Mrs. Smith's Third Grade Class (Mrs. Aune)

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Little Emma by Alexxis

My monster has a purple triangle body.
My monster has black antennas.
My monster has a yellow hat.
My monster has different sized 3 legs and
feet it has shoe laces they are blue.
It has red eyes and it has a red mouth.
It also has purple teeth.
Sheldon by Bo

My monster has an orange square body.
He has pink horns and big black eyes.
He has two nostrils and a white oval mouth.
He has 5 columns of teeth and a line going through them.
He has two orange little legs and orange circle feet.
Cyclops By Charles

My monster is a green one eyed monster.
My monster has his thumb up.
My monster has long horns.
My monster has little arms.
My monster has a smile with a tooth out.
My monster has one eyebrow.
My monster has little legs.
My monster has a round body.
My monster has three fingers on one arm.
My monster has little feet.
Boogie By Chloe

My monster has a big blue oval body the oval is going sideways.
It has a long fat purple neck.
It has a oval green head. But it is not bigger than its body.
It has six blue hairs coming up from his head.
It has two skinny red arms coming out of his body.
It has two black legs and strait lines coming from the bottom
sides of his legs.
He has two yellow eyes and apink smile and one purple nose.
Halo by Cody

He has a blue body with brown outlining and he is a circle.
He has black long arms with circle hands with short fingers.
Halso has one fat leg one skinny black legs.
He has two antennas. One antenna is blue and one is black.
Mad black eyebrows.
Two red eyes.
And two red fangs.
Bug Monster By Deondre

My monster has a round body.
It has a round head it has eight eyes
It has two jaws.
It has poisin jaws and it can climb walls
It has a red spot on its back.
It has two balls on its head to feel things.
Sunny Blue By Ian

My monster has a round blue body.
He has two red eyes.
He has one red nose.
He has one red mouth.
He has 14 blue rays.
Long Neck Monster by Jacob

My monster has a circle blue belly.
My monster has fat green legs.
My monster has a fat long red neck.
My monster has a red head with white in the middle of the head.
My monster has three green antennas with two blue dots at the end.
My monster has a blue straight smile.
My monster has two square yellow eyes.
T.V. Man By Jasmine

My monster has a round, purple body.
He has the word “control” across the top of his body.
Under the word “control”, he has a control panel with 5 different color buttons.
He has one blue oval arm with 3 purple fingers on it.
And he has a sword-like arm on the other side of his body.
Color the inside of it red.
He has a red rectangular head.
Color the inside of it blue.
He has one straight red line right above the bottom of his rectangular head.
He has one circular black eye on one side.
On the other he has a green square eye with a smaller pink square in
it with a red dot in the middle.
He has 2 red squiggly lines coming out of the top of his head with a
medium-sized red circle at the end of them.
He has blue squiggly lines for legs with some medium-sized pink circles
on the end of them for some feet.
Monster by Kylin

My monster is green.
It has a oval head.
He has a circle body .
He has 3 legs.
And two arms on each side.
A mouth on his body.
And 3 eyes on his head.

No hare.
Sedan by Kyle

My monster has a big pink rectangle going up.

My monster has a skinny brown neck.

My monster has a small head.

My monster has 2 yellow eyes.

My monster has 1 big yellow mouth.

My monster has 2 black antennas.

My monster has 2 black lags.
Little Elly By Lexi

My monster has a little red oval body.
She has two black short antennas coming out of her body with
eye balls on the top of the antennas.
She has skinny black arms.
They have three black fingers.
She has blue shoes.
She has a smile and two sharp teeth.
Bakugan by Lucas

My bakugan has a black round body.
My bakugan legs and boots are black.
My bakugan head is round dish.
My bakugan has a strait dish mouth.
My bakugan has 20 eyes and a tale with a ball with spikes and a red nose.
Maraea Monster
My monster has a blue body
My monster has a body that looks like a square.
It has only three fingers.
My monster has shoes that look like high heels.
My monster has a little blue shirt.
Big Squirt by Mary

My monster has a little blue square body
And two black legs
Eyes like antennas with black pupils
And two little black arms curved down arms
And two black feet pointing left
And pink square lips
Lank By Megan

My monster has a pink round body.
My monster has a thick blue straight neck.
My monster has a square red head.
My monster has orange rectangle hair.
My monster has black thick arms and hands.
My monster has black bucket legs not long legs.
My monster has black eyes and a black mouth.
My monster has three teeth in his mouth.
Kitty Cat Monster By Mia

My monster has a creel green head.
My monster three blue whiskers.
My monster two yellow cat ears.
My monster a fat pink neck.
My monster two blue squiggly arms.
My monster has two blue big blue eyes.
My monster has a rectangle body.
My monster has four purple lags.
My monster has a round nose.
My monster has blue shoes.
Freaky Red by Mika

1.A black body
2.two blue eyes
3.a straight mouth that is blue
4.straight arms that are black legs shoes hair dots on the hair
Butterfly Dog by Paisley

My monster has a round pink body
A blue thin neck with a tall round brown head
small blue eyes and nose
three sharp blue fangs and two brown
Puppy dog ears and two yellow antenna with a green ball on the end.
two green wings one has brown spots on it and the other one has
blue spots
It has brown legs and feet.
Lemon By Shania

It has a red rectangle body.
It has a round head
It has a small black neck
It has black arms and circles for the hands
It has black legs and two black circles for the legs
It has a red nose eyes and a mouth
It has two purple pigtails. One goes to the left and one goes to the right.
By Jeremy
My monster has a square body and make it blue.
My monster has three red snakes for arms.
And for the other arm you make a big red arm and at the end make a yellow round bubble.
My monster has brown legs and big purple feet.
My monster has a small neck.
My monster has a small black head with antennas.
SpongeMonsterBob by Kirja

He has three pieces of hair and his hair is green.
He has a square body and it is yellow.
He has green on his sides.
He has black eyes and mouth.
He has orange arms.
He has a square orange head.
He has green shoes.
Kitty Po by Kamini

1 A big purple circle body.
2 Big yellow head.
3 Two blue legs.
4 Put two red shoes with pink shoelaces on her.
5 Two red arms with black hooves.
6 Put orange dots on her arms.
7 Put pink squiggly lines on her purple body.
8 Put orange dots on the body.
9 Put a blue smile on the face and purple eyes.
10 Two orange horns.
Monster by Alex
My monster s body is a green dot.
He has 1 little eye and 1 big eye.
He has a nose it is a stick nose.
He has a blue open mouth.
He has 2 gold stick legs.
He has 2 blue stick arms and three fingers on each hand.
Now you have drawn my monster.