Mrs. Stoeckel's Third Grade Computer Class

Mrs. Celentano's Homeroom

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Elizabeth by Alejandra
My Galactic Girl Monster’s name is Elizabeth. She has one green medium head. She also has 3 eyes on one side and another 3 eyes on the other side. She has pink eyelashes on each eye and pink glowing antlers coming out of her head. Also she has 1 pink medium size triangular nose. She also has 1 pink happy smile. Elizabeth has brown curly hair with yellow highlights; her skin is all green except her knees because she is wearing leggings with her pink dress. She has on high heeled pink boots. Her hands have 1 bracelet on each hand with one diamond on each bracelet. Elizabeth has on a pink heart necklace, too.

Ruselia by Asha
My monster, Ruselia, is made of lots of shapes. The triangle is the head, the butterfly wings are the bow, the circles are the feet and the eyes, the rectangles are the legs and the neck, the ovals are the tongues, and the half heart shapes are the wings. The feet are yellow, the body is orange, and the outline of the eyes, the neck, the legs, the bow, the outline of the nose and the squiggle arms are scarlet. The neck is sideways. The head is indigo and the wings, squiggle mouth and the tongue are blue. The hair is curly at the bottom and straight at the top. One arm is shorter than the other. Ruselia has 5 legs and feet. She has 4 eyes and 2 noses. One nose is at the top of her head, and the other one is between the 2nd set of eyes. The nose goes straight down, make a half circle and straight up. The first 2 sets of eyes is at the bottom of the first nose. The eyelashes are scarlet too. The eyes are a circle and a half circle in the bottom. You color the half circle orange. The leftover of the eye is indigo. She even has 2 tongues! That is very freaky. Her hair is violet red. The outline of her eye is orange. She is very weird, but a cool monster.

Julian by Bryce
My monster Julian is really scary. He has devil horns and a fire shirt. He has a small red head and orange eyes. He has a red rectangle body. He has a circle head. He has black burnt wings so he has no arms and 2 orange feet and 1 orange nose. That is my monster.

Lilly by Courtney
My monster’s name is Lilly and she has an enormous round head that is very yellow. Her eyes are huge, always closed, and are white. Lilly has a very wide flashy smile and chubby cheeks with 15 freckles on each cheek. Lilly has monkey-looking ears and small, orange duck-looking feet that are at the bottom of her head. (Lilly is just a head, feet, and ears.) Lilly’s ears are black in the middle and white on the out. Lilly has lots of small black dots as eyelashes. She has 2 small loop earrings on the top of each ear. (The earrings are blue.) Lilly’s nose is orange and goes straight down then a little hump. Lilly is cute.

Emma by Denise
My monster’s name is Emma. She has a pink rectangular face and has two big black eyes. Emma has a pinkish purplish, straight mouth. Her nose is a yellow circle nose. Emma has rectangular ears on the side of her head and curly hair on top of her head too. She also has gray feet. And she has dots on her shirt.

Billy Bob by Eric
This is monster Billy Bob. He has a blue circle for a head with 5 black eyeballs on each side. There are 6 brown eyebrows on each side. His tongue is sticking out and he has a pointy red mouth. The lines are going up and down on his yellow shirt. There are two horns; one green horn on the left one on the right .You put them on his head too. There are 3 black rays for his hair. You have to put one ray in the middle of the horns and one on the left one on the right. He has 2 square shoes that are orange and legs that orange too. He has 3 fingers that are white on each side. The lines that go up and down are red.

Frank by Genesis
My monster, Frank is made from a big, purple circle as a head. He has orange oval eyes. He has two white teeth on the back side for the mouth. He has orange triangles on each side of the head. They also have diagonal lines in the triangles. He also has an aqua-green circle for the nose. Frank has an aqua-green square shirt and in the square, is a pattern and it goes like this: red circle, blue triangle, red circle, blue triangle. Underneath it is an orange, squiggly line. Then it keeps going on until the whole square is covered with that pattern. He also has red –orange for the arms and for the hand the shape is like a crown and its color is purple. For his legs and feet use the same shape, but the legs’ color is purple and the feet are purple, too. Finally, add brown, spiky hair between the triangles on his head.

Isabelle by Hailey
My monster’s name is Isabelle. She has yellow lines with circles attached on top of her head, which is green. They produce light. She also has a pink tiara on top of her head. Her hair is black with blue highlights. She has four purple eyes on each side of her head. Her nose is a medium sized square that is right above her head. Her mouth is always open wide. Her skin is green and she has on a black tutu. Also, the shirt she has on is red with black diamonds all over it. It’s a tank top. Her toes aren’t that ordinary either. She has 7 toes on each foot and one of the toes is not green. It’s black and pointed too. Also, one leg is shorter than the other. The right leg is short and the left one is long. Lastly she has straight hair.

