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Candy Cane by Christine
Once I made a monster. My monster has a circled head. It has three antennas, with three eyes on each antenna. It has three small lines on each antenna and one medium size. It has one eye on the nose. It has one eye on each cheek. It has candy canes as its ears and hands and has oval lips. It has a dark gray neck. It has a light gray squared body. It has medium sized legs and has small shoes and they are white. Those are the parts of my monster.

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My Lobster Monster by Dylan
This is information about my monster. His head is shaped like a circle. He has three blue eyes and mouths on his face. He also has two purple ears. The body is an orange square with a purple belt. Coming from his body are four green spikes on four of his arms and legs. His four orange legs look almost like lobster legs. He also has one yellow tail and one green tale. Two of his arms are purple and his hands don’t have fingers. His head, neck, stomach, and legs are orange. And that’s the information about my monster.

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Stick By Jessica
Here is some information about my monster. My monster is a long, blue rectangle with 3 brown stick arms. There are 2 on the right and 1 on the left. They all have 3 stick fingers. She has 3 yellow noodles sticking up like hair. She also has buck teeth, a little green rectangular nose, 2 big purple eyes and 1 on her forehead, and oval legs with little rectangular feet. They are red. That’s my monster.

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Princess by Karrandeo
My monster name is princess P. She is wearing a yellow triangle hat. Her face is red and it’s shaped like a circle and she has one mouth, three eyes on her forehead, and she has a long neck. Her body is shaped like a square and is purple and also her hand is purple. Each of her hand has six fingers. Her legs are green and her feet are green also. Each of her feet has three toes. That is my monster.

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Crazy by Kaylie
There is so information about my monster. Her body is a large diamond shape and is blue. Her head is a small oval shape and it is brown. She has 12 black eyes and her nose is a triangular shape and is purple. She has 3 purple antennas and there are no lines through them and 2 long rectangular arms one on the left side and one on the right side and no fingers. Also she has 2 long rectangular legs and no feet. That was all the information about my crazy monster.

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Shorty by Lexie
My monster is small. It has a circle face and it has antennas. The eye is a diamond shape and has no mouth. It has a rectangular body. Its arms look like an octopus’s arms, but there are only two. The legs are straight and the feet look like squares. It has four legs. The head and antennas are red but the eye is white. The body is orange. The arms and legs are yellow. That is what my monster looks like.

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Popcorn By Lisette
This is how my monster looks. He has a round head. My monster has six eyes. He has really funny, curly, pink hair. He has a square nose and a big, red mouth. The body is green and shaped like a cone. Next he is wearing a yellow belt. He has two arms and five fingers on each hand. He’s standing on one leg. There are no feet. That’s how my monster looks.

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Stitchy by MaKayla
Here’s what my monster looks like. My monster is a big, blue, wiggly rectangle. There is no head. On top of the body are orange line antennas with a half circle on top of the antennas with black dots on top of the half circle. She has five eyes going across her face looking in every direction, one round red nose a brown smile and red circle dimples. She has little black stick hands and 3 stick fingers. She has an orange stripe by the end of her body, her legs are short and green, and she has circles as feet. Her feet are green she has black stars on her feet. That’s what my monster looks like!!

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Elizabeth by Megan
Once I made a monster. It is a girl. I named it Elizabeth. She is eight. The parts are a rectangular head that is half orange, stick hands that are brown, square legs that are purple, rectangle body that is pink, sphere eyes that are light blue, dark blue, brown, and red antennas that have two eyes on top of them. She has five eyes, and a mouth that has a tongue. Her eyes have eyelashes that are black. Her nose is a backwards L. Those are the parts of her.

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Ice cream monster by Murshidha
This is how you draw my monster. Its head is shaped like a scoop of ice cream and is light green. It has a purple body like an ice cream cone but it is squared at the bottom. The legs are like humans but it has sharp claws on three toes. Its dark pink arms are sticking out and they have three sharp fingers. It is wearing a pink vest that has a round button on both of the coat’s side. Near the shoulder is a brown belt like trim with a light green circle in the middle of it. The monster has three blue eyes and its nose is a red orange rectangle with a pink eye on the bottom. The monster has a mouth like an upside down orange ice cream cone with pink ice cream. The monster is standing on a half circle. The circle is red and has small yellow small circles all over it. That’s how you make my Monster.

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Cute Girl by Neelam
My monster has a body shaped like a triangle and the color of it is pink. She has an oval head and its color is apricot. She has 3 eyes going across her face and a mouth on the right side of her face. She has 2 arms and they’re pink. She has 3 fingers on the arm and they’re apricot. The arms and legs are rectangle. Her legs are blue. She has a pink shoe on both of her legs. they are like a U-shape and they’re pink. The outline of the whole body is pink except the head. The outline of the head is apricot. She has 2 antennas with a circle on both of them and their color is yellow.

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Max by Parth
Here are instructions that can help you draw my monster. My monster has a green head with a pointy chin. There are 6 eyes in two rows. That should make 12 eyes in all. The first row of eyes is light green, orange, purple, blue, light green. For the second row light green, pink, orange, green, brown. For the mouth draw two parallel lines together but not too close. Make squares in the rectangular mouth and color them red. Draw a shirt with three squiggly lines going down the head on the shirt. Color the shirt orange. Draw an arm one on each side like regular people. Color them brown. Draw two legs and with shoes. Color it blue. Draw a triangle on bottom of the shoe. And that’s how you make my monster.

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Lightning by Rutvik
This is a description about my monster. My monster has a lot of colorful colors. They are orange, yellow, green, blue, red and brown. He has a rounded head with a squared bottom and four big eyes three on top and one underneath. There are four ears one on the left and one on the right and the other two on the top. He has hair on the top two ears and the brain is connected to the top two ears and he shoots lightning out of his top ear. He has a tail with blue and yellow striped on it and his tail is medium. His fingers and toes are pointed and the body is like a rectangle. He is a big and large monster. The monster does not scare you. That’s how my monster look likes in the drawing.

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Jadoo By: Siddharth
My monster has a blue face, hand and foot. It has a brown eye. The hair on his forehead is octagons. He has a smile. He has a bright, yellow hood. He is standing sideways. He has dark blue stripes on his waist, elbow, and neck. He has a dress that is bright yellow with a long sleeve. He has a shoe that is gray and has spikes. He has six fingers. And a watch with no numbers and handles. It is golden. His hand has a circle that his fingers come from. It is orange. That is how my monster looks.

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Lime by Simran
This is some stuff about my monster Lime. My monster’s face is a circle and the eyes are orange with black in the middle. The face color is red and the lips are black and straight. The body is in the shape of diamond. The body color is black. The arm on the left is the color brown. The antennas have different colors. The first one is red, purple, brown, black, orange, green, and blue. P.S. the right arm color is blue.

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Dino By Steven
My monster’s head is round. It has two horns and four antennas. It has ears that are oval shaped and has 3 lines going up and down. His eyes are round with a black dot in the middle. There are 8 of them everywhere on his head and sharp teeth in his mouth. His mouth is long and oval. His body is shaped oval his body is white with black squiggly lines. His legs are white with black lines and he has spiked feet. He has no arms. It has a long flat tail that white with black lines going up and down and it has a needle on its tail with 7 spikes coming out. That is my monster.

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Purple Face by Trevor
My monster has a purple face. His ears are antennas that are blue. His legs are purple. His arms and hands are green but he has no fingers. He has squares all over him and all of them are attached together. He has purple on his belly. His neck is purple. His eyes are purple and he has round hands. That is how my monster looks.

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