ones. He had a very wicked grin on his spiky face and while he grinned, his dirty teeth stuck out sharply as if there were 100 big porcupines trying to get out of the monsters mouth and he also had 20 pairs of hands. On his hands, there were lots of fur and all kinds of sticky mud were on his hands. All of a sudden, the monster flashed its eyes and teeth furiously at me and stomped towards me with his 4 giant feet. As he stomped, the ground shook as if there was a huge earth quake.

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Redrawn Picture
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Demented by a Dementor
By Andy
I was walking home and took a shortcut through the forest. There was a swamp, and out of the water slurped a hooded creature! The creature had freezing hands, the swamp suddenly froze… I felt all the happiness flood into the creature’s mouth like some water through a tube! Until all that was left in me was the worst memory in my life! The hooded creature glided on top of the ice. I couldn’t see its face. I know what the creature’s name was, it was a Dementor of Harry Potter! There was nothing but black, it looked like grim reaper except there was no scythe his body was black and he whore a black cloak. It had no feet, the arms of his cloak where ripped and so was the bottom of his cloak. I could see his sky blue hands through the cloak. I got a heart attack! The next thing I new I was in the hospital.

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By Brydon
I was camping in a forest. I went to explore when I was walking I saw a man that was as tall as a tree. He had 4 arms, 2 in the normal spot and 2 below. The arms looked strong with big muscles. He wore a plain T- shirt and black pants. He had 4 small eyes, 2 in the normal spot and 2 below. He had a mouth in the normal spot. And he was bald. He had 2 toes on each foot, and he had rough red skin. Each hand had 4 fingers on it. He had 2 strong chest and stomach muscles. He was ready to punch me!

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By Celina
I was watering my plants when I suddenly heard a growl. Then I turned my head and I saw a HUGE monster. He was at least 8 feet tall. He almost touched the sky. His skin had boils almost as big as a boulder. He was black but he was so dirty the only color you could see was brown. His mouth had teeth as sharp as knifes, his hot pink nose was pulled up like a pig, and his claws were sharp like it could kill me in one minute. His eyes were as small as a pebble and they were glowing and staring at me. As he walked, the ground shook. He was wearing a black cape with brown strips on it. Since he was so tall and I was so short I thought he was going to step on me.

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By: Helen
As I was walking home from my play date at Annie’s house it was already 6:30 P.M. Then suddenly I saw a big blurry spot behind me. I quickly turned around and saw a big blue circle creature bouncing up and down. It felt as if an earthquake just happened because it was almost the same size as a bolder. It was holding a big sharp sword and it had 3 big black eyes staring into me and they were all in the middle of the monster. Suddenly, I saw a drip of saliva coming down from its huge brown lips and I knew what it meant. Then it showed its big sharp teeth that was green and smelled horrible. Then it started chasing me.

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Katie and Tanner

By Hsuan Hsueh
I was walking in the forest to see my Grandmother then I saw a weird thing it was as big as a tree. The weird thing had a T-shirt on and he carried a sharp knife. It had rough, sliver skin and it had red hair and there was blood .The eyes were as big as a soccer ball and the nose was as sharp as a knife. The mouth was huge and he looked like he wanted to eat me up. There was saliva dripping from his mouth. The weird thing had 2 arms (1 arm had 5 fingers. The monster had no legs it was floating above the !!!Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Then I found that the weird thing was a monster. I was worried that the monster will eat me up!!!!!

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Autumn and Felicia

One day at the cave.
By Jasmin
One day, we went hiking and we decided to sleep in a cave. The next morning there was a monster at the entrance of the cave. He was about 10 feet tall. He reached the ceiling of the cave and his skin was the roughest and the scaliest skin I ever saw. It was lime green. The monster wasn’t wearing anything, but he was carrying a basket. It had very curly bright white hair with dark red horns with yellow dots coming out of his head. His two eyes were on the left side of his face. They were as big as a soccer ball and they were staring at me. His mouth was stretched across his face. One tooth as sharp as a knife was sticking out and had 4 furry arms, two on each side. He had ugly red dots around his face and his legs were thick as 2 people. Then there was a low rumble. I saw that he was walking as slowly as he could toward me. When I looked in the basket again there was a baby sleeping with a blanket.

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Kayanna and Annie

Monster Story
By Jeffrey
I was walking along the beach when a monster rose out of the sea. The monster had two horns on his head, one sprouting fire, one sprouting water, it didn’t have hair, it had one mouth and every time he opened his mouth a rainbow ball would come out destroying everything in its path for one mile. The head was shaped like a ball too. It had one eye. Its body was covered in scales a deep golden color, its body was an oval shape. It had four hands one hand was holding a missile launcher. It had a tail the shape of a triangle and forty feet long. Every time it swished its tail he would move without shaking or making tracks in the ground. All of a sudden there was a loud click and the monster disappeared. After that I never saw that monster ever again.

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Nyssa and Jonas

The Monster
By Justina
I was riding my bike home from school. As I was almost to my house, I saw a figure as large as the tree beside it. Its skin was bumpy and rough with pointy splinters. The color of the monster was bright orange. It was not wearing anything and he was showing his small belly button. The monster had short, blue, furry hair. He had a big mouth and a small nose. A hundred flashing, bright eyes were all over his face and body. Every time he stepped on the ground, the ground cracked. The monster was not carrying anything. He looked like he was going to cook me for dinner. His mouth was watering and spit dropped on the ground as he stepped towards me. I was worried that I would be in the monster’s tummy and would never see my family again.