Jeff by Jose
My monster, Jeff, has a squarish outlined rectangular head that’s blue. He has 4 eyes in the middle of his face and 4 on each side of his face. His mouth is a squiggly line. His eyes have a black dot.His body is a large black square with yellow and orange squiggly lines. His ears are green squares. His arms that are t’s are in each side. Two are on each side. His hair is brown and there made from straight lines. He has feet that are at the bottom of his legs and there blue.

Booloogaboo the Ugly Monster by Maricelys
Booloogaboo has a gigantic oval head and it is red. It goes horizontal. He also has 5 green, tiny eyes on the left and right side of his head. He has a unibrow the size of a caterpillar that just ate and it’s orange. His nose is an uneven black triangle the size of the unibrow and it is huge. Booloogaboo’s mouth is connected with 10 v's and it’s green. His body is a yellow, large square. He has 8 brown wiggly arms. There are 4 on each side of his body. His shirt has a red and brown V neck striped part of his shirt and under it there’s a part saying “Super Ugly.” Super Ugly is blue in bubble form. He has 11 feet that are purple triangles, 3 large, 2 medium and 6 small.

Lila by Maryaim
Lila has 2 antlers on her head. She has her pink eyelashes over her one eye. She has pink pupils. She has green skin and pink lips over her red mouth. She has a blue t-shirt and blueish, pinkish, yellowish, reddish wings. She has 5 fingers on each hand. She has a medium head. She has a pair of pink high heel shoes. She has a blue, red, pink and yellow striped skirt. Her legs are long, yellow highlights. She has 2 arms that are on each side of her side of her body. Her hair is orange, gray with yellow highlights. She has 1 eye in the center of her face. She has a half circle nose. She has short sleeves. She has tight collar. That is my monster.

Stinker by Maulin

Stinker is my monster. He has a huge head. It is purple. He has 8 wavy lines on each side. They are like spaghetti. His shirt has the number 24 on it with bubble letters. The color of the 24 is purple. The fingers are like spaghetti, 5 on each side. The fingers are red. His nose is a book and it has the word book on it. It is brown. His hair is pointy and red so is his mouth. His shirt is red and has 2 sleeves. His glasses are red and his lenses are light blue. There are 2 lines under the number 24. It is brown. He has a pocket on the left hand side. On the pocket NFL is written 2 times. It has 1 button. His eye is brown. It has 7 lines on it. The whole body is 11 inches.

Looee Kablooee by Ria
My monster's name is Looee Kablooee. She’s from the planet Saturn. She has yellow-green skin. Looee has a large round head. She has one orange and black eye. She has a blue eyebrow above her eye. Looee has a yellow-green nose and red lips. She has straight black hair with pink streaks and bangs on the right side of her hair. She has an indigo shirt that says “Saturn Rocks” and has a picture of Saturn on it. Looee has four yellow-green arms, two coming from the sleeve and two from the waist. She has two antennas. Looee has a pink rectangular skirt. She also has red sneakers. Looee Kablooey looks kind of like a human.

Dice by Roshan
My monster’s name is Dice and he has a huge round head that is brown. Dice has wrinkled lines on his mouth. He also has hair that is maroon and spiky. My monster has a small red nose and two yellow square eyes. Dice has a square body that is orange. He has black rectangular legs and arms. His feet are square and green. He has 4 fingers that are blue.

Casey by Sahith
My monster Casey has a round blue head and eight eyes that are blue. He also has a mouth that is blue. His arms are large wings that are green. He also has a pink rectangle body. His rectangle legs are the color blue. He also has orange eyebrows. That is my monster.

Emily by Smeet
My monster's name is Emily. She has pink wings with four red dots on each end. She even has yellow rectangle eyes and a blue violet mouth on her face. She has a rectangle body that’s sky blue, pants that are pink and shoes that are sky blue. Her face is chestnut. She has two pony tails that are pink on top of her head. There are two rubber bands, and two hands that are rectangular and that are chestnut.

Billy by William
My monster Billy has orange freckles on his oval head. He has 6 red eyes with 3 green eyebrows. Billy has purple hair, purple sideburns, and yellow ears. Billy has a green triangle nose and brown teeth in his brown mouth. His head is white, outlined in orange. He has a black striped and brown shirt. Billy has 2 green arms that come out from his shoulders, 3 fingers on each arm, and 2 buff arms. Billy has 3 legs that are yellow. His pants are red and 3 green shoes on his 3 feet.

Bomb Scorpion Man by Edward
My monster, Bomb Scorpion Man, is made of a large bronze circle as his head. He has 7 red eyes in the middle of his head. Bomb Scorpion Man has 25 eye lashes. He has a scorpion stinger with a bomb. His body is a square shape. His eye lashes are silver. His legs are very sharp and they are silver too. He has sharp teeth. He has claws on his hands. There is a flame on the bomb. The mouth is a circle. There are squiggly lines on his body.