Ms. K's Second Grade Class (UCLA)

UCLA created their monsters using this Flash Monster Maker.

Original Picture
Redrawn Picture by
Mrs. McGynn's Class
Harry by Carlos
My monster's head is a round green circle. He has a pink nose. It looks like a person's nose. His mouth has 11 sharp teeth that are white. He has 2 white horns on top of his head and a brown mustache. He has no body.
Johny by Cristal
My monster's head is shaped like a circle. Its color is green. He has 4 eyes. The ones on the top are little and the ones on the bottom are big and the shape of the eyes are like an oval and the color of the eyes are gray. Its hair is pointy. He has 14 hairs and the color is black. His teeth are like a zigzag and he has 6 of them and they are pointy with a drip of blood. Its nose looks like a human. And the color of his nose is pink. He has no body. His horns are shaped like a triangle. He has two long white horns and he has them on top of his head.
Spiky by David
My monster's head is shaped like the letter U and it is colored in purple. It has 4 eyes on the fight side and 4 on the left side. They are colored in black and white (white on the outside and black on the inside). It has 2 eyes in the middle shaped like a triangle. They are red on the outside and yellow on the inside and a little black dot in the middle of the red part. It has a mustache that is brown. It looks like the number 3 except thin. The nose is a human nose except it is pink. The mouth is a rectangle. There are sharp white teeth inside the mouth. It has 2 white horns on the left side, one in the middle, and 2 on the right side.
Scary U by Elena
My monster's head is shaped like an upside down bell is colored in purple. There are 12 white eyes with black on the inside. On the left side there are 4 eyes shaped like a seven and on the right side there are 4 eyes shaped like a diamond. Next, the nose is orange beak shaped like a carrot in the middle. Then the monster has 4 teeth with 2 big teeth on the sides and 2 small teeth in the middle of his mouth. The color of his teeth are orange and white on the top and orange on the bottom. The monster has no body and it has no hair with no forehead. After that, my monster has 5 horns on the bottom of his head.
Alien by Guillermo
He has a green circle head. He has a yellow beak in the middle of his head. It has a mouth with 6 sharp teeth below the yellow beak and inside the mouth 2 white horns above the head shaped like a triangle 2 red eyes with yellow and black on the eyes. My monster does not have eyelashes. My monster does not have a body.
Poof by Ivan
My monster's head is purple and shaped like an upside down bell. My monster has no hair. My monster has 10 eyes. 2 eyes in front of the nose shaped like a triangle. On the left it has 4 eyes on the right. It looks like a 7. My monster's nose is a long gray elephant nose in the middle. My monster has no body. My monster has 5 white horns on the chin.
My monster has a pink cat face. The head looks like a cat and it is pink. It has pointy ears on the bottom and it is pink. It has one chin on the bottom. It has a red mouth. It has a nose and a beard. It has 9 hairs and it has no eyebrows. it has sunglasses and the sunglasses are black. It has no body.
Jake by Javanz
His head is pointy with little hair sticking on his pink head. His head is shaped like squashed gum. His eyes is a slant triangle with red inside and a medium sized yellow circle and a small dot that is black. He has wrinkles under his eyes. He has two eyes. My monster has 1 nose. his nose looks like a triangle nose. he has a mustache under his nose. it is brown. It is curly. My monster has a square sized mouth. He has one mouth. He has triangles for his teeth. he has a bloody tongue. My teeth are spiky looks like tall triangles. My eyes is a sideways triangles with a tiny black dot in the middle and a medium size yellow circle and color them red. My monster has a pink nose and under it he has a mustache that is brown. His mustache is curly. My monster has tiny hair around his head.
Cool Cat by Jennifer
My monster's head looks like a cat. The color of the cat is pink. He is wearing black glasses. His nose looks like a real people nose. The nose is pink. His mouth looks like an ice cube. He has tiny little hairs on the top. On the cheeks there are three big whiskers. When you turn the head upside down it looks like a W. He does not have a body.
Monster by Jordan
My monster has a cat head. The cat head is pink with 3 hairs on his head. With four on the top of the head eyes with big black dots. Pig nose in the middle of the face with black nostrils. He has a round little chin that is pink. Three hairs on both sides on his cheeks that are black that is a line shape. Four rotten triangle shaped teeth in his mouth. Two triangle cat ears that are pink.
