Mrs. Keute's Third Grade Class


Original Picture
Redrawn Picture
Eyeball by Caden

My monster has a pink small square body.
My monster has two triangle green legs.
My monster has a blue round head.
His hair is black.
My monster has ten white eyes.
My monster has two black ears.
My monster has a frown.
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Black Snowman by Autumn

My monster has a circle black small head and a circle black body with little circle green eyes.
It has two blue rectangle arms rectangle red legs.
And a green hat like a lepercon .
With yellow antennas.
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Spooky by Isaac

My monster has a big black oval body.
My monster has skinny black arms.
My monster has a little yellow oval badge on his body.
My monster has two green circles hanging out of his arms.
My monster has purple dots on his hands.
My monster has skinny black legs.
My monster has a oval black hat with a yellow oval on it.
My monster has a dark green head.
My monster has two light green eyes.
My monster has yellow eyeballs.
My monster has the same color as the eyes for the nose.
My monster has little black dots on his nose.
My monster has yellow horns coming out of his mouth.
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Weirdo by Jason

Make a big red square head with black eyes and black eyebrows coming out of his head.
Make a black circle with black teeth.
Make a skinny little black stick for a body.
Make two silver sticks about the same size of the body for arms.
Make two blue rainbow like sticks for legs.
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Beauty by Kacie

My monster has orange puffy hair. My monster has a pink circle as a head it is kind of big round head. It has big brown eyes that are circle. His mouth is like two l’s stuck together and it goes together. His arms are yellow- one is bigger than another. His other arms are very at the bottom and they both go down. He has a square blue chest and a l in the middle. He has a bigger bottom than a top and he has a purple bottom. And two lines with yellowish whitish lines. And he has a blue and red t. And he has green legs.
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Dopey by Katie

My monster’s name is Dopy.
She has a blue face that’s a circle.
She has red eyes with blue eyes in the red.
She has a square nose that’s yellow.
She has a yellow mouth that’s left to right.
She has a sky blue dress that’s kind of skinny.
She has two purple legs with green little dots at the bottom.
She has sky blue hair the right side is shorter then the other.
She has purple arms with green fingers.
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Spot by Jared

My monster has a green circle body
He has six legs with three on top and three on bottom.
He has straight black legs.
He has a red smile that is to the bottom mouth.
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Cheyenne by Shauni

My monster has a square head and it’s blue.
And it’s body is blue too and square hair that’s light blue.
And circle feet that are black and circle arms that are pink.
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Crabpitter by Skyler

Draw four circles, color them red, draw a smile.
Then you draw angry eyebrows and on his head with black crab pinchers.
Now you draw four legs on every circle.
Then you start from its eye, the next circle has three dots on it.
Then the other one has four dots on it.
The other one has five dots on it.
Then the other one has six dots on it now you have the monster.
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Three-Head by Tanner

My monster has a blue circle body. It has a black line across the top of its body.
My monster has two red rectangle arms with a bright green stripe.
It has two rectangle legs. They are greenish blue.
It has a skinny light blue neck with a yellow head.
It has one white eye. It has black on the top of its head.
It has two light blue antennas with yellow balls on the top.
The balls look just like the head.

Munch Head by Nyssa

My monster has a green belly.
It has purple legs.
It has a red square head with a blue neck and three yellow hairs.
And brown big eyes, purple arms and a black mouth.

Polka Dotz by Cody

My monster has a blue rectangle body. It has a lot of white dots on it.
It has a red neck and a purple square head.
My monster has white eyes, a white smile, a white nose.
It has black legs.
And green arms with three fingers.

Girly Girl by Annie

My monster has a royal blue square head.
It has a skinny dark blue neck.
It has two tiny attains.
It has a pink body.
It has two medium blue arms, with two fingers sticking out of it.
On the body, there is a white heart colored in red.
It has two fat royal blue legs.
It also has two fat dark purple feet.
It has two black eyes, one black nose, and a half of a black mouth.
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Pointy by Aspen

My monster has a dark blue body.
My monster has a pink head.
My monster has two black eyes with a pimpil on the side of the head.
My monster has a red open mouth.
My monster has skinny orange hands.
My monster has four dark green sticking out of his head.
My monster has skinny yellow legs.
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Bridget by Bailey

My monster has a pink skinny oval neck and has a pink circle face too!

My monster has straight hair and it’s green.

My monster has a blue oval body

My monster has two yellow triangle hands and has yellow arms.

My monster has skinny yellow legs and long skinny feet.
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Harry by Lexi

My monster has a BIG hot pink head and 6 lime green hairs on the top of her head and 1 black eye with a little light blue dot and one fat eyebrow.
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Flower by Felicia

My monster has a red heart body with purple spots.
With no neck his head is a yellow circle with four black eyes.
A human nose and a black smile with fang his arms are green.
And pink hands with three fingers his antennas are brown with balls at the side.
His right leg is blue and his left leg is dark purple.
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Muncher by Hailey

My monster has a blue belly. It is a circle.
My monster has yellow legs, they are thin.
My monster has yellow arms, they are skinny.
My monster has a red mouth it is a rectangle.
My monster has black eyes there circle.
My monster has a red neck.
My monster has a square head.
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Killer Croc by Jonas

My monster has green square body.
My monster has a green circle head on its body.
My monster has two black fists.
My monster has gray teeth.
My monster has black lips.
My monster has two green feet.
My monster has green skin.
My monster has black lines under its arms & legs.
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Bubble by Kyra

My monster has a pink head that is a circle.
My monster has green legs that are in her body.
My monster has a pink ball in its hand that is a medium ball in its right hand.
My monster has two pink eyes.
My monster has one pink nose and mouth.
A blue star on its hat.
And two blue arms skinny arms.
A blue circle heart.
And one green foot that is a circle.
One upside rectangle green body.
With the green legs in side.
And she has her mouth open.
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Cutie by Kayanna

My monster has a blue head and a pink stomach.
It has yellow arms and legs.
My monster has a green smile.
My monster has white eyes with black dots and red antennas.
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BoxBoy by Tyler

My monster is a red box.
It has four blue legs.
It has green hair that looks like grass. It also has one yellow antenna.
It has two yellow eyes with eyebrows.
It has two arms that look like skinny snakes.
It has a pink smile and some stitches on the left side of his face.