Ms. Thaggard's Second Grade Class

Originial Picture
Redrawn Picture
Plomy by Elizabeth
1. My monster is named Plomy.
2. Draw a large circle and color it pink.
3. Draw two antennas at the top of the large circle.
4. Put a small green dot at the end of each antenna.
5. Put legs on the bottom of the large circle.
6. Draw two blue medium sized eyes. Draw a smaller green circle in each blue circle.
7. Draw a happy smile.
8. Draw chicken feet in the bottom of each leg.
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May by Marissa
1. My monster’s name is May.
2. Draw a blue medium sized circle.
3. Draw a yellow rectangle under the circle.
4. Draw two small red circle eyes on each side of the blue circle.
5. Draw a small, red circle nose.
6. Draw a large purple line that goes around the head but do not let the purple touch the yellow body.
7. Draw a thick orange line around the purple line.
8. Draw a green line on the orange line.
9. Draw a medium size happy mouth close to the nose.
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Tentacles by Landon
1. My monster’s name is Tentacles.
2. Draw a red, medium sized crown shaped head with three points.
3. Draw one small black eye on each point.
4. Give it a blue shirt with one arm on each side.
5. Draw a black sword in each hand with a white line in the middle of each sword.
6. Draw eight green tentacles under the shirt.
7. Draw a small green circle on the side points of the head.
8. Draw a blue dot on the middle point of the head.
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Fur Ball by Madison S
1. My monster’s name is Fur Ball.
2. First you draw a large purple circle.
3. Next you draw two circle red eyes close to the top of the head.
4. Then draw a red mouth close to the bottom of the head.
5. Draw one red square on top of the head on the right and another red square close to the left side.
6. Draw a light green circle in the middle under the eyes.
7. Draw two light green circles beside the mouth.
8. Draw two red arms on the side of the head.
9. Draw two red legs on the bottom of the head.
10. Then draw six dark green circle around my monster.
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Matthew by Lance
1. My monster’s name is Matthew.
2. Draw a large green circle for the head.
3. Draw two half rectangles on the side of the head right in the middle. They are dark green ears. They have dark yellow ear wax in the ears.
4. He has four pointy teeth that are light green. They are in the middle.
5. Draw two red small eyes.
6. Draw a triangle between the eyes and the mouth for the nose.
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Egg Bunny by Hallie
1. My monster’s name is Egg Bunny.
2. Make a big pink oval body.
3. Make two bunny like pink ears on top of the body.
4. Make two black antennas in between the ears.
5. Make two small black eyes on the top of the body.
6. Make an oval shaped red nose under the eyes.
7. Make a long gray tail straight down the bottom of the body.
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Cody by Robbie
1. My monster’s name is Cody.
2. Put a large red rectangle at the bottom of the page for the body.
3. Draw a large red square on top of the rectangle.
4. Draw a red oval on top of the red square.
5. Draw one medium sized blue rectangle on each side of the red rectangle.
6. Draw two small blue squares at the top of the oval for eyes.
7. Draw six small green squares at the bottom of the large red oval.
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Pinkeye by Lauren
1. My monster’s name is Pinkeye.
2. Pinkeye has a medium oval for a body. The color of the oval is green.
3. Pinkeye has a small pink eye near the top of her head.
4. Pinkeye has two black antennas at the top of her head.
5. She has two black legs.
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Curly by Jackie
1. My monster’s name is Curly.
2. Draw a large red circle.
3. Put 4 black medium circles in the middle of the big circle.
4. Draw a black smile at the bottom of the big circle with curves connected to the smile. Put a little pink circle a tiny space higher than the curve on each side.
5. Draw two half light blue circles on the sides of the head. Draw two small dark green half circles inside the half circles.
6. Draw 4 squiggly lines on the bottom of the big circle. The two on the left side are light blue and the two on the right side are red. Draw an orange medium sized circle on the bottom of each line.
7. Add a blue spike on the bottom of each line.
8. On the top of the circle draw 3 pink squiggly lines with small yellow circles at the ends.
9. Draw 3 blue spikes connected to the top of the yellow circles.
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Navy by Chandler
1. My monster’s name is Navy.
2. Draw a medium size circle and color it dark blue.
3. Draw a wavy line going up from the top of the circle.
4. Put a bow on the bottom of the wavy line.
5. Put two white dots near the middle of the circle.
6. Put two black dots on the white ones.
7. For arms, put two purple long lines on the circle on the sides – one on the right and one on the left.
8. Draw 3 purple fingers on each arm.
9. Draw two small purple L going down for legs. One on the left and one on the right.
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Spiki by Davis
1. My monster’s name is Spiki.
2. Draw a blue circle head with pink hair on the top of the head.
3. Draw two black eyes and white teeth.
4. Draw a black hat on the pink hair.
5. Draw one big circle shaped stomach with a black G on it.
6. Draw two green arms coming out of the sides of the stomach.
7. Draw pink spikes on the two green arms.
8. Draw one yellow leg at the bottom of the stomach.
9. Draw a black shoe at the bottom of the yellow leg.
10. Draw green and blue tentacles coming out of the stomach.
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Girly-girl by Helen
1. My monster’s name is Girly-girl.
2. First draw a big pink circle for the head.
3. Draw one big white circle in the big pink circle.
4. On top of the big pink circle draw red hair that is sticking out.
5. Now we are going to draw the body. The body is like a person. It is blue with two arms going straight out and two legs going down.
6. Draw two orange feet sticking out – one to the right and one to the left.
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Fuzzy by Jacob
1. Fuzzy has a blue circle head.
2. He has a rectangle body.
3. He has two straight lines going out the sides.
4. He has two straight lines going down the bottom of the rectangle.
5. He has two yellow circle eyes on the head.
6. He has a straight mouth on his head.
7. He has a brick on his head.
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Computer Monster by Nicholas
1. Draw a large face that is a rectangle that is blue.
2. Draw one orange rectangle eye inside the face.
3. Draw three blue rectangle eyes inside the rectangle face.
4. Draw one red rectangle eye.
5. Draw two green rectangle eyes.
6. Draw a gray rectangle mouth.
7. Draw a green rectangle body.
8. Draw a yellow rectangle arm.
9. Draw a blue rectangle arm.
10. Draw a blue rectangle leg.
11. Draw a black rectangle leg.
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Blue Ray by Madison W
1. My monster is named Blue Ray.
2. Draw a large green circle for the head.
3. Outline the small eyes with purple.
4. Draw two blue circles in the middle of the eyes.
5. It has two medium sized pointy, blue horns.
6. Outline the mouth with red.
7. In the mouth there are pointy black teeth.
8. It has two mad eyebrows.
9. The body is big and blue. It is shaped like half of a shoe.
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Grim by Chris
1. My monster’s name is Grimm.
2. Grimm has a banana head with a bump. The bump is mountain shaped.
3. The head is light green.
4. His eyes are dark green.
5. His stomach is red and his pants are blue.
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