Winny by Jorge
My monster has an oval head.
He has a white horns on the top of his head and has a pink nose like a bell.
a brown mustache
11 teeth one are big and small red eyes U eyes are yellow
And has a bell inside he has hear on his head. has a little hair on his front head. Has 2 lines on his green cheeks. Has hair on his chin one on the left and one at the right. He is mad.
Spooky by Jose
My monster’s head is purple it is shaped like a blob upside down.
There are 10 eyes. The first two are on top of the nose. They are like sideways triangles and they are red, yellow, and black. There are 4 eyes on the top of the right and 4 eyes on the left, they are white circles with black dots. My monster’s nose is like an elephant’s nose. It is gray.The mouth is under the nose. It has 11 white triangle teeth and a red tongue and red tonsils. Behind the tonsils it has black around it. My monster has no body. On his chin, it has 5 white spikes around it. It is only a head without a body.
Bacon Poof by Josephine
The color of the head is purple and the shape is like an upside down bell. Five triangles at the bottom. The eyes have two big eyes at the side, two small in between. There are four eyes on the left and 4 on the right. The color of the nose is pink and it is a circle nose of a pig with two black ovals. The mouth is a happy face and has a bacon tongue. One little line in the middle.
His head is shaped like an upside down bell. The bottom of his head has horns and white and shaped like a carrot. He has 12 eyes. 4 eyes are oval and 2 eyes are little and 2 eyes are big. On the right side his eyes are shaped like a 7. On the left it looks like a square. The color is white. His nose looks like a person's nose. The color of his nose is peach. The nose is shaped like a razor. The nose is in the middle of the eyes and the mustache. The teeth are white. The teeth are sharp like squares. He has no tongue.
Ben by Salvador
It has one purple head shaped like a U. The eyes are like spiders. There are 4 eyes above the nose. They are black with circles. Next to the spider eyes there are 4 eyes shaped like a diamond. The nose of my monster is a carrot. It is orange. It has stripes. It is shaped like an upside down triangle. The mouth has teeth and the teeth are sharp. There are 11 teeth. On the bottom there are little teeth. On the top there are big teeth. My monster has wrinkles on his mouth. My monster has 5 sharp horns on the bottom of his head. They are shaped like a cone and they are pointy. They are white. My monster has no body.
My monster looks like a cat. The color is pink and the head is big. It has spiky hair. It has black spiky hair. It has nine spiky hairs on top of the head. The monster's eyes are white on the inside. It has 2 eyes. The eyes have eyelashes. They are straight. The eye lashes- one is on the left and one is on the right. The nose is in the middle. It is a flower. It has eight leaves and a circle in the middle of the leaves. It has a red lip. It is a regular lip. It has a chin. It is pink. The chin looks like a U.
Sharky by Valentine
2 white skinny giant horns in the forehead
circle green head
7 hairs on the head
4 hairs in each side of the chin and 11 sharp teeth and one orange carrot nose in the middle and wrinkles 2 red and yellow eyes and red on and hair on the cheeks black all the way inside of the mouth and and a think hanging all the way in.
Spooky by Ventura
My monster has a purple head. It is shaped like a U. He is wearing black sunglasses. He has 4 eyes on the left and 4 more on the right. The eyes are circles. In the inside it is white with black circles. There is 1 nose with 5 little white petals and in the middle it has a yellow circle. The mouth has 6 bloody red teeth. It has 5 sharp spiky horns shaped like cones.
Catman by Veronica
My monster's head is like a cat head. It is pink. it has a short chin on the bottom. My monster has 4 eyes. There are two in the middle. They are little. And the eyes next to the little ones are big. The big eyes are on the top. The eyes are regular. My monster's nose is like a bell. It is pink. It is in the middle. my monster's mouth is in the bottom of the nose. Its mouth is open. My monster has a mustache. It is brown on the top of the mouth. He has a red tongue. he has a hole at the end of the tongue. The hole is black. It has a little oval. It is red. It is in the black hole.
Berry by Viviana
My monster has a green circle head 2 lines like a L on the side of the head. 6 stitches and 1 plain eye. My monster has 11 teeth and no body. The nose is in the middle. 6 little lines on his head. My monster has 15 hairs. My monster's mouth has triangle teeth. They are white and there are 11 teeth. The mouth is wide open. My monster has no body and no hands.