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The Monster
By: Maya
When I was walking home from my friend’s house, I saw a small figure. The small figure was hiding behind a bush. As he stepped out from behind the bush I saw that the figure was a monster!!! The monster was as short as a pencil sharpener. The monster was as purple as a grape. Its skin was rough with orange boils all over it. It was wearing hot pink clothes and it had blue spiky hair. The monster’s nose was as long as an unsharpened pencil and its eyes were as small as a pebble. Its mouth was wide open and he carried a blue raw fish for his dinner in his wide open mouth. The monster was walking very stiffly and every time he stepped you could hear “BOOM!!!!! BOOM!!!!!” The monster had no teeth. He had a big scowl on his face, so I ran away.

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A Disgusting Monster
By Michelle
I went camping in the forest with my family. We built a tent. I was boring so I went to the other side of the forest with my little sister. We played tag. Suddenly the ground began to shake. I thought it was an earth quake. When my little sister and I turned around, there was a huge monster! It was about 1 meter tall! It was fat as a big bear. It had a rough skin and some fur on his body. He was black. It had a spiky hair. Also it had 1 eye, 2 mouths, and 3 noses. The monster was holding a bat on his right hand. Then he began walking toward us. We were so scared that we screamed and ran away. We told my mom and dad we saw a monster in this forest. Then we packed things (also the tent) and we went back home. We never came to this forest again!

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One day I was walking home from school. I decided to take a shortcut to the city. Once I arrived in the city I saw a giant monster about to eat a man. He was as big as a skyscraper. I could see him smiling showing me his snakelike eyes and blood red teeth. He had a diamond beard and knifelike crystals on him from head to tail. His skin was black and scaly. He started walking towards me. While he was walking the ground shook. His final step was 5 inches away from me then everything went black.

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The Slimy Monster
By Nicholas
I walked from a market on a dark path. I bumped into a creature. It felt really disgusting. I felt some slimy skin. I looked at him. I saw a monster that was boney and skinny. He had four mouths and ten legs. He was hairy. The color was black. He was ten feet tall. It moved like a crab. It smelled like old slime. It carried tons of biting bugs. Its eyes were all over his body. It had no butt. Its mouths were on the sides of its neck and on top of its head. It even had one mouth on one leg. It had nine legs.

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Elexus and Kira

The Water Monster
By Robert
I was walking home from school I decided to take a rest at the beach when I saw a watery creature coming at me. He was as huge as a fire engine. His skin was really smooth and transparent because he was made of water. The monster was dark blue. It was wearing nothing. It had no hair but it had three big horns. The monster was really angry. The monster had four eyes on his forehead, Two nose on each side of his face, two ears on each side of his head and one mouth on his hand. It was really hard for the monster to walk because he was so big and stiff. He didn’t care about anything. The monster ate me.

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Aspen and Cody

The Ravenous Monster
By: Sena
I was walking to my friend’s house. I decided to take a shortcut through the dark forest. When I got to the middle of the forest, I saw a large monster. He had five eyes on his big belly and his nose was bumpy with boils, and had sharp ears. The monster had braids on top of his head, his hair was gold. It was wearing a basketball shirt and it was holding a basketball. The monster was tall as a pole and it was light green, his skin was furry and rough. The shape of his head looked like a bats head. He moved towards me so slow and quietly that I couldn’t hear his steps. It looked like the monster was ravenous. I was worried.

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School monster!!!
By: Sung Min
When I was walking home I saw a monster. It was really big. It was tall as a mountain. His skin was so rough. The whole skin color was brown. His eye color was red! He was wearing a white t-shirt. It had 1 eye, 5 noses, 3 mouths, and 4 ears all around his body! He had no hair. He had 1 leg so he had to hop. He had 4 hands. He was holding 2 hammers, and 2 bazookas.

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BY Taehee
When I was walking home from my friend’s house, it was dark. Suddenly…. Booooooooooooooooooom! What was that? I saw an enormous thing. It had gigantic eyes and its nose was watery. Its mouth was full of saliva! Boooooooooooom! Again! It was like an earthquake! I didn’t know what it was! Its teeth were all bloody and sharp. Also, the whole body had so many splinters that I can’t count them! When I saw his hands, his fingernails were sharp as a knife! The skin was purple. Oh no. Its poison! When the monster saw me, he ran towards me. It was so fast that he squashed as he ran. I took a deep breath. When air that I breathe went to the monster, the monster disappeared. I hope I am never going to meet that monster again.

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The Monster Story
By You Lin
When I got back from school I saw a 10 ft monster and it was as big as a tree. Its skin was as hard as a rock. He looked very angry and looked like a crumpled piece of paper!!! The monster was bald and I was shocked because his head was filled with bugs. His skin was gray. He was wearing a fur coat covered with snakes. He was walking on his feet. I didn’t see him carrying anything but I saw a sharp knife in his pocket and he was going to kill me so I ran back to my house and I was safe.

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